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Good Vibes Good Life Book Pdf Download Free

Good Vibes Good Life Book Pdf Download Free

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Good Vibes Good Life Book Pdf Download Free

Details of Good Vibes Good Life

  • Book Name: Good Vibes Good Life Book
  • Authors: Vex King
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date:  08 December 2018 
  • Language: English
  • GenreSelf-help book

Book Review: 

I think that this book is the best self-help book for especially young people and why do I think so it's because the writer himself is someone who is really young and it is just so much more relatable when someone of your own generation writes something especially something which is for your own guidance something that belongs to a generation that is going through a lot of complexities today 

So that's why I think that this book is really a good book for young people especially teenagers and even young adults 

Another thing that I really like about this book is the fact that this book is not as repetitive as other self-help books now there are different topics that are curated in different chapters and all the chapters are really small and crisp so it's not like it's stretched to a limit where it doesn't resonate to you anymore and I really love that fact about this book because I have read other self-help books and it gets really repetitive 

Although this book also gets repetitive after a certain point like the last few chapters like the last part of the book is a little repetitive but otherwise, all the other parts of this book are really amazing they are just so relevant 

Now as the title of the book already suggests that this book is about good vibes and good life is this book discusses the law of vibration now the law of vibration is really lot similar to the law of attraction I think it's just a new phrase that has been used instead of the law of attraction 

Now the law of vibration is a lot like the law of attraction but the law of vibration is a little more scientific I mean it sounds more scientific it sounds more accurate and that is the thing that I actually like about this book now I learned some really good lessons from the book and I'm going to share them with you as well

Taking some time out for yourself is a very important part of self-love so you can just make yourself some coffee or tea or hot lemon and then sit with your favourite book read your favourite book and enjoy that time that you spend with your book 

You can also spend your time on your balcony and sip on your coffee or hot lemon and just you know reflect onto your emotions what you're feeling what are the things that are going on in your life what are the things that are bothering you and what you can do to change all those things

What you can do to make your life better so it's the time that you bring out for yourself so that you reflect on to what you are feeling 

So first of all surround yourself with good people surround yourself with people who raise your vibration to a better level and not lower your vibrations

So it is very important that we're surrounded by good and right people now you cannot obviously judge people as good and bad but you can always determine if a person is adding any value to your life like after interacting with them how are you feeling 

If you are feeling good after interacting with them and if you are feeling pumped up and just more at peace then obviously that person is good for you and right for you but if you think that after talking to them or after interacting with them you're feeling really low and a feeling really exhausted 

Then you're you know you have to determine that this person is not the right person to be around it doesn't mean that that person is a bad person it just means that your vibrations are not resonating with tears or there's just some problem and to avoid that you can avoid that person

Instead of spending time on social media, you can also you know get away from all those distractions and just find some inspiration find some art inspiration or anything if you are a music lover you can find your inspiration on some other platform 

If you are someone who is into lifestyle or designing you can find your inspiration on Pinterest there are so many platforms you just have to find that and look for inspiration that will motivate you to do better in your personal life 

A lot of people actually go through relationship problems and it is just really sad that we have to go because there are a lot of complexities in today's world and it's really difficult to continue your relationship with someone because there are just so many people around us and it's just difficult 

Now it is very important for you to understand if you are with a toxic person in a relationship and it is also equally important for you to determine if you are the toxic person in a relationship 

Now if you are with a toxic person obviously you need to get out of that relationship because it is very important for your mental health on the other hand it is just as important to determine if you are the toxic person in a relationship 

Because it is also taking a toll on your mental health and on the person with whom you are with so it's very important 

Like you have to keep a check on your behaviour if you think that you are depending on that person too much if you are expecting too much from that person and your idea and definition of a relationship and the things that you expect from them have changed wildly in the last few weeks or months 

Then you have to understand that and take good actions, now I know we will promise each other a lot of things but sometimes at a point it's not possible for us to continue you know fulfilling those promises 

Because those promises were made in a time when things were different and now because things are different now it's better that you move on because you are just not good for each other anymore.

Procrastination is something that we all go through in our lives and it's just really difficult to move out of that loop or from that vicious cycle you just don't know how to get started with your work it's that difficult when you are procrastinating 

Once you start procrastinating you just keep on doing that but if you have dreams and if you have some really specific dreams that you want to accomplish or achieve as soon as possible then you have to motivate yourself out of that loop of procrastination 

So you can get started with the work that will lead you towards your dreams, because if you keep procrastinating and not doing the work that is required to achieve those dreams then you are just deliberately and voluntarily delaying your dreams 

You know you're just delaying it for the longest of time and it will just take you a lot of time to achieve those and you will just get frustrated you will be devastated when you don't achieve those dreams 

So it is better to take some pain and get out of that phase of laziness and start working on your dreams start being focused and you know just being so driven that nothing can deviate you from those dreams

The thing is there is really a very thin line of difference between ordinary and extraordinary the people who are extraordinary always see the silver lining even if the sky is dark they always look for the happiness they always look for hope and they are so dedicated all the time 

They are so dedicated that they always keep looking for inspiration for things that will make them happy even if things are really dark 

It's very imperative for you to understand that you need real friendship in your life now and friendships that are all about just going out clubbing partying are not really friendships 

If you're not really there for each other when you both need each other the most then I don't think it's really friendship 

 Also you should never leave your friends for anyone else your friends are the most important part of your life 

So if you are a real friend obviously you're not going to leave your friends for someone else or you know you're just not you will not just stop giving your friends attention because now you have a lot of people with you so it's very important that you yourself also are a great friend 

Now celebrating your achievements is a very important thing and why because it doesn't matter if it's a small achievement or if it's a big achievement an achievement is an achievement nonetheless and it needs to be celebrated especially by you 

So if you want something and you're not celebrating it because you think that ok this was just a small competition and it doesn't really matter small achievements when they collectively gather they become great achievements 

Alright, guys so these were all the lessons that I personally loved from this book and I think that this book needs to be read by everyone because this will resolve a lot of conflicts and this will help you to take some important decisions in your life.

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