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zero to one book review

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Zero to one book review

Details of zero to one book

  • Book Name: zero to one book
  • Authors: Peter Thiel with Blake Masters
  • Pages: 753
  • Genre: Business, Politics & Government
  • Publish Date: 16 September 2014
  • Language: English


zero to One by Peter Thiel, Peter Thiel is one of the greatest business minds in the world besides authoring zero to one he's also the co-founder of PayPal along with several other companies 

The book is primarily about how businesses can be successful and owing to the fact that this book is written by a serial entrepreneur having co-founded multi-billion dollar companies 

you can bet that it is packed with real-life next-level wisdom taking the business to the next level chapter one and two the challenge of future and party like it's 1999 the first chapter begins with Thiel discussing his most favourite question 

what important truth do very few people agree with you on according to Theo this is an important question which can help reduce to figure out the real truth behind things as it is something but not most people agree on the question 

helps readers to reflect on the knowledge they can create for themselves and enables them to think differently and outside the box also this helps readers to figure out what they need to build their startup 

so on so that they can use that truth to convince a large group of people the second chapter talks about the economic landscape of 1999 including the economic crash that occurred 

In Thailand investments migration in the USA and the commencement of the dot-com mania and talks about how one should enjoy life like it is still 1999 Chapter three and for all happy companies are different and competition is Noble in Chapter three 

Thiel highlights how all successful companies that are completely different can create a monopoly by catering to a different problem experienced by the different segments of the society 

It also highlights how all the unsuccessful companies are the same because they somehow fail to fight the competition and make a difference in the market in Chapter four the author talks about the reasons 

Why people and companies compete with one another according to the book companies compete when they follow the marks model which states that they have dissimilar goals and ideas or when they follow the Shakespeare model which states that all the combatants are more or less similar hence 

When companies set out on a war against one another it is because of either of the two reasons Chapter five and six last mover advantage in Chapter five Theo talks about the artists of a company that holds a monopoly such as starting with a niche market 

Providing a better solution than other companies in the market take an advantage of the economies of scale and excellent branding it there moves on to talk about how to build a monopoly using different strategies 

such as choosing the right target market expanding to adjacent markets and creating something influential then disrupting the market then he goes on to talk about how nobody can control his stroke her future as nobody is a lottery ticket so it is futile to work out life-based on assumptions to shape a successful future

one has to see it as something clear and definite as this provides a basis for targeted action chapter seven eight and nine follow the money Theo talks about the 8020 rule in this chapter and discusses 

how one should follow the money and understand how it is made to draw abundance and wealth towards their business then in Chapter eight the author centres on the importance of believing in secrets 

All around you and looking for secrets ie new ways to perform better in life and in business this includes all types of secrets including business technological and success secrets 

it also discusses how companies fail and their success drops low when they stop looking for secrets around them using the example of Hewlett Packard and how its net worth dropped from 135 billion dollars in 2002 twenty-three billion dollars in 2012 

In the chapter that follows Theo highlights three important elements related to any organization its ownership which comprises of its founder's investors and employees its possession which lies with its managers and its control which is under its board of directors 

he also highlights the need of everyone belonging to the three categories to be fully involved in the business to make it work chapters 10 to 14 the mechanics of mafia 

If you build it will they come and man and machine the tenth chapter highlights the importance of building a coat buy your business like Apple Inc did to become successful in the 11th chapter Thiel discusses 

How building a coat isn't only integral to the success of business startups must also be worried about their sales just like they do about their product the 12th chapter talks about - using technology and human resource simultaneously in the business to make it successful in the 13th chapter of the book 

Theo discusses 7 questions every business must ponder on before starting off to become successful including questions on the right time to commence a business how to create a breakthrough with technology and what type of team to select for the business

The last chapter highlights the significance of having great founders for a business as they lead the company towards success if you are looking to build a successful business this book is a must-read for you.