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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty book pdf download


Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Click here to get the pdf 

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty book pdf download

    Details of Models: Attract Women Through Honesty Book 

    • Book name: Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
    • Author: Mark Manson
    • Publish date: 28 July 2011
    • Genre: Self-help Book
    • Pages:296
    • Language: English

    Book review:

    Models: Attract Women Through Honesty, I think about this book, especially those of you that have asked me to read this book 

    I like it it's good it's perfect it's actually perfect I thought this was gonna be some really soft bullshit about you know the kind of very PC and very like let's not offend anyone and let's not get to the heart of the matter 

    the heart of the matter but it was not that it was really very good straightforward advice the same very similar philosophy and mindset 

    that I try to convey on this show that I have which is that you have to improve you have to be honest say what you think and not be afraid to say it and not be afraid to accept consequences or reject reality 

    as it is but you also have to improve yourself and continually work to improve yourself there's a lot of really good content in this book 

    I'm not going to do a book summary this in this case but I do want to tell you that it is solid it's right on them reminded me of a more PG version of a book 

    that I reviewed called mode one I get so many requests from you guys to review these guy books and a lot of them are shit you know 

    but there are some good ones out there and this one is good there are different angles and different perspectives now I will say one thing that marks Madison I'm like 90% of the way there with him 

    but I do feel like there is a little bit of a missing aspect of a sort of darkness right that you sort of have to have right I think maybe the bad-boy side of it is a little bit missing from this book, not 100% missing 

    but that's the that's really my only critique and it's a very small one I believe if you follow the advice in this book honestly and you'll also evaluate yourself you're gonna have a lot more success for you 

    guys out there then you may have had okay it is really solid and it is a book that I can appreciate the fact that it is written in such a way that is not going to just totally offend women who may read the book as well so 

    so you ladies out there if you want to read this book it's an I think it's got some pretty good advice for you as well and just some understanding of some it's like psychology in there but it is really solid stuff it really is and I am shocked 

    it is so it's really awesome when I come in with an idea a mindset that I think this thing is not going to be good I've got some preconceived notions and then I read a thing or 

    I experienced the thing and I am totally turned the other way and shock that that's a good testament I think

    because I already had a bias coming into this book and it totally blew away that bias so that's I really can't recommend it enough I think again I was very very shocked I thought this book was going to be crap 

    I thought I was gonna be a lot of BS and it was not at all and it gets to some hard stuff and it does go deep in some of the places it's not totally pg-13 and it's not neo super there's some books that are on that but it really focuses on on the core thing 

    I think for you guys out there that are reading this book that are trying to figure out how to attract women and how to go up and approaching and things like that is that 

    it's got to come from a genuineness from within yourself and it has to you the focus has to be on improving yourself for you to be able to be a man who does things for himself and does not try to please 

    people okay or to manipulate by pleasing people and does what pleases themselves and by being that independent person who goes what goes out and takes what they want and isn't afraid of what 

    other people think and isn't trying to walk on eggshells or their image or how other people perceive them that that's the most successful way he did a video on vulnerability that was based off of this book 

    because he's sort of shit he doesn't see necessarily changed my mindset but he put two words what I was thinking and he gave me a new concept to connect with vulnerability right to be able to say okay 

    this is how I'm I'm defining vulnerability now based on his definition of it I I agree with it that makes a lot of sense 

    so let's define that thing and I think that vulnerability shows strength but vulnerability exposed come from a place of extreme strength they come from a place of being 

    so unconcerned what other people think and what their esteem of you is that your self-esteem is high enough that you can share things that you can be vulnerable you can show your weakness 

    or I don't wanna see your weakness but you're your weak areas without feeling self-conscious of it without being worried without seeking approval right 

    a lot of you guys a lot of what you're doing the reason why you're not successful is that your approval-seeking so this book is really good.

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