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She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash Download PDF

She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash Download PDF

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She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash Download PDF

Details of She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash Book

  • Book Name: She Stood by Me
  • Authors: Tarun Vikash
  • Pages: 206
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Dec 19, 2019
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
  • Price: Free

Book Summary: 

She stood by me by Tarun Vikas so the novel starts on humour and wit and it remains for a good portion of the novel. A romance novel doesn't necessarily have to be very serious and full of tragedies and tearful separations. Few other ways are practical and humorous and brave all of it.

Abhishek and Aparna are shy and young, preparing for engineering exams in Patna. Abhi lives there with his family, while Aparna is the paying guest. Therefore, they see and feel each other and meet. Over time they confess their feelings for each other. However, time is raw.

They are young, they have no understanding of the world, they have other capable family members to make decisions, the intricacies of higher studies and career – a lot of swamps await them.

I found this story to be a journey of love between two people. In the later parts of the novel, writer Tarun uncovers the nuances of long-distance relationships and other minor factors that disturb the reconciliation of the lovers, such as unemployment and Aparna's over-handedness, her parents Abhi and her troubled family and Financial bias. Situation.

drama, sadness, separation, love, feelings; Everything is covered quite subtly and softly. As a reader, this is a good aspect that I never realized as things are imposed on me.

I went with the pace and instead enjoyed all the aspects like the factor inside me or the love affair with the arrogant and mischievous nature of Abhi and his friend Manish.

He was supposed to spoil all things but I think it was saved by God. He also shone as a character but was eventually banished midway to return as a guest appearance.

what more can I say? The novel is good and the story first feels believable with cities like Patna, Dharwad, and then Bangalore - a mix of culture and emotions and love.

Romance novels are easy to recognize. They are everywhere from online to book stores at railway stations and airports. Thus, by and large, people choose them anytime and think of getting some 'personal feeling' out of love cum romance books. 

And I am no exception, a few days back I picked up 'She Stood by Me' on Kindle, written by first-time author Tarun Vikas. Although earlier I had the experience of reading romance novels by authors like Ajay Pandey, Durjoy, Chetan, Nora Roberts and Ravinder Singh, this time I was on my own to try something new and innovative. 

The novel was good, it had the story of two youngsters, Abhi and Aparna. In this post, I am going to list the factors like why I liked that novel.


Some first-time writers write with such panache and spontaneity that you think of them as stalwarts in their field. I also think! After reading the blurb and a few pages, I realized that Tarun is a regular writer of fiction books. Well, when I checked online, I was surprised to find that this is his first book. To be honest, I will wait for his next book. I really liked his writing ability. They seem to have a good understanding of how the language is used. Whether the story is brilliant or simple, language is of great importance in literature.

Sub Theme and Mini Climax:

To get enough sub-themes and climax, one needs to read crime/murder/suspense and thriller novels. Well, in romance, people often see that mix very rarely. However, in this novel, I found sub-themes and short climaxes after every couple of pages, yes the stuff was full of wit and humour. Mini climaxes with multiple themes and unexpected twists and turns are here to make your heart romantic. The ending of the novel was wonderful.

Book Length:

Yes, it matters. I especially avoid books like 'The Complete Works of This and That Great Writer'. Sorry, I'm not doing any research. I like to read books that are easy to finish. There are small chapters in this book. The author managed to end an interesting love story in just 179 pages.


The speed of the book is related to the length of the book. As I said in the point above, 179 pages, you can now imagine that the pace of the book was spectacular. No particular chapters seemed too short or too long... they just suited my mood.

Practical considerations:

Believe it or not, romance novels lean more towards realism as they grow out of real-life situations or are sometimes based on true events. The book's focus on family fidelity, marriage negotiations, long-distance relationships, etc. was a good eye-opener for someone like me, who is least bothered about social structure.

Insight into relationships:

In today's time, I think, this is one of the best novels on relationships called 'Shuddh Prem'. 

Everything is completely covered in how a relationship goes from teenage to marriage age. Aparna's rich background and Abhi's complex family values ​​provide a great insight into love values. 

You will be compelled to ask whether there is such a thing or not? Is there true love or do people care more about love than money and another status? Overall, it provides great insight into love relationships, long-distance relationships, and more.

I know there may be many more points about this book that we can discuss, but to me, the points mentioned are the ones that matter the most. Read this book and share your views on it for a pleasant experience. I found it a very good read with interesting insights. happy reading!!

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