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I am not your perfect Mexican daughter pdf download


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I am not your perfect Mexican daughter pdf

  • Book Name: I am not your perfect Mexican daughter 
  • Authors: Erika Sánchez
  • Pages: 246
  • Genre: Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: 17 October 2017
  • Language: English

Book review:

I am not your perfect Mexican daughter and that is written by  Erika Sánchez it's about a girl whose sister died and she's trying to figure out what happened like 

How it happened like all the mysteries do that but it's also like a coming-of-age novel you know like self-discovery and like what they want to do with their lives and stuff 

So I just thought that it was really nice and I'm reading the description I was like oh this is totally relatable because you know I'm a Mexican daughter who is not perfect 

So I was like oh this would be like so easy to relate to and it was you know I don't read many books written by connected authors so it's like very 

So it's very hard to find things that are relatable in books even like you know there's always something that's like oh I'm like this character but you know like at the end of the day of the characters caucasian 

So it's like we're not that like alike but then I hit there's this protagonist here and a bunch of characters it's like every single character except like one or two are s*x again 

So I think that's awesome I thought that was awesome like right away like I was like oh like they are all like me somehow 

Like I can like really they mentioned a card and I'm like oh wait that's me I was like oh wait that's me and stuff 

So yeah it was a very relatable book in a way like you know like the main character who the ass she would talk a lot about her family and I was like 

Oh well like that's how my family is or like my mom does that exact same thing or my dad is just like that 

So I thought that was really cool here you know like my hands and uncles and my cousins and stuff like all the references to like their families or like how they grow up and all that stuff 

Like I was like oh like that's me so I thought that was really awesome to see my grandma buck and you know and the book is written very well

I'm like so used to books just like explaining things I'm going into the details and stuff but this alike weddings are the details but also 

Like I felt like the book in our way was written like it was a diary for julio it felt like I was reading her diary or something that's cuz it was written in a way that 

I was like oh like I've never seen this before where it's like you like straight up here everything like every thought that julio has like nothing is like hidden or anything like it just it felt 

Like I was reading her diary because it just felt like it was her the whole time like it wasn't like a person writing about this character 

It was her like it was it was written in first person which I thought was perfect for this story and then like it was also yeah it was great like in terms of the story 

Like I felt like it was like a really it was really interesting in a way because like I related to her 

But also I didn't so it was like like it like for some things like you know she wants to be a writer when she grows up like I want to be a writer 

So I thought that was cool like I was like oh we're the same like but yeah but then like some things that she goes to like with her family and her like her connections with her mother and her friends 

Like I was like oh I don't have that like I'm yeah they're like she's very she's brutally honest I'm nothing like that 

So I was like oh okay like I'm just a little shy girl it was very interesting but then there's like so much like to relate to and then also a lot not to relate to which 

I thought that was great and um yeah in terms of the story was really good like I went to places I didn't think it would happen it was real 

Like I'll just say that like you know his it's cheesy but it's true it if it's real it's a real story I thought that was great and then there was also a mystery aspect 

Which I wasn't like it's funny it even says in the back here that her sister is like there passed away and then I'm right 

When I show the first page I was like oh my god what like I don't know I was like over a span realize like that happened right away and it did 

So yeah it was really good it was a really nice story and I like i highly highly highly recommend this 

So please read it and yeah that's it that's my review I thought it was amazing please read it I highly recommend it, yeah and so reviews don't stop there um so obviously we on my next novel 

I did say I was gonna read carry on by rainbow Rowell however there's a movie adaptation coming out for this book and I don't know why I just got instantly hooked on that idea 

So I ordered the book because I have a balloon prime so and it came in literally the next day the book is called all the bright places by Jennifer Niven and

So I will read to you what it's about on the Theodoric french was fascinated by death every day he thinks I'm wasting my day but every day 

He also searches for and manages to find something to keep him here and alive and awake a violent markley lives for the future counting the days until graduation 

When she can escape her small Indiana town and her aching grief and the wake of her sister's death when finch and violin me on the ledge of the bell tower at school six stories above the ground 

It's unclear who saves him soon it's on it's only with violet that finch can be himself and it's only with Finch that violet forgets to count away the days and starts living them 

But as violet's world grows finch begins to shrink so yeah that's basically the story it's about these two people and I thought it was interesting and I really liked the cast justice smith and Elle fanning are in the movie adaptation and I thought i think they're great actors 

So I was like oh this is gonna be like a great great story and I've heard of it before cuz my friend yeah one of my friends on Twitter they would like talk about a lot 

But it was like oh I don't think I'm gonna and then literally like the last I can't want this trailer not the trailer but a teaser - the trailer came out I was like 

Okay I'm gonna get it and I have started reading it like I got my thing I only read like a chapter so that's it 

But I plan to read more because school starting and you know I'd like to spend a lot of time at school and there are always gaps between my classes so that's 

When I get the time to read and also at work I get to read it so I'm gonna read it at work and at school and hopefully 

I can finish this soon because the movie can be down between 8 and it's already at the 7th right now it just takes oh my god I still don't even know what a it is today.

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