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War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi PDF download


War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi PDF download

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War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi PDF download 

Details About War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi pdf 

  • Name: War of Lanka
  • AuthorAmish Tripathi 
  • Pages
  • Genre: History 
  • Language: English

War of Lanka by Amish Tripathi as we know the fourth book of ramchandra series is titled as war of Lanka and I thought a war may be depicted on the cover page so like uh RAM sena and ravan sena uh fighting out with each other something depicting that particular thing 

I was also sure that Amisha will bring something extraordinary on the cover page which will be interesting and which will generate a lot of curiosity and it will definitely not be something ordinary 

so here we could see two characters main characters other two three characters are shown in the shade uh like Warriors or maybe Warriors of Lanka so those belonging to raven's Army but the main two characters who are seen in the Limelight in the action or Ram whose face is not revealed completely and Ravan whose face is revealed with a band over his right eye 

so like we should think that Ravan was blinded by one eye we were also introduced to Ravan as a businessman and also a warrior a king and a lot more he was a Trader we were also introduced to his character with many shades in the third book of Ramchandra series which was called as Ravan the enemy of aravartha 

so here we can see the Creole face of Ravan with the band on his right eye as I was telling so these two people are depicted in a wonderful way on the cover page as you would expect since 

It is a Ramchandra series and RAM will be in action against ravan in the final war to battle it out to get back Sita from the clutches of ravan from Lanka and obviously, the war scenario you would expect Ram with is a typical signature War equipment or weapon 

What we can call it as was a bow and arrow Ram we will be expecting to see him with a bond arrow in action and a similar copy paste with Ravan also 

But here going in an unconventional way Amrapali has presented them in a wonderful way with a sword fight you can see Blood Stained sword in her hand of ram while 

Ravan is also having a ferocious and a very big sword in his hand with Ben tips both and Ravan's sword has a lion head at the hold that was also very interesting the swords are really wonderful 

There is also a pretty little bit of literature on the sword of RAM and also on the shield something has been written so really these things the props in the hands of RAM and Ravan surprised me nothing surprising 

because I was expecting Amish to bring a cover page of this particular sort in unconventional and very interesting one sword fight between 120 combat between RAM and Ravan instead of the bond Arrow war or the Army being shown in the backdrops we can see the burning Lanka

The Fortress the wall of The Fortress in the backdrop and also the burning Lanka beside Ram we can see a shaded face of a very Warrior and a couple of barriers 

behind the round also you can see over here they seem to be depicting those of Lanka on the shield of ram you can see a tiger but on the shield of Soldier so you can see a lion depicted 

So on the sword handle of Rama's Sriram sword handle, you can see the emblem of Surya so these two were interesting catches like a ram and Ravan tipped against each other 

We want to in combat with the swords Ravan showing ferocious signs like being angry and we are shown a side face a little bit of Ram's face 

knotted his hair and very interesting is the hair bands which he has used one right on the top and another beaded one and one beaded armband we can see and we can also see the omelets 

so to both RAM and Ravan, both are wearing the genevas or genevaras that is the sacred thread both are having worse scarce scares on their shoulders 

On their arms and also on the abdomen bleeding pretty good ABS we can see of RAM and ravan superb fantastic presentation of the cover page I should tell and you can also see ravan having that extra sword apart from The Sword he's using 

He's also having a supplementary one to use it later and the crown of the Ravan ram doesn't have a crown because he was in the jungle so his hair has been tied in a knot as I said already two hair bands 

He's wearing one right at the top and another of the Beats just to be right and when you see Robin Ravan is wearing a crown with two horns and that is really interesting some part of jewelry

Also on the body of ravan and the costumes are also interesting both of RAM and ravan and coming a little bit to the bottom you can see their sandals they look like fresh butter some good company sandals 

I don't know where did they get from this is innovative Thinking by on the part of Mr. Patty you can see new fresh sandals or the slippers with those straps so worn by RAM and Ravan both that is damn interesting and really catchy 

So just go through the cover page in detail so we'll get plenty of details about Ram Ravan the war the one-to-one combat and an unconventional presentation of the cover page of War of Lanka 

I know the story will be definitely interesting uh uh in the pre-orders I saw that this book runs to 500 hundred pages and that will be damn big and I am really curious 

I'm really anxious I am really interested to know how a mission knowing ambitious works I'm damn sure the detailing of the war will be simply superb how the war will go on definitely 

It will be a page Turner and uh we will be immersed in the world of Amisha we will be in the battleground of Lanka watching The War of Lanka between RAM and Ravan 

Their armies and how the master will be uh released from the clutches of Ravan by Sriram and how he's going to get her back to Ayodhya 

So fingers crossed to read war of Lanka I'm going to pre-order this book for sure I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get this assigned copy from Amish Tripathi 

I love his works and definitely, and I'll definitely fall in love with the war of Lanka for the cover page of War of Lanka 10 out of 10 on my scoreboard.

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