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Whatever It Takes by Krista & Becca Ritchie PDF Download

Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download

Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download

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Twisted Hate by Ana Huang PDF Download 

Details of Twisted Hate by Ana Huang  Book

  • Book Name: Twisted Hate  
  • Authors: Ana Huang
  • Pages: 520
  • Genre:  Multicultural Romances, Medical Romance
  • Publish Date:  27 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Twisted love by anna huang oh my goodness several of y'all had come in my dms came into my comments telling me that i should read this book and i just have to say y'all were not nearly aggressive enough with me 

because okay i also must give you credit because you were right 110 this book was right up my alley but i cannot believe y'all did not pound it in my brain that i needed to read this so much sooner because seriously it just reminds me of so many books that i've read 

in this last year that like i love so much like it's such a specific type of book and type of writing and it's just absolutely absolutely immediately yes i just want to talk about it with you guys today i'm not going to give away any spoilers as always 

if i love a book i want you to go read it but um yes let's just get into it i already don't know what to do with my hands this should be fun so yes twisted love this story follows a girl named ava and a guy named Alex,

 Alex is ava's older brother's best friend already caught your interest i know um ava and alex have not ever really gotten along too much in all honesty it's really like a grumpy sunshine sort of situation ava is a young girl she's in college she's in a photography program and she sees the good in everyone and especially alex like wants to be friendly with him wants to get along with him has known him for many years 

because he's been friends with her brother but alex is just on a whole other level he is only like 26 but at the age of literally like 14 he developed this crazy software that he then sold for a ton of money he's literally like the ceo of some company now that has connections all over the world like 

he is almost in a way like mafia man level status but not quite exactly just level of badass super genius tony stark esque in a way complete opposites but he just doesn't have time for ava doesn't have time to give her attention doesn't have time to give much of anyone attention 

besides ava's brother Alex he really doesn't have any other friends in the world but um yes at the start of this story we learn that ava's brother josh who is Alex's best friend is in medical school and he is going to be leaving to go to central America for a year to volunteer to do medical work 

before he goes he basically pulls Alex aside and we see this because it is a dual point of view story which we love um and he pretty much asks Alex if he will just watch over ava while 

he's gone to look after she and make sure nothing crazy happens to her ava has a really great group of friends but josh just feels like she's a little bit too trusting she's not good at 

she's not very cautious she tends to just go along and see the good people also ava just recently went through a breakup and her ex-boyfriend has been a little bit crazy and has been trying to get in contact with her won't leave her alone 

so that's kind of concerning so he just wants alex to kind of be there for her in his absence and at first alex is really not about it but he's kind of started to feel this new way about ava lately it's that age-old brother's best friend trope deal where you know 

he just has always seen her as a little kid and his friend's little sister but lately you know she's seeming a little grown up and a little more like a woman and he feels this protectiveness over her 

because she is like a little sister to him but also it's like become a little bit more than that like he feels ownership of her and more ways than one even though it drives him insane 

so he ends up suggesting to josh that it's best that he's as close to her as possible so uh josh and ava actually funny enough basically live together it's not the exact same apartment but they literally are right next door to each other like share a wall 

so Alex decides that he's going to move into josh's apartment while josh is away so that he can be extra close to ava and look out for her and when ava finds this out she is 

shocked because she's like I'm a grown woman you don't need to babysit me and look after me but of course, she also can't be super mad that this super attractive man is going to be next door to her all the time 

it's a bit of a conflicting feeling all around but yes from there this entire story is just a whole bunch of tension and a whole bunch of angst we got some forced proximity 

we've got some you know relationship building bond growing there's a lot more to this story than simply just that both alex and ava have some traumatic things that have happened in their past alex 

especially he has something that happened in his past that has really shaped who he is today and still affects him today something that he still is in the process of recovering from and sort of getting his retribution for 

I won't go too far into that because I want you to just read it and figure it out for yourself but um yes he has that and then ava has some horrible things in her childhood as well 

so that's something that they kind of you know can open up to each other about over time there's just a whole lot to it I really really liked it it was so easy to read and just 

so hard to put down once I got into it it reminded me so much of the devil's night series by Penelope Douglas which i've talked about on this channel so much if you guys haven't read that you don't know 

what I'm talking about but for those of you that did read it I'm gonna go on a little rant about it for like 30 seconds Alex was literally like every devil's night series guy combined into one like my immediate reaction reading him 

he reminded me so much of damon just because of like his family situation family dynamics just kind of the way he was in general just reminded me of damon but as i got to know him more like 

i saw some michael in him with him having all of these like connections and almost even having like a level of fame like michael and the chris family have he reminded me so much of kai because just like kai 

he's also into like fighting and like goes to this dojo sort of place and just that element came into it all and the protective nature with the you know the the sibling sort of situation and a lot of situations reminded me 

so much of will will's my favorite devil's night boy but just his relationship with ava the things he says to her the little moments they have like in a lot of ways and also just kind of like the brokenness and just the darkness within will just reminded me so much like of alex 

it just i'm telling you in conclusion if you loved the devil's night series i promise you would love this book and i am so excited to continue this series the next book it's just like devil's night series in the way that each book kind of focuses on a different couple 

but it is kind of a little bit of like an overarching story and the next book sounds so freaking good and so interesting so for sure continuing on with this series i know the third book just came out as well and that one i could already tell just as i was starting 

this book i could already tell like okay these certain people are for sure gonna have their own book in this and that book is about those people and I'm so pumped for it 

but yeah basically go read this book it wasn't like a five star the greatest thing I've ever read in my entire life 

but I thoroughly enjoyed it very much was spicy it gave me some of those proper good Wattpad vibes but like classier and written a lot better we just it's the stuff we eat up i know you guys will love it 

yeah I think that is it for me today if you guys have read twisted love I would love to hear your thoughts about it down below if you've read the other books in the series don't spoil anything for me but just let me know generally 

if you love them or not which one's your favorite definitely going to be continuing probably very soon because I can't stop thinking about the next book and a lot of people have just said it's like 10 times better than the first one which means it's gonna be real good.