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Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover Pdf Download


Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover Pdf Download

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Heart Bones Colleen Hoover Pdf Download 

Details of Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover book 

  • Book Name: Heart Bones 
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 19 August 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover  this book is a summer romance um it follows a girl named bea she basically has grown up her parents split up when she was very young she was the result of a one-night stand 

She's Really Never Had a Relationship With Her Father Because Her Parents Never Really Even Had a Relationship I Say Split Up 

But Like It Didn't Exist Um Her Mother Has Been a Drug Addict Her Entire Life She's Lived in a Not Very Great Situation and the Book Starts Out and Her Mother Has Passed Away She's Overdosed 

She Basically Has Nowhere to Go Nothing to Do She's Graduated From College and She Actually Has a Volleyball Scholarship to a College in Pennsylvania Coming Up but Like for the Summer She Has Nowhere to Go Nothing to Do No Money So She Calls Up Her Dad and is Like Hey 

I Know We Haven't Talked in Forever but Can I Come Stay With You for the Summer and He's Like Yeah Sure Absolutely Like He's Tried to Kind of Have a Relationship With Her but Like They Live on Opposite Sides of the Country Every Like Year 

So They'd See Each Other but They Kind of Like Lost Touch Over the Last Few Years Basically Like He Tries but You Know There's Just Not Really a Relationship There to Be Had So She Calls Him Up and He Says Like Yes You Can Come Stay With Me but 

She Doesn't Uh Let Him Know Hey by the Way Um My Mom is Kind of Dead Uh She Just Decides Not to Tell Him and He Books the Flight for Her She Ends Up Going to Texas Galveston Texas Actually Kind of Area Which is Really Cool Because I'm From Houston and Like Have Been to That Area a Million Times 

So It Was Really Fun for Me to Like See That Setting and Everything Going on There Um Colleen Hoover is Also From Texas 

So I Love the Representation There Miss Coho Basically Yeah Like Bea Goes to Houston Her Dad Picks Her Up Brings Her to Their New Beach House He is Now Newly Married and as It Turns Out He's Gotten Fairly Wealthy in the Last Few Years He Lives in This Fat Beach House Like Literally 

Right on the Beach Bea Now Has a New Stepsister and She is Super Welcoming to Baya Super Sweet She Has a Boyfriend Who is Also Staying at the Beach and They Are Friends With This Guy Sampson 

Who Lives Next Door Bae and Samson End Up Kind of Having a Weird Run in Before They Actually Are Introduced So She Already Has Met Him and Now She's Meeting Him a Second Time Samson Lives Next Door at Another Fat House He's Staying There Like Watching Over His Family's Like Several Rental Houses 

He's Super Wealthy and Baya and Samson End Up Kind of Having This Little Thing Right Bey and Samson End Up Forming This Sort of Like Connection Between the Two of Them Even Though It Got It Starts Off to a Very Rocky Start I'm Gonna Be Honest Like I Didn't Love Beia as a Character Like I Said 

She's Come From Like a Very Rough Background but She Just is Not a Very Pleasant Person She's Very Like Hardened She's Very Just Like Judgmental and Pretty Much Hates Everybody Especially Anybody That Has Like a Penny to Their Name Anybody That is Wealthy She Just Instantly Hates Them and Like 

I Can't Obviously Like I'm Sure if I Was in That Situation I Would Probably Hate Everybody Too I Get It but Like It's Not Like the Most Like Enjoyable Character to Read

I Found Myself Like Really Not Vibing With Her Very Much She Was Really Just Kind of Like Rude and Unappreciative to Her Dad Even Though He Like Flew Her Out and Like Was Just Very Rude and Judgmental to Samson Right Off the Bat and Like Even Sarah Her Stepsister Who's Being Like So Kind to Her 

