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Origin by Dan Brown Book Review

 Origin by Dan Brown Book Review Details of  Origin by Dan Brown Book Review  Book Name:  Origin Authors:   Dan Brown Pages:  564 Genre:   Novel, Mystery, Thriller Publish Date:     3 October 2017 Language:  English   SUMMARY: Origin by Dan Brown, Robert Langdon is in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and he is here to attend an event there is a presentation by his former student and a billionaire computer scientist Edmund Kirsch Now Edmund Kirsch is an outspoken atheist and he refused the existence of God completely without any fear so he is a controversial figure of world-renowned Now Edmund has apparently found the answers to the two most fundamental questions of human existence that where do we come from and where are we going and he is going to unveil his discovery in this presentation and apparently the implications are going to be great for the religions around the world  But before Edmund Kirsh is able to announce his discovery something terrible happens at the event which

Second Chance book review

Second Chance book review  Summary: Second chance by Kavita Bhatnagar is a story of 26-year-old Ragini Mathur who is a development assistant in a bank in Lucknow. so the timeline of this story is 2005. Ragini gets married to Kadam but things do not work out and they get divorced after two years. So Ragini is obviously quite depressed as she feels rejected and she starts looking for someone else basically she wants to give herself a second chance  So in order to find a suitable match for herself, she starts registering on different matrimonial websites and through this she meets different people so that is basically the premise of the story, so will Ragini get a second chance or not this is the story of this book. So Ragini is beautiful intelligent successful she's an achiever and she comes from an educated middle-class family in Varanasi  So apart from Ragini there are other characters as well there is mia gokle who is Ragini's best friend so mia is confident she is straightfor

The Disappointing 5 Book Review

The Disappointing 5 Book Review  SUMMARY: The Disappointing 5 by Bobanga, So this story is taking place in a city called new Dwarka and it's a story about five students studying in 12th standard in saint Xavier's high school  This is a young adult novel so there is Akash Malhotra who is an introvert and who is silent most of the time he likes to keep to himself and then there is Dhruv Kapoor who is this six feet one-inch tall jock and Dhruva has a lot of physical strength and he's also a bully in a way Then there is Susanna Mahapatra who is a model student she is responsible and she is also good in studies so together these three students form a trial that other students fear and despise in equal measure  Then there are two more students that are important in the story one is bindiya shah and the other is robin Alberto so bindiya shah is the rich and beautiful girl who is good at everything and robin Alberto is a nerd who's bindiya's best friend and he's quite g

A pleasant escape Book Review

A pleasant escape Book Review  Summary:- A pleasant escape by Piyush Rohanker  has been told in the first person by a UPSC aspirant named Alok Shirkey so even though this book is fiction but it is definitely inspired by reality because Alok Shirkey talks about the challenges of being an IAS aspirant. A pleasant escape has drama, romance and even suspense Alok is an engineer and he also has a management degree there are other students as well who are preparing for UPSC and some are preparing for other exams or degrees as well  So this story is taking place in old Rajinder Nagar which is a locality in Delhi that is majorly bustling with students dreaming to crack the UPSC exams  So apart from Alok, there are other characters as well there is Gaurav, Ankit, Sakshi, Mustafa, Manish, Sara, and many other characters so all these characters have their own compelling backstories as well  so all these characters along with Alok try to navigate through life as they prepare for the toughest exam