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The Anthropocene Reviewed PDF Free Download


The Anthropocene Reviewed PDF Free Download

The Anthropocene Reviewed PDF Free Download 

  • Book Name: The Anthropocene Reviewed 
  • Authors: John Green 
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: 18 May 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Social Sciences

Book Review 

The Anthropocene Reviewed, for me this was a very refreshing surprising read and I really enjoyed it I want to share it with you it's a very popular hot book right now because it just came it came out 

I think this will be a very good book for people who are looking for something quick something interesting something that will take their minds off but it's also going to be full of insight and it's going to give you um a different perspective of many many different kinds of topics 

So the Anthropocene review is basically an essay collection by john green if you enjoy john green's style his narrative style his voice the way that he writes in his fiction pieces the way that he talks in his videos and in his vlogs and in his podcast this is pretty much you will like this if you enjoy john green

Because this is really more about you know for me at least an essay collection is more about the particular voice of the author and their perspective 

It's not necessarily about the topics themselves although the topics have to be interesting enough to really hook me and grab me 

But in this regard, I will say that I think the Anthropocene review really uh benefits from john green's particular authorial voice and overall style I really really enjoyed how his writing was very witty very insightful 

I did sometimes feel that some of the essays became a little bit corny and sentimental for my own personal taste but that's a personal taste issue 

But what I can say is that I really enjoyed reading this collection so like I said i think this will be a great recommendation for people who are looking for something that will be relaxing refreshing funny 

There are some pieces in here that are so just so funny I mean so witty and so funny and so ridiculous and you know he really is not afraid of taking really important issues and mental health issues and ecological issues and politics and many other like big topics 

Being really funny about them and mocking of himself and it's not that he takes things lightly in a sort of disrespectful way at all 

It's more that he's really playful and that is something that I think we need more of I think we need more lightness and more humanity and more warmth when addressing this like big heavy issues 

So what is the Anthropocene reviewed about well the Anthropocene this big word here Anthropocene actually refers to the age that we are living in and have been living for many many years and centuries and it's basically the age of history and of the earth t

That is centred around humanity the human species that's why it has the prefix Anthropocene you know it's Anthropocene has to do with you know mankind or humanity and so he just tackles different issues 

Some are very random to the point where I just didn't really understand why I was reading about certain topics um but he really tries to and he does manage actually successfully uh he manages to connect everything 

He also talks about our current covid  uh crisis and isolation and everything that's been explored um recently this past year a year and a half of pandemic  

Yeah i think it's it's a very successful essay collection and uh he tackles a wide variety a great range of topics from I mean the first I'm gonna give you just a hint of  

A little sample of the  topics here the first essay is about the song you will never walk alone from the carousel 

Walk-on walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone so he talks about that song and in doing so he talks about the pandemic and many other issues 

The final topic or the final essay just to give you a quick example of how uh how diverse it is about a picture  a portrait of some kind of painting which is you know this  pic this um painting of three farmers 

He sort of goes into an analysis of what that means and what he thinks about it something that I love about this collection is that it is a great example of what we call psychoanalysis free association 

He just lets his mind wander and go places and it's very interesting to follow his mind go around and and and just go randomly from one place to another and in doing 

So I think there's something very therapeutic about writing this book for him and also for the reader of course there's something very therapeutic about listening to someone else's subjectivity and someone else's insight I think  

So I really liked it um, of course, I have to say that as with any sort of collection there's a risk you are bound to enjoy some pieces more than others for example in my case I completely despise sports and I just cannot connect to sports and I cannot read about sports 

So there were I think two or three essays in here that deal quite heavily with some sport of some kind and I disconnected from those pieces even though it's not really only about the sport it's about something something else 

But it's just  you know I have a very very strong sort of feeling about sport and I just I cannot read anything that has to do with sports I can try but I always fail 

So anyway that's the Anthropocene review it's also very ironic and very funny because what he does is um at the end of each essay he will rate and he will actually give a star rating to the thing that he's addressing in each essay 

So he rates everything and it's hilarious because how can you rate things how can you rate humanity's temporal range how can you rate Indianapolis how can you rate old lung sign 

How can you rate um the movie Harvey how can you rate CNN and so it becomes a very playful kind of um critique of how our current online society is completely obsessed with reviewing everything under the sun? 

It's actually quite interesting to me that we cannot review anything that we review is our experience of something but we cannot really review anything and that's very evident to me 

because now I am rating this book four stars and I am not giving it three stars I'm not giving it five stars I am giving it four stars it has nothing to do with the book itself the book is just something that exists

But what I can rate is my experience of said object and in this case, even though I found it really um eye-opening and filled with interesting fun facts of technology and science and history and biology and many other different things 

 I feel like there was a little bit too much about sports and sometimes I did feel it became a little bit corny for my liking but other than that it was a great refreshing read and I think you will enjoy it, so I give the Anthropocene reviewed by john green 4 stars and I thoroughly recommend it.

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