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It Happened One Summer Pdf Google Drive

It happened one summer pdf download

It happened one summer pdf download 

  • Book Name: It happened one summer 
  • Authors:  Tessa Bailey
  • Pages: 416
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 13 July 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

It happened one summer by Tessa bailey, this book is about a girl named piper and she is this spoiled rich girl from whose stepdad is this movie producer 

So she gets everything handed to her and she's a total party girl well she gets into trouble and her stepdad basically says you're done I'm cutting you off you have to go to this tiny little town and try to prove to me that you can survive without my money 

Here are a hundred dollars and you need to essentially make it work and he sends her to the fishing town where her biological father lived with her mother before he died 

So he was a shipping captain who captained a crab boat and had this bar and he left the bar to his daughters 

So piper and her sister decided to go with her are shipped up there and she has to try to make something of this bar well of course as it would happen she meets this really grumpy captain um of a crabbing boat and it's a romance 

So of course they fall in love this book is a combination of shit's creek and the deadliest catch I'm not kidding like it is those two together in this book I've only seen a couple episodes of shit's creek 

So like I understand the premise but apparently, that is piper like straight up that is a piper and the captain is the deadliest catch people there's a lot less of you know the crabbing part in this book 

It's more of you know following her and him and the romance there that happens but it's oh it's so good it's like watching tv in your head 

It's so good you, I flew through this it was great one thing I will warn people up though so if you've never read a Tessa bailey romance before you need to be warned 

I read one a while back and it wasn't my favourite romance but I was very much taken off guard with the way that Tessa uses language in the books 

Especially in the steamier scenes and it was just not something that i was expecting and so if you haven't read a Tessa Bailey book I'm just warning you to be prepared just be prepared because it may be a little bit more explicit than you have read before 

This book has some of that it definitely do I think because I was a little bit more prepared for it it didn't catch me as off guard and I wasn't like whoa what's going on here 

But yeah she very much uses her eloquence with words to describe things in her books she also loves writing alpha males 

So if you don't like books with alpha males maybe skip this one but if you do like books with alpha males and protective males and all of that check it out it's great you'd love it 

I hope you check out it happened one summer and I can't wait for the second book in the series about piper's sister to come out 

I've already seen the cover uh somebody got an arc and I'm really really jealous I really want that book so hopefully, it comes out soon.

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