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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover pdf Download 

Details of Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover's book 

  • Book Name: Maybe Someday
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 363
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 18 March 2014
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover so this book tells the story of Sidney who is a 22-year-old living the dream college life she has a great boyfriend she's living with her best friend and everything is just peachy keen that is until 

She Finds Out That Her Boyfriend is Cheating on Her With Her Best Friend Slash Roommate as She Tries to Decide What Her Next Move Should Be She Finds Herself Captivated by Her Very Mysterious 

Very Attractive Neighbor Rich and the Way He Plays Guitar on His Balcony Every Evening and There Seems to Be an Undeniable but Problematic Connection Developing Between 

The Two So the Writing of This Book Was Typical Colleen Hoover Style It Was Fun-loving but Also Hard-hitting and Had the Element of Heartbreak but Also the Element of a Beautiful Romance 

I'm Going to Keep My Thoughts Pretty Vague I Just Don't Want to Spoil Anything and I Just Think This is One of Those Books That You Need to Go Into Knowing as Little 

As Possible but the Way That Conversations Happened in This Book Just Took the Story to a Whole Nother Level and the Whole Relationship to a Different Level It Was Really Really Not So You Had to Overcome So Much and It Just Gave These Stories Such a Unique Element 

If You Didn't Know This Book Actually Has a Cd That is Accompanying It So Um if You Buy the Book Then in the in the Front There's a Little One of Those Skinny Thingies I Don't Know What the Heck They're Called but Griffin Peterson I Think I Don't Know Who Wrote It 

But Griffin Peterson Sings These Songs That You Find the Lyrics Were Throughout the Book and Like Listening to the Music as Well as Reading the Book Just Brought the Story to a Completely Different Level and It Made It Such an Experience and It Was Really Amazing the Lyrics Were Beautiful 

You Could Really See the Progression of the Characters and the Relationship and the Whole Entire Story Through These Songs and I Really Liked the Fact That the Songs Kind of Worked Chronologically With How the Story Was Going This Story is Told Into a Point of View 

So You Get Ridges Point of View but You Also Get Sydney's Point of View and That Was Really Really Helpful You Got to See How Both of Them Were Feeling I'm in Regards to Each Other and Kind of on Their Own 

I Really Enjoyed That Everything Really Helps to Bring the Whole Story Together and Let You See How the Characters Were Feeling and How Their Relationship Was Progressing and It Made It a Really Believable Love Story 

So I Gave the Writing a 5 Out of 5 Stars as Far as the Characters Go Sydney the Main Character Was Probably the Only Character I Had an Issue With I Just Found Her to Be Very Annoying at Times Um I Don't Know Why 

I Just Yeah and Honestly Without the Dual Point of View I Probably Would Have Liked This Book a Lot Less Like if It Had Just Went From Her Point of View I Don't Think I Would Have Enjoyed It Nearly as Much as I Did She's Just Got Really Whiny at Times but Overall 

I Think She Was a Pretty Smart Character and She Wasn't Too Much of a Hypocrite She Was Aware of What Was Going on and Aware of Kind of the Issue With What Was Going on and She Was Trying to Fix It and Stay True to Her Word and I Don't Think She Really Meant to Do Anything Like Bad 

If That Makes Any Sense I'm Trying to Keep It Like Really Vague So It's Very Hard Bridge Was Probably My Favorite Character and Loved How Mysterious He Was and There Were a Lot of Things That I Loved About Him That 

I Can't Say Because They're Spoilery but I Just Thought He Was a Great Character He Had Such a Heartbreaking Backstory and I Just I Just Wanted to Hug Him Like I Just Loved Him 

I Loved the Fact That He Was a Musician and Just He Felt Things So Deeply and You Could Really Tell and I Really Liked That He Was Just a Very Passionate Person and I Think That It Made the Whole Dynamic and the Whole Entire Story Very Interesting as Far as the Side Characters Bridgette and Warren 

I Really Enjoyed They Were and Snarky but Warren Warren Was Really Funny They Kind of Added Comic Relief to the Story and Maggie Was One of Those Characters That Was So Likeable but I Didn't Want to Like Her 

But I Just Couldn't Help It Like I Really Liked Her and It Made Me Really Really Torn Throughout the Story So I Gave the Characters a 4.5 Out of 5 Stars 

So This Was a Very Unique Love Story for Many Reasons One the Romance Wasn't Kind of the Central Focus of It There Was So Many Other Things Going on That I'm Not Gonna Get Into Because It's Kind of Spoilery 

But the Connection Between the Two Characters Was Just So Palpable and So Like Raw and Emotional and Real and It Was All Built Around Not Sex Like It Sure There Was Like an Attraction a Sexual Attraction Whatever 

But There's Only One Sex Scene in This Book It Does Not Revolve Around Sex at All and I Thought the the Only Other Calling Hoover Book That I've Read That I Really Liked Both of Them Had I Think Slammed Had Quite a Few 

In It Ugly Love Has a Ton of Sex Scenes in It but This One Only Had the One and I Thought It Was So Cool That She Was Able to Build Such a Like Connection That I Felt Like I Could Feel It and I Felt Like It Was Real Based Off of Like Just Raw Emotion Between the Two Characters Their Relationship Had to Overcome 

So Many Adversities Because There Are So Many Barriers Blocking the Relationship From Happening and I Think That Made Their Connection All the More Honest Because Despite All of That It Was Never Gonna Be Easy for Them but They Were Still Drawn to Each Other and They Couldn't Deny That Cheating is a Big Part of This Book 

I Knew That Going Into It and That's Kind of the Reason Why I Was a Little Bit Apprehensive but I Feel Like It Was Dealt With Very Very Well Another Big Part of the Plotline Was the Music and I as I Kind of Mentioned Before I Loved That Part of It It Just Made Reading This Book Such an Experience 

It Made the Plotline Flow Very Nicely and You Could Kind of See Before the Characters Did as You're Reading These Lyrics You Could Kind of See Their Feelings Developing and I Really Liked That So Overall I Gave the Plot a 4.5 Out of 5 Stars So Like 

I Said I Would Really Recommend Listening to the Cd as You Read This Book Because It Just Takes the Story to a Whole Nother Level and Just Makes Reading It Such an Experience 

It Will It's a Story That Will Stick With You for a Very Long Time but for the Overall Book It Was Just Really Characteristic of Colleen Hoover With Kind of the Tragic Love Story That Had to Overcome a Lot and Like You're Trying to Figure Out

What is Going on With These Characters and What's Keeping Them Apart Voluntario Time and I Really Loved It but I Will Say That This Was One of Her More Fun Ones and One of the Less Risque Ones 

But It Was Really Just a Beautiful Story Built on Such a Raw Nection That I Loved I Would Recommend This Book for Fans of Other Colleen Hoover Books Fangirl and in the French Kiss Really Any Cute Contemporaries That You Like 

I Think You Would Really Enjoy This So Overall I Ended Up Giving This a 5 Out of 5 Stars So That's Going to Be All for My Review Today.