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She Erased Her PDF Download by Himanshu Rai


She Erased Her PDF

Click here to download the pdf 

She erased her pdf download by Himanshu Rai

  • Book Name: She Erased Her 
  • Authors: Himanshu Rai
  • Pages: 135
  • Publish Date: 28 June 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama 

Book Review 

Are you looking for a mysterious street that has Indian settings and Indian characters, are you looking for a short treatment that will befuddle you to no end, do you enjoy complex complicated mysteries that puzzle you and that leave you wanting for more 

If the answer to any of these questions or all of these questions is "yes" then my friends you've come to the right book review. 

She erased her by Himanshu Rai, she raised her in the book that from the look of it from the cover and the blurb of it looks like a perfect combination of mystery thrill and drama 

What is the storyline?

Well the book tells us the story of this girl called Samira who met with an accident eight months ago and for the next six months she was in a coma but since the last two months she's been feeling better she's actually awakened from her coma and 

Now finally she feels perfectly all right and she wants to go back to her office where she works as a cartoonist in a newspaper agency in a newspaper company 

But here is the tricky thing Samira is actually suffering from memory loss and because of that she is not able to recall anything else from her past except that she met with an accident and she was in a coma for six months 

Now when Samia goes to the office for the first time within the very first week of her stepping out of her home she experiences weird and inexplicable things 

Number one her mother starts behaving very very strangely 

Number two the colleagues in her office are also kind of weird they're acting in a very strange manner  

Number three there is this woman called Kiara who's sending Samira cryptic and ominous and forboding kinds of messages and Samira has no idea why or how or who Kiara is 

But before Sameera can actually get to the end of this mystery finding out who Kiara is there comes this guy called Rohan

Rohan who's dashing who's charming and who's handsome Rohan who Samira just can't help but fall in love with 

But unfortunately for Samira there is actually never the concept of a happily ever after she's constantly being haunted by all these messages that Kiara is leaving for her and also there is a guy who follows who seems to be following each of her moves 

As if these two are not enough Samia also experiences a lot of visions of traumas and tortures that flashes in front of her eyes every now and then and she has no clue why 

Now this book she erased her is the story of Samira and the cryptic the mysterious life that she has led until now and what is happening to her even now

Now it's upon sabina to find out who is doing all these things to her who is Kiara and what does she want from her so guys this was the premise of the book and 

The mystery in the book is very layered and it is very thickly layered most of the mystery comes to you in layers and it catches you unawares at a time when you least expect it to 

Now the action in the book is such that it actually changes from one timeline to another it constantly shifts between these two and even the location keeps changing 

So you are actually on an adventure that takes you from Delhi to Indore to Rishikesh to nital and then again back to Delhi so this particular element adds a lot of adventure to the mix 

Now coming to the writing part of the book 

The writing might seem a little unpolished like there are places where the writing appeals a little choppy a little hasty and also a little unreal and further

If I talk about the romance part of the course the mystery is great but when it comes to the romance angle

I think it was very hastily done it was sort of mechanical it lacked passion like it did have the physical kind of passion but on an emotional level it actually failed to connect with the reader 

When I talk about the language the language is very vigorous friendly so anybody with basic knowledge of English can easily pick it up now talking to the editing aspect of 

It there are certain editing mistakes that you might find in the book now these are not so much that would actually deteriorate your reading pleasure but nevertheless they might be visible to a keen eye to a keen reader 

Coming to the pace of the book is very very fast so the mystery moves at a very fast angle and it doesn't even Facebook like most of the books if you see a lot of thrillers as well they dial down in between and sometimes they pick up and then they again turn down this book

However, maintains a steady pace which is one area it actually scores a lot of good points sometimes it does happen that the reader has to go back to the previous pages to just understand what just happened 

Because the mystery gets that complicated in certain areas but then that's a good thing right let me tell you that a book is a very short read it's just 135 pages and there is never a single moment in the entire book 

Another thing that I love about this book is that the book is very women-centric it has very strong female characters that are bold characters that are powerful characters that are inspirational and if I may say so 

Characters that appear like the femme fatale you know what i mean right another thing to watch out for is the character transformations you will come across some interesting character transformations which will appeal to the reader in you 

Talking about the climax I think the climax was utterly unpredictable like I couldn't have guessed it right till the end 

The book got so confusing in the end like I told you I had to go back pages after Peterson reads certain things again it was like very complicated but in the end, it does give a befitting end to the story 

But there's only one thing that I want to mention here it's that the climax does have some loopholes that are left unplugged and some questions that are left unanswered and some parts of the mystery are very conveniently plugged in so much so that it makes it a little unbelievable 

I'm talking about the entertainment I think the book is a racy read like I told you it's fast-paced and it has the perfect combination of love drama romance friendships mystery thriller and a lot of things 

It is a book that has a lot of young adult characters who are just out of college and I think that way it will appeal to college readers a lot and in the end, 

It is a book that has a message it is the book that shows you just how far one can go for love lust passion and justice.

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