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Sita Warrior Of Mithila Pdf Download


Sita Warrior Of Mithila Pdf Download


Sita Warrior Of Mithila Pdf Download 

  • Book Name: Sita Warrior Of Mithila
  • Authors:  Amish Tripathi 
  • Pages: 376
  • Publish Date: 29 mAY 2017
  • Language: English
  • Genre:  Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy


The story basically revolves around Sita and her life at Matala before she met Ram she is found as an abandoned baby in the field and is being protected by a vulture from a pack of wolves 

She is then adopted by King Janak and his wife Sunaina and she is brought to Manila where they take care of her Sita starts her life in Missoula and she grows up and the book mainly continues as to her life and her adventures in makalah it merges with book 1 where she meets Ram and marries him

When I started reading this book I actually liked the first hundred or so pages where we get to see Sita's life and her growing up in Missoula and attending the Gurukul and the interactions with her parents and with the sage Vishwamitra 

I actually like the scene where she is introduced as a baby where the vulture is Tinka from the wolves and Sunaina comes and she rescues the child and she decides to adopt her as 

Her own life and times of the Gurukul are actually very interesting and I thought well this book is actually not that bad the story is pretty decent for the first hundred or so pages where we get to see Seto growing up and her life of the Gurukul and her interactions with Radhika and just the life lessons that she learns and I found myself liking it much better than the first book

But after the first hundred pages is where things started going downhill as soon as wrong enters the picture and the whole so I am versi in starts again this book is exactly the same as the first book I'm not kidding seriously the story is exactly the same 

If the story in the two books were at least returned from a first-person narrative then it would have at least been interesting to see the first book from roms point of view and the second book from Sita's point of view as the perspectives might be different 

But since both the books are written from a third-person narrative the author has actually copy-pasted paragraphs from the first book to the second book 

I actually picked both the books side by side and I was reading the chapters and it's exact copy-pasting even the Commerce and the full stops are exactly the same 

There are some minor sentences that are added here and there but honestly, they do not have any impact because we already know what is going to happen because we've read the whole thing in the previous book 

The author does add some random storyline towards the end about Lakshmana saving someone in this Johnny cutter sport and Jetta use flashback in whom bedevil which actually was a little interesting but it did not have anything to do with the main storyline

The only two new characters who I'd remotely like and enjoyed reading about was murder the assassin and soon Anna and I wish the author had focused more time on them there is a twist that happens towards the very end of the book on the last page 

But by then I was so bored out of my mind from reading 70% of the reused material from book one that it honestly did not have any impact on me it is very sad to see a talented poor author like Miche sell out his books in this manner with hardly any new material 

Both the first book and the second book could have been easily merged into one book and it will still come to only around 500 pages but no the author had to make the series is much more profitable 

So he split it up into two books to make more money out of it which is really sad in my opinion they could have had Rama and Sita story as the first book and Robin story as the second book and Vashta and Vishwanath Rose history and flashback as a third book 

Which would have been really amazing as I'm reading these books that too bad I just hope that the next book in the series Robin is not a disappointment and it redeems the series in my opinion 

I'm sorry for the rant everyone because even readers time is valuable when they invest their time to reading a book and it is somewhat disrespectful and an insult when the author especially someone of Ameesha stature who has so many fans following him does not even respect his fans to write something completely original instead of just copy-pasting reused material from his previous novel 

So overall Sita Warrior of Mithila was even more disappointing than Siana Fishbach  and I would give this book a rating of only 1.5 to 2 stars if I'm being generous 

If you have read this book then what are your thoughts and opinions on Sita warrior of myth Allah did you find it frustrating as much as I did or did you actually enjoy eating.

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