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Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears pdf Download

The Toilet Seat by Latha pdf download


The Toilet Seat by Latha pdf download

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The Toilet Seat by Latha pdf download

Details of The Toilet Seat by Latha Book

  • Book Name: The Toilet Seat
  • Authors: Latha
  • Pages: 442
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Publish Date: Feb 13, 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Most of the time men are not aware of the s**ual needs of their female partner. Just like men use toilet seats to dump their garbage.

  Women are also being used as toilet seats. This is explained by Lata in her book Toilet Seat. It was written in English for the first time. Then a year later it was translated into Tamil as Kalivarai Irukkai.


Are men more interested in s**?

       If you are thinking that I am writing this type of article. So that I can get more views on my page. Then this blog post is not for you.


       You can check out other interesting blog posts on my site instead. And if you're the kind of person who thinks it's wrong to speak about s*x in public, then this blog post isn't for you either.


       So, you can skip this blog post and check out the other blogs on my site instead. This blog post is special for those people who have been told that s** is taboo since childhood.


       But, once a person gets married or finds a life partner, s** becomes an important aspect. This post is for those people who lack s** awareness. And for those who think that a proper understanding of s**ual needs is essential.


       Why should we talk about s**? It's good not to talk about it, isn't it? What's the problem with keeping it a secret?


       If you have all these questions, let me tell you that s** is a universal necessity. Osho has given a beautiful example of this.


       If you tie a cloth around all the trees. Then people would be curious to see what the tree would look like if the cloth was removed.


       We'll be curious to see what's hidden inside the fabric. But, if there is no cloth around the tree. We won't even notice it. In the same way, stereotyping is based on gender.


       And keeping things hidden creates a curiosity. Due to which there is often misunderstanding about a particular topic.


       What would we think if people used common words to swear at us? This gives the impression that the words people use to swear are actually bad.


       If we keep on using male and female body parts as a derogatory word. This can lead to a natural aversion to those parts of the body during s**.


       As a result of body shaming, people do not have a positive image of their body. If we end up hating our bodies, how are we going to share them with our peers?


       How do we enjoy s** when we're not comfortable sharing our bodies? If we cannot enjoy s**, how can there be a successful marriage?


       We have been taught that talking about s** and private body parts is taboo. Therefore, we often feel ashamed to openly talk about it in front of others and our partners. We start hating our body parts and start creating hatred.


       How can we enjoy the process if we can't tell our partner about s**? How can we be comfortable?


       If not we can be comfortable and enjoy this important part of our life. How will our marriage be successful?


       We have been taught about basic human needs since childhood. They are food, clothing and shelter. But Lata says...


       Before the need for food, clothing and shelter. s** is the most basic human need. We see this in animals too. Animals and other creatures do not require shelter or clothing.


       s** is their biggest need. We are also an important part of the animal kingdom. Although the percentage of the human population is small, s** is also our basic need.


       When was this requirement suppressed? Also, such suppression is not natural, is it? We've all seen Playboy jokes that revolve around a guy who is lucky enough to have s** with multiple women.


       Often man's masculinity is wrongly linked to a man's ability to have s**. If he messes up, he gets teased a lot.


       But the research I am going to talk about will clear all your misconceptions about masculinity. 2 out of 3 women often imitate orgasms. And they don't get really high.


       About 72 percent of women say that having s** with their partner does not give them complete satisfaction. Why, then, do male partners think they are perfect in s**?


       Men have s**. But, do they really satisfy their female partners? If about 72 percent of women are dissatisfied how can men show they're good in bed?


How can they say they are perfect in s**?

       Having s** without knowing whether the female partner is satisfied is definitely a mismatch. Is s**ual satisfaction a true indicator of masculinity?


What do women need to fake orgasm?

       They may express resentment if they don't like it or are not satisfied. It has been said in a research that if women during intercourse

Whereas if a female partner says that she is not satisfied. The male partner may begin to doubt her and ask her if any other male had satisfied her before.


       Or the idea that she might turn to other men for s**ual need may start to haunt her. The fear that male partners may be insecure also repels women.


       In married life women do fake intercourse instead of doing something which they do not like. If they fake an orgasm.


        The male partner may think that he has satisfied his wife and has finished intercourse. And will never bother the wife again.


       On the one hand men are not aware of the s**ual needs of a woman. This is the reason why women shy away from talking openly about it. Do women who talk openly about this have a bad social status?


       The first advice given by elders to women during marriage is to behave according to the choice of the husband and satisfy him.


Then what about the satisfaction of a woman?


       Shouldn't the husband behave as the wife wants? Women are not taught to prioritize their own needs and priorities in marriage.


       It is quite common in adult films and posters to objectify women and portray them as s**ually attractive creatures. If men could fantasize about women. Then why don't women open up about their s**ual needs?


       This is the most common complaint of married men. When they invite their wife to be intimate and have s**. Women do not respond at all.


       After a lot of pleading, there is very little intercourse and intimacy. One of the reasons for this can also be the lack of interest in having s** with the husband.


       They may have developed an aversion to intimacy. Because s**ual intimacy is not happening the way they want.


       Men who question why women are not satisfied and often fake, need to know this. Men who feel that their s**ual needs are not being met by their partner need to know this.


       In marriage, the husband and wife should be happy both s**ually and emotionally. Otherwise, it will lead to bigger problems within and outside the marriage.


       Because it is also like hunger. If our hunger will not be satisfied, then we will keep thinking about it continuously. Just like when we think about food when we are hungry.


       If the s**ual need is not met, the person's thoughts will always revolve around him. Be it male or female.


       In general, we do not agree 100 percent with another person's views or opinions. There will be many differences.


       Likewise, this book Toilet Seat covers topics we may not completely agree with. On the other hand, you may feel that some points are difficult to accept but very valid.


       The book says that the concept of marriage eventually gave way to extramarital affairs as well. Hence the author's views on extramarital affairs are also in this book.


       This book is available in English as well as Tamil. If you want this book in English, it's the toilet seat. In Tamil it is Kalivarai Irukai.