She's Just Right Off the Bat Assuming That She's Like a Rich Girl and Like Has Everything Whatever She's a Mean Girl Blah Blah Blah Um and So Her and Samson Like Don't Get Off to a Great Start Like I Said Bae is Kind of Like Rude and Judgmental and Samson is Just Very Kind of Like Quiet and He's Very Just Kind of Like Private and Secretive and Like 

He Doesn't Give You Much to Work With So When Veya is Just Like Being Rude to Him and He's Like Saying Nothing Back She's Like Bro What's Wrong With You Like You Know Riff With Me a Little Bit Here and So at First Yeah They They Aren't Vibing but Then All of a Sudden They Kind of Start Vibing 

Baya is Going Off to College Again to Play Volleyball and Samson Also Has a Commitment at the End of the Summer He's Going Into the Military So They Agree to Have Like a Summer a Summer Thing Summer Fling and No Strings Attached Into the Summer We'll Say Goodbye Whatever 

You Know It's a Tale as Old as Time You Can You Can You Can Guess What Happens Uh Feelings Are Had Things Happen That Doesn't Seem Like a Great Idea Anymore but What Are They Gonna Do About It Blah Blah Blah I Don't Wanna Give Spoilers Um but as Always Like There's a Fat Colleen Hoover 

Twist That Just Stabs You in the Gut and She Just Twists the Knife and It Hurts Um I Flew Through This Book Very Quickly as Always Like Colleen Hoover She Makes Books Impossible to Put Down 

I'm Gonna Be Honest Though Like It's I Didn't Love It It Was Good It's a Little Fun I Don't Know if Fun's Actually Quite the Right Word Um It's a Good Little Quick Easy Summer Romance to Read but in the End Like It's My Least Favorite Colleen Hoover Book That I've Read I Gave It Three and a Half Stars

Just Because Like Like I Said I Didn't Love Band She Did Have Some Character Development Like the Story Was Like Interesting the Idea That Like Oh Her Mom Has Died and She's Like Not Gonna Tell Anybody 

Like Seeing Her Relationship With Her Dad Kind of Like Blossom a Little Bit and Some of Her Moments With Samson Like Were Very Cute but Like Overall I Like I Didn't Love Her and I Didn't Love Samson I Feel Like Every Other Colleen Hoover Book 

She Just Like Makes You Fall in Love With Her Characters Especially Her Like Men Like They Are Just Written in a Way That They're Just Like They're Always There's Always Something to Them They Always Have a Quirk They're Either Like Really Sarcastic or 

They're Really Just Like Smooth or I Don't Know She Just Makes You Fall in Love and They're All So Unique and They're So Different I Personally Just Like Didn't Vibe as Much or Fall in Love With Samson 

As I Have for Other Characters Like I Said He Was Really Kind of Quiet Um I Didn't Feel Like the Intense Chemistry and Connection Between Beya and Samson That I Have With Some of Her Other Characters 

I Mean Like Miles and Tate in Ugly Love Literally Knock Me Out Like Some Other Her Relationships You Can Like Feel the Love Through the Freaking Pages You're Like Yes Like I'm in This Like I I Love Them Both Didn't Really Feel That With Baya and Samson as Much but Like Like I Said It Was Still Cute 

I Also Didn't Love I Mean Like I Said the Plot Twist Did Stab Me in the Gut and It Hurt but I Didn't I Didn't Like It Like I Didn't Love It Um I Don't Know It Was Good Like I'm Not Like I'm Still Gonna Recommend This to You 

If You Like Colleen Hoover Like Totally Read This Book You'll Like It It Just Wasn't My Most Favorite I Just Didn't Feel Like It Like Slapped as Hard as Some of Her Other Books but You Know It Was Something Different Not Everyone Can Be the Same Not Everyone Can Be Just Like a Total Five-star She's Got to Switch It 

Up I Don't Know How She Continues to Just Come Up With More Stories More Characters More Plot Twists Like Her Mind 

I Will Never Understand It but Um Yeah I'm Going to Continue to Read Every Single One of Her Books and Yeah I Would Love to Hear Y'all's Thought.