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The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas Pdf Download Free


The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas Pdf Download Free


The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas Pdf Download Free

Details of The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas Book

  • Book Name: The Darkest Corners
  • Authors: Kara Thomas
  • Pages: 290
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date: Apr 19, 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The darkest corners by Cara Thomas in this book really just like I finished it and I've been reading like I read a lot of books at one time and I honestly forgot about this book 

I honestly forgot that I read it and it's because it's there's nothing really special about it there's nothing 

remarkable about it for those of you who don't know it's about this girl named Tessa who goes back to the 10 that she grew up in 

because like her father is in jail and he's dying and like all the stuff kind of gets like kicked off because when she was young 

they like her and her friend helped the police like put away like this murderer and like all of this new stuff is happening and like another girl turns up dead 

like I don't know it just it was so complicated that the more that happened the less I was interested like so much is happening and the plot was becoming 

so complicated that it was just too cluttered to keep track of anything there were a lot of characters too many get introduced at one time and I was just kind of overwhelmed and I think

for that reason I was kind of like coasting along not really paying attention to everything that was going on because we were getting too many details what I did like about this book was at a lot of his beans in it there's 

a very dark and it really does deal with like family and how everything is just not like this happy right like a pretty perfect picture like if everything's pretty dark like it 

takes time to build relationships like when bad things happen to you like it leaves something with you like it messes you up a little bit and you kind of have to take some time to grow back from it and I do like that 

the book talks about this but it's Ben's too much time flipping back and forth and not really knowing where the story is going because sometimes we're like tracking down a murderer and then other times 

like we're looking for the main character's sister and then like oh maybe the sister is the murderer oh but we already ruled her out oh now we're going to look at her again and it 

just it wasn't flowing correctly the last few pages of the book like the last chapter I did really enjoy 

because we got all of the explanation like everything that looking for but it was so like out of the left-field that I'm like where was this like why wasn't this 

in the rest of the book because that part was really cool I liked hearing all of the explanations I really like the conclusion I liked where it left but none of that was present throughout the book 

so it kind of just came out of nowhere and for that reason, I am giving it a d-plus the plus is because this book has so much potential and the story could have been really interesting 

I just feel like there was too much going on and it was too cluttered which really knocked it down it knocked the reading experience way down I personally wouldn't recommend it 

but if you're a fan of the themes of this book or your fan of like this kind of story you will probably get some kind of enjoyment out of it because it is an interesting read it just really needed a couple more edits it needed some more direction.



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