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The Granddaughter Project Paperback book review


The Granddaughter Project Paperback book review

The Granddaughter Project Paperback book review 

Details of The Granddaughter Project 

  • Book Name: The Granddaughter Project 
  • Authors: shaheen Chishti
  • Pages: 264
  • Genre: original fiction novel
  • Publish Date: 22 June 2021
  • Language: English


The granddaughter project by shaheen Chishti, three women from different cultural backgrounds and from different ethnicities write letters to their granddaughters to share their stories and to impart some life lessons to their granddaughters and also put a lot of things into perspective for them 

So these three women are Kamla Helga and Lynette Kamla is Indian Helga is Viennese and Lynette is west Indian so these three women come from culturally and racially different backgrounds and from different parts of the world but their sufferings kind of bind them together and they form unlikely friendships with each other 

Kamla meets Helga in 1970 and she meets Lynette in 1981 and because of Kamla the other two women meet as well and they write letters to their three granddaughters Kamla's granddaughter is Maya Lynette's granddaughter is Tanya and Helga's granddaughter is Rebecca 

So these three women Kamla, Helga and Lynette share some very very harrowing experiences in their letters with their granddaughters Kamla lived through the Bengal feminine of 1943 Helga lived through the holocaust and Lynette talks about the Notting Hill race riots of 1958 and in addition to that they shared their personal experiences as well which they had to face because of being women inequality sexual harassment other challenges that they had to face men who broke their heart and how they literally rip their lives apart 

So these women share these stories with their granddaughters and what's more, is that none of the three granddaughters sees this communication coming they do not expect these letters from their grandmothers and initially they're a bit sceptical and not completely interested in reading these letters but as they read these letters these women get connected to their grandmothers 

So now if I talk about my experience of reading this book, so the one thing that I must say is that this is a truly great book I literally flew through this book I was able to read it in a single sitting because there was no other option for me I just had to know what the letters were all about what was going to happen next and had to know the stories of these three women 

So I just could not put this book down I was literally helpless in that regard also the events in the story that take place are so tragic and devastating and triggering at times and yet for me, it was nearly impossible to stop reading this book and this book really focuses on the issues faced by these women and as a woman, I was able to resonate with this book on such a deep level 

Needless to say, I ended up forming an emotional and sentimental connection with all the characters in this book with the grandmothers and as well as the granddaughters exist in very different circumstances from their grandmothers and they don't face such amount of inequality as their grandmothers did but it's not like that they don't have their challenges 

Their challenges are more subtle on the surface but they still exist and i was able to relate to that as well this book is pretty much all-encompassing when it comes to talking about the issues and challenges faced by women even in different time periods you can tell by the way the story has been written that it has been written with a lot of compassion as well it's just something you cannot miss out on

Kamla, Helga and Lynette form this unlikely friendship and they share this sense of solidarity with each other and while reading this book i felt the sense of solidarity with all the characters in this book as well although this book consists of letters where the grandmothers are addressing their granddaughters 

I must say that there were some passages that were speaking directly to me and when you connect with a book on such a personal level you know that it is really working out for you and usually when I review a book I talk about the portions of the book that really stood out to me in case of this book it is very difficult to pinpoint one part of the book 

That I especially liked because i like the entire experience of reading this book so i will say that this book as a whole stood out to me in terms of the reading experience i derived out of it so if you like to read books and you like to read good books then the granddaughter project should be on your TBR guys it definitely should be and 

Now if I talk about the way this book has been written I would say that the language of this book is absolutely marvellous it is simple and yet impressive at the same time and it is the beautiful and wonderful language of this book that really does the wonder in terms of making this a book that you can read in a single sitting

This is what a great read looks like it gives you the complete experience of a good book in the form of an indelible and unforgettable story which has been written with a lot of love and empathy when you pick this book up prepare to be amazed by how beautiful the story is but at the same time also be ready for a cry fest that is going to ensure

 I love this book and I totally recommend this book, in fact, I feel that if you do not read this book that you will be missing out on something really good so please go for this book I highly recommend it.

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