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Building Materials Book By S.K.Duggal Free Download


Building Materials Book By S.K.Duggal

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Building Materials Book By S.K.Duggal Free Download

Contents  of this Book 

  1. Principal Properties of Building Materials
  2. Structural Clay Products
  3. Rock and Stones
  4. Wood and Wood Products
  5. Materials for making concrete cement
  6. Materials for making concrete-II aggregates
  7. Materials for Making Concrete-III Water
  8. Materials for Making Concrete-IV Lime
  9. Puzzolanas
  10. Concrete
  11. Concrete Mix Design
  12. Building Mortars
  13. Ferrous Metals
  14. Non-Ferrous Metals
  15. Ceramic Materials
  16. Polymeric Materials
  17. Paints, Enamels and Varishes
  18. Tar, Buitemen and Asphalt
  19. Gypsum
  20. Specials Cements and Cement Concrete
  21. Miscellaneous Materials

Prefetch of this book first edition:

The primary objective of writing this book is to give up-to-date information to engineering students on building materials. The book has been prepared by referring to several textbooks,

References and Standards. S.I. throughout the text as far as possible. units have been used.

The author has tried to include the necessary information related to the construction/construction of various building materials; 

Data covers more important mechanical and physical properties, the effect of various factors on these properties; because of defects, their prevention and measures; material testing. 

An attempt has also been made to present Some of the more common uses and applications of various materials for the reader. 

The author is grateful for the great encouragement, wonderful help and Valuable suggestions were received from his colleagues. 

There are also reasons for appreciation and thanks Students who studied the initial and final scripts. 

Lastly thanks to my wife Suman and kids Swati and Shashank for their patience. during this attempt. Efforts have been made to keep errors to a minimum. 

However, they are indispensable. Suggestions are welcome from all concerned pointing out any omissions.



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