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K-pop Confidential by Stephan Lee pdf download

Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download


Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download


Modern ABC of Chemistry Class 11 Pdf free Download

Book: Abc Modern Chemistry 2019 -20 Edition Class 11 Part 1 By Sp Jauhar

Author: DR. S. P. JAUHAR

Binding: Paperback

Publishing Date: 2019


Book Summary:

We are glad to bring to our book "Modern ABC Chemistry for Class 11 (Part I & II) Exams. The book has been completely revised, overhauled, and strictly as per the latest syllabus and guidelines laid down by CBSE. 

The text of the book is presented in a systematic and sequential manner, besides complete coverage of the material to make it easily understandable by the learners, each chapter of the book contains illustrative tests (activity), 

NCERT Textbook Exercises with Solved, NCERT Example Problems Solved (Selected) and Additional Exercises (Selected Questions with Answers and Hints) for Practice, Summary (Content Revision) and Project.

Book review:

"Why Modern ABC Chemistry Is the Best of All Books and Wins the Award for Excellence"


The book has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students, subject wise and sub-topic. The current version has some distinctive features:

Each chapter begins with a to-do list. It gives the central idea of ​​the chapter and the way it is addressed.

Each chapter is divided into several sections corresponding to the different components of the syllabus.

Each chapter is printed with HOTS. This is to promote clarity of the basics.

The focus areas in each chapter present the core of the concepts.

The sections of each chapter include topics of special importance.

PowerPoints and Revision windows provide a quick look at the content.

The 'Exercise' is as per the pattern of the exam. Answering important questions focuses on the technique of writing. Exercises include:

Objective type questions (memorization and comprehension based questions), divided into five sections:

(A) Multiple choice question, (B) Fill in the blanks, (C) True or False, (D) Match the correct statements, (E) 'Very short answer'

  • objective type questions
  • reasoning questions
  • Hots and Applications
  • analysis and evaluation

CBSE Questions (with reference to text for answers or answers)

NCERT Questions (With Indication of Answers)

Miscellaneous and additional questions (with prompts or with reference to the text for answers)

The dos and don'ts (at the end of each chapter) should serve as a safeguard against misinterpretation of concepts.

A uniquely designed section is at the end of the Competence Area chapter. It certainly increases the difficulty level but should serve as useful material for excellent learners.

Solved and unsolved numerical are given to increase the grip on the topic.


Using simple, effective methods and factual summaries, our books make it easy for you to understand the lessons.

Questions that matter

This book contains questions that have been introduced earlier in board exams and compartment papers. And our in-house subject experts carefully select and compose the questions that are most likely to be asked in the exams.

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