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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss PDF Download


Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss PDF Download

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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss PDF Download 

Details of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss Book

  • Book Name: Green Eggs and Ham
  • Authors: Dr. Seuss 
  • Pages: 64
  • Genre: Children's literature, Comedy, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 30 July 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

I am Michael Douglas as guy I am and all throughout every single episode you get someone new some face or name that you will recognize and you know this was a show like I said earlier that I was interested in I saw the trailer and I said you know what the animation is really cute

I just don't know there's gonna be a show for me it felt like something that was going to appeal for kids specifically and I'll start there this is a wonderful show for children wonderful like if you have kids as I grew up on the older not as good animation a bit cheaper than the show this is of course Warner Brothers animation 

but I grew up with those dr. Seuss stories and green eggs and ham is one that I do believe is suited for a television show because every episode is based around one aspect of the story it's just a couple of lines I do not like them in a house I do not like them with a mouse well I do not like them in a house they base an episode around that I do not like them with a mouse they base an episode around that in every single episode is handling a different aspect of this story it's pretty brilliant if you think about it

If you execute it correctly because it could be something that they're just uh elongating because hey hey we have a really a cute thing here kids love dr. Seuss kids love characters like this they'll fall for any kind of animation let's just push this out there so anyone's going to watch it that's not what they did here this is very high quality storytelling and like I said it is perfect for kids but I think adults are going to get a lot out of this as well the characters are 

So likable the voice work is wonderful Michael Douglas suits his character perfectly its stingy bit like humbug against the entire world and then Adam Devine's character comes in a complete opposite from what Michael Douglas's character is the unlikely bond the unlikely friendship is what you're in this show for and as soon as they meet up in that diner for the very first time when of course 

He is trying to get him to try green eggs and ham as he does so many times throughout the series and every time they say the line I do not like them in a house I do not like them with a mouse just to hit on what we talked about it's wonderful and it really just it brings you the sense of nostalgia for something that wasn't a show of this quality and now it is a full length series that works super well 

I think the word here is heartfelt this show is so heartfelt it spreads a great message towards so many different characters and it's not just our two leads and of course the narrator key is wonderful as our narrator but you also have a Lana glaziers character of EB who gets her own story development at the beginning and those stories kind of intersect three or four episodes in and as soon as they meet up on that train the discussion is great the conversations like

I said are very genuine and heartfelt but the entire point of the show is all surrounding these briefcases that get switched at the beginning you have Sam Iams briefcase getting mixed up with guy iambs briefcase one briefcase has something that's not as important to everyone else it's important to 

I am and it really is um it's kind of a major plot point in this story why he feels the way that he does but the other briefcase has this creature this creature that um a lot of people are hunting down and that provides our story to get a bit more interesting when the villainous characters come along 

It's kind of this high-speed chase all throughout the entire series as they meet up with these other characters but in Episode two you realize that this big career a wild creature that everyone's after ends up being this genuinely sweet and quirky and minions ask character 

I say that because every kid show or movie has to have that one thing it's really cute it runs around it makes noise it's kind of like an animal well that's what this is and it's sweet the names the words of course you know those dr. Seuss words the crazy wacky ones that don't make a lot of sense but that's why they're wonderful that's why 

They're special because kids can use their imagination and give meaning to these made-up words they're used all throughout the series it really establishes a nice sense of lor green eggs and ham lor what am I talking about it doesn't a great job at all of these things all the integral elements that you want in a kids / adults TV show I think you're going to get and it's very genuine and like

I said the word is heartfelt I say go watch green eggs and ham as soon as you can if you have a sense of nostalgia for dr. Seuss especially if you like this cast absolutely the animation is pretty gorgeous at times I love the use of color all throughout the series that expressed emotion very well and when you get to the end 

If you don't think there's going to be emotional payoff you're wrong there's absolutely an emotional payoff I'm going 82% for green eggs and ham you would ask me this a week ago out and said wow that's not a fresh show sometimes you're surprised and a lot of that has to do with you guys.

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