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Real Love by Bethany Monaco Smith Pdf Download


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Real Love by Bethany Monaco Smith Pdf Download

  • Book name: Real Love 
  • Author: Bethany Monaco Smith 
  • Publish date: 2021
  • Genre: African Fiction, Love, Relationship
  • Language: English

Book review:

Real Love by Bethany Monaco Smith, have you ever met a girl and really hit it off within the first few minutes of talking if so there is a certain chemistry between you both 

the air around you will literally feel like electric then you both go your separate ways and you are left thinking um is she thinking about me well did you know there are certain signs that 

you can look out for and i will be telling you about 12 of them in today's video these signs will tell you when a girl is thinking about you even though you might not be around her or she around 

you so once you have a girl thinking about you well she is hooked on you and probably wants you to be her boyfriend so it's a good good position to be in so guys let's jump straight into the 12 signs 

that prove she is thinking about you like and subscribe she remembers big dates in your life you have only met a few times but she remembers the important dates in your life you might be thinking to yourself 

how does she remember that when i only mentioned it briefly well girls tend to remember big dates in men's life when they like them it's actually a way to show you that 

they care about you and that they are super interested in you now they might surprise you on your birthday even if you have not been dating for that long or she might ask 

you how your big presentation at work went you should take this as a really really good sign that she is interested in you and thinks of you often otherwise well 

she would not put this level of effort in she does nice things to you when a girl does something nice for a guy a lot of thought has probably gone into it behind the scenes 

you may have mentioned that you love coffee and when you guys are not together she is actually thinking about surprising you with coffee the next time she sees you 

so if she does something thoughtful for you it's not something that is spontaneous she has actually put a lot of thought into this and wants to show you that she likes you 

so to show her that you feel the same way you can listen to the things that she likes and do something nice to her now this is a great way to progress the relationship 

you catch her looking at you she is looking across the room at you and suddenly you catch her eye you might not think much of it but if you have been on a date or you guys are texting 

well it's proof that she is thinking about you a lot now let's be honest we often catch other people's eyes when we are looking around and this is quite normal although 

if you catch a girl you have never met before looking at you a few times she might be thinking that she likes the look of you and she wants to explore you a little bit more 

so back to the girl that you have maybe been on a date with though and you might be texting if she is looking at you it means she wants to grab your attention 

so guys the best case scenario for her would be for you to go over and speak to her if you think it's the right time to chat then why not go over and make something about it 

this next one is very sneaky but it's very common she talks to your friends about you this is one that she is likely to do but only if you have a mutual friend group or you have been dating or seeing 

each other for a while if a girl talks to your friends really early on that is actually a red flag in shows that she might be controlling 

but if you have mutual friends and it's fine she might be excited to tell them what she thinks of you and how she has developed feelings for you 

now she probably has been thinking about you for a while and she can't keep it in any longer a girl might also mention it to your mutual friends in the hope that they pass 

it on to you to help move things swiftly along so if you have been dating for a while and this girl mentions how much she likes you to her friends or to your friends this should really show you how 

she feels after all she is being quite vulnerable by opening up and telling someone that she has these strong feelings speaking of friends her friends seem to know everything about you 

if you reach the stage of the relationship where you are meeting her friends it's probably pretty serious if when you meet them they seem to know a lot about you that is a sign 

that she talks about you a lot she's probably really excited about you and just cannot stop talking about everything to do with you if this is the case then she is definitely thinking about you 

when you are not around she's probably replaying everything that you have said to her and wondering if you feel the same way so listen out to those conversations where people say oh 

i heard that because sandra said that about you when something happens in public she supports you sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations it could be with work friends or even family 

now it can be hard to deal with these things by ourselves and if you find a girl that supports you through these tough situations then it shows that she really cares about you and probably thinks about you 

a ton she might publicly speak up for you in front of friends or just offer you advice and help you get through a tough situation now she believes in you and she wants you to feel supported by her so that you can grow as a person you spot her in the same places 

as you this sign can be the one that happens quite early on she has either asked other people or carefully listen to where you like to spend your time and she's taking note 

she might show up at your favorite coffee shop or in a bar that you like to go to and every time you see her you might think to yourself that's a strange coincidence sandra has appeared here on that thursday night that i said i don't really attend that often 

if so you need to go over and talk to her it's not a coincidence at all and a girl will often try to run into a guy accidentally on purpose that she likes she will be thinking about you when she can next see you and how she can make that happen she faces you 

now look at her body language and take note of it is she facing you now we often face our bodies towards people that we like and we look straight at them 

if we don't like them we kind of close off and move away it shows that we are giving them our full attention but it allows them to really take us all in now this is something we do on a subconscious level 

but if she is doing this it shows that she likes you and is thinking about you when you are not around now sometimes it's not until a girl comes face to face with a guy that she realizes oh damn

i actually really like him she messages you a lot she is normally the person to message you first and she messages you quite a few times a day you may wake up in the morning and there's a text there 

maybe you get a lunchtime text and also a nighttime text too each time she texts you she has probably been thinking about you and probably debating whether 

she should message you or not now i am sure you are loving all the attention and enjoying the fact that she is making the first move because 

it saves you having to do it she stalks your social media she always seems to be the first person to like your posts or view your stories on instagram you notice that she adds you as a friend on facebook 

as well basically she's keeping tabs on you on social media and every time you post something she wants to see what you are up to and it makes her like you even more 

so really you should take the stalking as a huge compliment she blushes when you talk to her whenever you find yourself face to face you will notice that she blushes 

when you guys are speaking this is something girls do when they are a little nervous around a guy they would normally only be nervous if they had a crush on the guy so well you guessed 

it it's a huge good sign and if you are thinking i have never made a girl blush before then try to give her a compliment and watch her reaction compliments are a quick-fire way to see a girl blushing 

she sends you special gifts sometimes we send gifts because it's someone's birthday or to celebrate something special but other times though it's just because we are thinking of that person 

so if she sends you gifts like this it shows that she is thinking about you and she wants to show you that she is and there you go.

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