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The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley Free pdf download


The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley pdf download

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The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley pdf download

Details of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley Book

  • Book Name: The Paris Apartment
  • Authors: Lucy Foley
  • Pages: 314
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller Fiction
  • Publish Date: Feb 22, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The paris apartment by lucy foley, so i'm going to give you a brief synopsis but i'm going to keep it very very light in the paris apartment we followed jess who's an english girl who's traveling from brighton to paris 

We get the sense that she's running away from something she's either leaving a bad situation behind or perhaps 

She's done something herself and she's traveling to paris because that's where her brother lives and as she gets to paris 

She realizes that then her brother actually lives in a pretty fancy part of paris and she wants to ask him for some accommodation 

While she can sort herself out but as she gets to paris she suddenly realizes that he's not answering his doorbell and she stopped 

He stopped answering his phone as well and things sort of escalate from that the whole story is narrated through different perspectives 

So we follow multiple povs and we're not just talking about two or three but we're i think in the high single digits which is a pretty peculiar choice 

I think because this is a book where obviously information is being withheld from us and it's somewhat difficult to believe that a lot of these characters would not have in their thoughts 

A lot of the things that we're not allowed to find out at that point in time so it's a bit of a tricky balance to get right 

I think foley just about gets it right she just about pulls it off but i'm not sure that would have necessarily been my preference or my first choice for the execution of this sort of story none of the characters is particularly likable 

I would say pretty much every one of the characters that we follow is flawed to a large extent and that i don't mind at all 

I kind of like in a way as well but i know some people prefer to have a story where you have a positive character that you can fully root for 

You're probably inclined to root for jess who's the this english girl that's trying to find out what's happening but at the same time she's a very flawed character as well 

So you kind of want that there's also a fair amount of stereotypes that are depicted in the story especially when it comes to the french and the french environment 

But it's nothing as bad as emily in paris or anything like that and obviously it leans some somewhat heavily into the whole different nationalities given that jess and ben are english 

A lot of the other characters uh are french i find it was okay like it wasn't necessarily the most accurate cultural description 

But on the other hand this is you know a thriller book this is not some sort of academic treaty on the subject 

So i thought overall i think it's uh it was decently executed and as someone who's relatively familiar with the city of paris i have to say that the setting was 

Definitely one of the things that i enjoyed the most about the book being able to recognize some of the spots in the city that are described in the story and just it just felt very atmospheric overall 

So from that perspective that's definitely something that i very much appreciated in the story the whole story is told in first person present tense which is typically not my preference 

I find that it cheapens the narration a little bit at least for my individual taste that said the pros was always pretty straightforward pretty satisfying and pretty effective 

So i can't really falter too much for that the different characters they all sounded a bit samey to be honest given that we were following so many different characters with such different backgrounds from personal professional cultural perspectives 

I'm not sure she fully pulls it off um given the ambition of having so many povs on the other hand i would say overall the narration and the pros felt always competent even though 

I might not describe it as particularly impressive it was definitely a page turner and definitely easy to get through that said the pacing is not necessarily the fastest 

So depending on what your typical reference point is if you're used to reading a lot of literary fiction or slow facebook this might feel this might feel quite fast-paced but on the other hand 

If you're used to thrillers and really fast-paced books this might feel a bit on the slower side so this is kind of somewhere in between i would say which didn't bother me in the slightest either way 

But it's just to give you an idea of what this read like at least for me i have not read any of foley's previous works 

So i don't really have a reference point when it comes to her other books but as far as i'm concerned when i pick up a thriller 

The main things i'm looking for is that i want to be entertained and i want to be surprised and all in all i have to say 

It worked on both counts there was always enough going on and enough that was being revealed that it kind of made me want to keep going 

So from that perspective really kept my interest and i really it really kept me entertained throughout the story 

When it comes to being surprised there were definitely a couple of twists that i did not anticipate so that's always satisfying to me 

The first one is kind of in the middle of the book which as i said i didn't see coming and then at that point i started getting worried that the second half of the book sounded like 

It was becoming a bit of a slow full reveal of what had sort of become obvious 

But i have to say that wasn't necessarily the case because towards the end again there was more being revealed that really again caught me by surprise 

So i have to say that all in all it was quite a satisfying read for me was it the most memorable thriller that i've ever read probably not 

I'm possibly going to forget most about the story in a few months but that said was it enjoyable and satisfying enough.