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The Silent Patient Book pdf Download free Epub


The Silent Patient Book pdf Download

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The Silent Patient Book pdf Download

Details of The Silent Patient

  • Book Name: The Silent Patient
  • Authors: Alex Michaelides
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: 05-02-2019
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Thriller, Novel, Mystery, Psychological thriller, Suspense, Psychological Fiction

Book Review:

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, so this book basically follows a psychotherapist whose name is Theo Faber and he has a very good life he has a good job and he's working as a successful psychotherapist but he cannot control his curiosity about this one patient 

Her name is Alicia Berenson and she had murdered her husband she had shot her husband on his head five times and then she went silent she did not speak she did not defend herself she did not do anything and she was charged as the murderer of her husband 

Now since she was not speaking she was not mentally stable so she is staying at an institution for mental patients which is called the grove 

Now we see that since Theo cannot control his curiosity and he thinks that he is the one who can make Alicia speak and maybe defend herself after so many years he decides that he needs to go to the grove and try his luck and try to treat Alicia

So that's what he does he leaves his stable job where he used to work and goes to the grove which is almost on the verge of shutting down and he goes there and he applies there and he gets selected and then he starts treating Alicia 

Now what happens after that is something that you need to read and find out this is basically a thriller that is about finding out why Alicia killed her husband if she did and why did she not defend herself and why is she silent and whether she will speak again or not 

Now coming back to my opinion about this book I think it's written in a very very interesting and very easy way it keeps you hooked and there was I guess no part of the book which made me feel bored after I read this book I watched some book reviews that's something I usually do 

so many people said that they felt that the book was slow-paced at the beginning however I did not feel so at all i enjoyed it thoroughly after a long time I found a book that got me out of a reading slump I was in a reading slump 

I was not feeling like reading fiction books I was only reading non-fiction so it was kind of a reading slump for fiction books and this book totally got me out of that and I finished it in just two days 

If you are a beginner and if you love thrillers I think everyone does you can go for this book and I kind of have mixed feelings for this book 

while i was reading it till the end, i loved it i enjoyed it and i knew it is going to be a favorite book of mine very soon but that did not happen or i don't know if that happened or not because i did not like the way it ended 

There's a part of me that felt that yeah it was good it was fine, you know completely okay then there's a part of me that thinks that it was not justified so the ending kind of didn't work for me but the rest of the book was amazing and it's kind of weird 

because when you are reading a mystery or a thriller the ending matters a lot but even though I did not enjoy the ending so much I still cannot say that it was not a good experience reading this was a great experience for me and as far as the writing style goes or the pattern that this book follows is that we actually follow two plots one is theo's life theo Faber and the other is Alicia's life 

we get to know about Alicia's life from her diary there's a diary that she maintains and we get to read chapters from her diary uh in between the story that's going on so that's how we come to know about Alicia 

And since theo is the narrator of the story we get to know about how his life went and what are the things that he went through so this story basically has these two plots 

But before I read this book I heard a lot of people say that the ending was predictable it was not predictable at all if you are used to reading thrillers or murder mysteries you know that a murderer is not going to be someone you are suspecting 

so it has to be someone who you are not suspecting so you start suspecting everyone so that's what happened with me I started suspecting everyone so there was no one left that I did not doubt 

So yeah that's the thing but in no way the motive or how the thing happened is predictable I don't think it was at all predictable for me really want to wanted to you know talk a lot of good things about this book but the ending kind of spoiled it but still I would highly recommend this book 

because many people loved the ending and you never know what works for you that's the best thing about books and you never know what appeals to you.

Have you read this book if you have do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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