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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Unfuck Your Brain book pdf download

Unfuck Your Brain book pdf download

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Unf*ck Your Brain book pdf download

Details of Unfuck Your Brain

  • Book Name: Unfuck Your Brain
  • Authors: Dr. Faith G Harper, 
  • Pages192
  • Genre Self-Help Book
  • Publish Date: 7 November 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Unf*ck your brain by dr. faith Harbor who is this book for this book is for the people who ask but why all the time the people who annoyed the crap out of the adults around them 

when they were little kids by asking questions about how the world worked so they could understand their place in it 

because the why is really need for information this book is for all the people who behave being told what to do by other people 

who just want the tools and the information that they need to figure out what to do for themselves he may be figuring it out by yourself 

over the rock star therapist who knows better than asks you around either way you know your life 

when it comes down to it because you are sure as hell responsible for all the consequences this book is for the people who are looking tired of hearing or thinking 

that they are just crazy or stupid or lazy or too sensitive or just need to get over themselves who are tired of feeling bad but even more tired of 

people think they enjoy feeling bad like anyone would choose misery like they think you are just refusing to get better like you want to be miserable 

but the course you don't but you've been stuck and with no idea why so this book is about the why you are miserable 

so you can do something about what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and I just finished reading this incredible book by dr. faith Harper.

Dr. Harper has this amazing ability to talk about mental health put in a fun very laid-back and relatable way like 

she talks to you like you're a person I know one of the things that I always hated was especially dealing with a doctor 

where it seems like they're kind of talking down to you like I'm the big fancy doctor and you need to listen to me 

because I know what I'm talking about like dr. faith Harper brings herself down to your level and just talks to you 

like you're a person and that's what's amazing about this book but aside from that 

she is smart as hell okay for those of you who don't know one of the reasons why my channel is called the rewired soul is because 

I've always been fascinated about how the brain actually works and how we can actually rewire it to improve our mental health 

that's a lot of what this book is talking about so this book is called your brain using science to get over anxiety depression anger freakouts and triggers 

so in part one of this book, she talks about what's actually happening to your brain she talks about 

where anxiety where depression where trauma actually stems from and what it actually does to your brain 

because then you go on this kind of journey to learn how to rewire your brain so part one has these sections 

okay part one this is your brain on trauma how your brain gets bucked how trauma rewires the brain on your brain getting better to retrain your brain getting professional help treatment options 

so a lot of this stuff I knew already but there were some things where like because of the way Dr. Harper writes 

talks about some things finally clicked and made sense them being the default mode network our brain's natural state of mind watering 

storytelling she put it in a way that really really just made sense to me even though 

I've read plenty of books on the neuroscience of how all this stuff works so I love how she can do that like anybody can pick 

this book up and start to learn about what your brain is actually doing from there though she goes on and gives you a bunch of different treatment options like 

I've talked to Dr. Harper a bit on Instagram and she is just like a wealth of knowledge she knows of so many different treatment options and that's what I love about her 

so much because something that I even try to do with my clients in my treatment center I try to give people a menu of options like okay 

here are all the different ways to get better I don't care which one you pick just pick one and she does a great job doing the same thing in this book 

so throughout this book, she gives you a bunch of different exercises that you can do everything from mindfulness to actually sitting down and journaling some of your stuff 

but then she also talks about getting professional treatment options she talks about talk therapy 

she talks about naturopathic meds like she will explain all these different options to you so you can look at him and say oh okay that one sounds interesting 

okay maybe that one will work for me and then part two is this is your brain on life and it's broken down into sections anxiety, anger, addiction,  depression and the importance of honoring grief was probably one of my favorite chapters in this book

especially because she talks about how grief is something like not only is it the loss of somebody you know but it can be the loss of a job 

it could be loss of stuff it'll be lots of money you know it could be all sorts of different things 

she talks about how light there's a process to dealing with all of these different forms of grief 

but anyways I don't want to give you too much information because you need to go out and get this book. 

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