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The white tiger by Aravind Adiga book review

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The white tiger by Aravind Adiga book review

Details of The white tiger Book

  • Book Name: The white tiger
  • Authors:  Aravind Adiga
  • Pages: 318
  • Publish Date: 2008
  • Language: English
  • GenrePicaresque novel


The white tiger by Aravind Adiga, the white tiger is the story of Balram Halwai a man who has managed to climb the social ladder in India and went from being a chauffeur to a very successful businessman in Bangalore

The novel is written in the first person and in the form of a letter addressed to a visiting Chinese official named premier wen Jiabao who wants to visit the city of Bangalore and know the truth behind the city which is a hotbed of startups 

Now Balram is someone who has experienced and seen all kinds of harsh realities in his lifetime he belongs to a poor family in the village of lakshmangar where his life along with many others is dictated by four cruel landlords 

In school, he was labelled the white tiger because his intelligence and his street smart acumen really made him stand out from the herd but unfortunately he had to drop out of school at a very young age in order to support his family 

Now he starts off by working in a piece uh tea shop but eventually he lends his service as a driver to pinky and Ashok who belonged to one of the richest families in Dhanbad 

Now this family makes most of its money or maybe all of its money by running an illegal coal business and they constantly bribe ministers and a lot of important people in the government in order to maintain their lifestyle 

Now initially Balram is a very loyal servant and he keeps all their secrets safe and attends to every deed of theirs with unwavering loyalty because that's what he believes his duty is to be a lifelong servant 

But as this family's facade falls apart and Balram sees them for who they really are he is forced to take a drastic step which changes everything for everyone 

He decides to murder someone now who does he murder and why does he murder that is something that forms the crux of this novel.

Book review:

Now coming to my personal thoughts I absolutely loved this novel it's been it's been a while since I've read a novel that is literally a page-turner wherein I'm just excited to know what's going to happen next

This novel was it's a truly rare feeling to you know read a novel that you're so invested in that you completely forget the world for a for a good few hours and yeah that's exactly how I felt while reading this novel has a lot of dark humour dry humour and sarcasm 

Now Balram as a person is someone who sees a lot of irony in the way India is projected to outsiders you know the prime minister constantly shows off India as this um economic economically prosperous country and a country full of promises but people like Balram who belong to the underprivileged sections of society 

They know the real truth because they have actually been through the wringer for them every single day of their life is like a do or die situation it's very easy to paint people like Balram as the scum of the earth

 but we as privileged people will never question the very system that has been designed to maintain a certain status quo caste religion um gender all of these things have been and are still used to ensure that the poor remain poor and the rich remain rich

For people like Balram there are no rose-tinted glasses there is no such thing as right or wrong because morality isn't going to fill his belly he is forced to fight his way through the social ladder by any means necessary

So in his head, if he has to murder someone in order to escape the shackles of being a lifelong servant so be it if you are looking for a novel that kind of exposes and goes in-depth into the class struggles in India and the societal hierarchy

Then you really really have to read the white tiger because oh my god i cannot think of a better novel and I cannot think of any author who has explained this whole phenomenon in a better way than the way Aravind Adiga has.

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