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Why Not Me by Anubhav Agarwal PDF Free Download

Why Not Me by Anubhav Agarwal

Click here to download the PDF

Why Not Me by Anubhav Agarwal PDF Free Download

Details of Why Not Me
  • Book Name: Why Not Me
  • Authors:  Anubhav Agarwal
  • Pages: 141
  • Genre: Romance 
  • Publish Date: 6 July 2020
  • Language: English

"A romantic story that is relatable to millions of people a story of a long-distance relationship with many ups and downs"

Why not me by Anubhav Aggarwal this book was actually released initially in the kindle version during the pandemic and due to the popularity that it gained it was further launched as a paperback 

Anubhav Aggarwal is a writer-poet and social media influencer, he started writing as a hobby and it soon became the passion he has his own youtube channel where he has influenced many people through his poetries

He also does a lot of personal talks mainly on relationship issues and it has helped many broken souls. 

If you have followed his youtube channel then you will definitely agree with me that he has a very beautiful and very soulful voice.

As this is a true account of the author the story of this book is based out of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh where anubhav belongs to 

A hopeless romantic at heart anubhav falls in love with Zoya online this was in the time when social media had just started spreading its tentacles and the youth were just getting caught up with it 

you would remember the days of good scraps and testimonials and new Facebook friend requests 

Anubhav feels an instant connection with Zoya and the story kicks off from there.

How does the relationship grow what are the aspirations of the couple what is Anubhav 's experience and how does Zoya perceive this bond all this is in this fast-paced quick 200 page read

This book has a story that is very relatable to today's college-going crowd and it is written in a very simple language 

For the older generation, this book may remind you of your first love the narration touches upon all aspects of the society which are a part of a teenager such as his childhood days the importance of family and of course love 

The quotes in this book should be preserved and it will surely keep you motivated in tough times 

This is an emotional ride and you will enjoy this book only if you relate with the characters and have a similar story that is hidden away in your heart 

Many scenes will remind you of your college days and the times that you spent with your friends the emotion has been interpreted and expressed very nicely

The book becomes quite predictable and it seems a little exaggerated the title of each chapter gives away the story and I would request the readers to directly jump into the story without reading the title 

If you want to keep the suspense alive there is enough melodrama and cliche but I think that can be ignored as it is written from a teenager's perspective 

If you have followed anubhav from his podcast days then you will definitely be expecting something more and in the end, your thirst may not be quenched 

It takes courage to write about your past relationships and to write it in such a way that it inspires millions with a message of hope 

What the author has been doing in today's time is a noble deed, listening to someone and having a meaningful conversation itself is something which we must appreciate the author for 

If you are an avid reader who wants to read complex stories and highly intriguing characters with layers and depth then you can skip this book

But if you are an emotional person who wants to share his feelings to the world but cannot then this book is your voice 

Pick this book if you are new to reading and want a book that will help you understand and grow in your relationship and also if you are already in a toxic relationship 

You will like this book only if you are into this genre of reading and you love to spend your time reading emotional content but one thing is for sure this book will surely win your heart.

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