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Lost Mine of Phandelver by Count Zero pdf download free


Lost Mine of Phandelver by Count Zero

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Lost Mine of Phandelver pdf free download 

Details About Lost Mine of Phandelver by Count Zero Pdf 

  • Name: Lost Mine of Phandelver
  • Author: Count Zero
  • Publish date: 04-May-2017
  • Pages: 64
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Language: English


Lost Mine of Phandelver by Count Zero so it's geared towards first level characters and the adventure runs upwards of fifth it will take you anywhere in the range of about eight to ten game sessions to complete which can be anywhere 

from the from two months to a whole year of game time depending on how often you play awesome let's dig in so Kelly what's the general overview of loss might defend over so lost mines offend elver is

a beginner campaign that starts with first level being hired as a group of heroes that are protecting a caravan as you're going on the road you find out that the person who hired you has actually been kidnapped and following certain leads through the adventure 

you discover a plot at hand about a old mysterious mind that nobody's discovered for years but it seems that there are some evil characters after the magical powers hidden inside this mine there's some really classic events that happen in this campaign it starts you off with a really simple introductory classic goblin cave to explore and interact with in 

many different ways eventually introducing you to a small town a variety of dungeon environments an encounter with a ferocious green dragon which is ready to cover the starter set and it's pretty great and straightforward adventure to run yeah it's simple for a first-time DM 

but also entertaining for everybody involved I have played through it and I've ran it a few times and it's just really fun to go from location to location and see basically everything that D&D 5th edition has to offer in a small campaign 

as a small campaign you can run it in the Forgotten Realms which is the default assumption for the campaign but because it really isn't connected to a wider world it's a very local story it's very easy to drop the lost minds of found 

Alvar into your own homebrew setting or move it into Greyhawk ever on the worlds of driving Lance or wherever you'd like to set the adventure it is very local and your characters and players will get the experience of becoming the local heroes in this campaign which is also great because 

it's level 1 to 5 when you're finish this campaign you can easily merge this into a bigger world setting or bigger campaign yeah in fact a lot of the other adventure modules that have come up for 5th edition have advice on how to kind of bridge from lost minds offend Alvar 

into the other later adventure modules how do you find running it I have had a great time running in and I've actually found I've ran it a few times and very different things happen and in every every time that I've ran it and yeah each time I read one of the sections of the 

book there's there's just so much to explore and to do there's a ruined town an old castle the creepy mind the goblin cave at the beginning is fantastic it's a great place to start yeah and because you might look at the adventure on paper and be like this is really cliche stuff and that's actually 

one of the strengths of the module because it really delivers on the stereotypical classic Dungeons & Dragons experience which actually is a strength of the module not a weakness at all it means that the players creativity gets to be front and center and it allows your players to be like 

I know this situation this is a dragon in a ruined town or this is an old dwarf in mine or this is a tribe of goblins and so they get to experience firsthand how they would act in those situations rather than really having to worry about a grand conspiracy or a great mystery although 

there is one in there right I also really like the social aspects of the that they created my players have had a lot of fun talking to the different individuals in the town getting hints and tips or little side quests from them I had a lot of fun running the town and I had a lot of fun with the 

NPCs that were involved as well it's also a really easy campaign to manage because every chapter and section of the booklet gives you everything you need to run that section a lot of the more advanced modules require a lot of cross referencing across different parts of the module which 

is not really necessary in lost mine as a fan Dalbir I found that it's quite literally the type of module that you can pick it up 30 minutes before the game session starts and just be able to read along with it and run it which is not something you can do with a lot of other adventure modules yeah 

so it's incredible first module for any DM that's looking to get started yeah and for players it is pretty easy and straightforward to manage but the first level characters can be very fragile especially in that 

early goblin cave where there are some secret threats yeah so watch out for those yeah so the campanilla module the lost mines of friend elver is an excellent place to start if you're brand new DM or a new player in Dungeons and Dragons yeah it's filled with classic archetypes that let you explore really what people love about Dungeons & Dragons for the first time and in a 

$20 starter set you really can't go wrong that said if you're a more experienced Dungeon Master and you would like to try something a little bit more in depth a little bit more complicated and certainly a lot more deadly than 

the lost mines offend over you should check out our video on the latest D&D adventure module the tomb of annihilation that's available right here and if you don't like the pre-made characters in the starter 

set and want to watch a video on how to create one yourself you can check that out right over here.

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