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The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene

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The 48 laws of power pdf download

Details About The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene pdf

  • Name: The 48 laws of power 
  • Author: Robert Greene
  • Published date: 1998
  • Pages: 478
  • Genre: Self-help
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The 48 laws of power by robert greene so if you're not familiar with the writer he has a whole series of this kind of design books which you've probably seen in the help self-help sections of many stores basically 

He writes a lot about strategy about history kind of including elements from history from these famous politicians of heads of state and he includes also a lot of his own strategies it's a super interesting to read 

He has a book about war he has a book he wrote together with 50 cent he has another great book which I read which is the laws of mastery also very good read very much the similar format so when it comes to this book 

It's a very very dense read so basically you you have a lot of lot of information in here and what is different laws of power and kind of specific situations which happen when you're dealing with power the matter when 

It comes to a war situation or a court a lot of the examples come from kings and queens or politicians and spies diplomats so he has arranged them into different laws that he formulated 

He has an example of the observance of the law or the reversal of the law for each one of them and these are taken from real stories from biographies he's incredibly incredibly well-read person is probably a very few of such writers that 

You can find in the self-help section that are so well read about history and about society and he has really good understanding of what he's talking about 

So my favorite laws one of my favorite one is actually with law number one never outshine the master so what he means is that all of us in one way or another depend on someone who has a higher level of power than us

This could be a boss it could be a client sometimes it could be someone that you in a way depend on and there's no thing that you're completely independent 

It's probably very very rare even the most successful and richest people in the world depend on someone for power or maybe have something to attain from someone else who has what they want so in that case the master is the figure of power 

So it could be anyone could be your boss for example and he gives this great example with galileo the famous astronomer he was struggling with his finances with his life 

He was really trying to get a job with the medici which is the famous renaissance family that was ruling florence and they were sponsoring artists and scientists and basically 

Once you get a job with the medici you are sorted you can just devote your life to whatever you want to do like painting pictures painting portraits working on your scientific materials 

You wouldn't need to worry about money or about survival which was the case in renaissance italy and what he did was he came up with this discovery he had observed jupiter the planet jupiter and it has four moons 

He was his famous telescope to observe this and what he did is he presented this to cause him mode first and to his prospective boss as he being jupiter 

As a king jupiter is the name of the king of the gods in the roman pantheon and the four moons are his four sons so he kind of presented 

It as a way that heaven even is showing that he is the one to rule florence that he's his family is written on the stars and he even commissioned 

An emblem of painting with depiction of jupiter and the four stars with explanation and although this sounds incredibly tacky and flattery and you might say like what lick ass galileo was but it worked basically 

The medici decided that he's the person for the job and hired him as a court philosopher which allowed him to focus on studying and working on his incredible inventions and his incredible discoveries and be who is he today 

So in many cases like even great men of intelligence of art depend on someone who has the power who has the money to support their life and in many cases they might offend them in some way 

Not being able to get the protection or lose the protection once they got it and they're out of the game so actually when you look at 

The history of art or the history of science even it is written by people who were the court scientists the court artists of famous which of the day and this is how it works so flattery in some cases could actually 

Help the whole world by getting the right person hired for the right position and being freeing them from the chores of making money so they can actually work on what they own their science so that's one of the examples 

So every of the example is super interesting stories you can learn so much about power and you can apply all these things to your life so you might be thinking like well I live in a modern world why do I need these power lessons like 

I live I work in a progressive company contemporary company that's not the case actually wherever you have power if you read the book you will see the exact same setup that 

You have the person in power which is kind of they're off let's say the king in the past but now it's a boss or director or whoever then you have the favorites of the court the ones that are with the likelihood to succeed most because 

They are loved by the authority and you have the ones that are struggling to get powered and the ones that are outcasts then you have the outsiders and you have let's say people who are spies or enemies who are infiltrated within 

You have these things happening all the time and basically, every organization soon becomes kind of the setup of a renaissance royal court and you will have to be careful and to understand what the power is who 

Has the power and how you can rule and you can prosper in this environment it's actually really crucial for your survival for your career and for for the good of society even if actually if you are interested in this kind of things 

He measures many times niccolò machiavelli in the book who is a major inspiration actually for the laws of power and you can have a look into this book called 

The prince by niccolò machiavelli it's really small book in comparison so niccolò machiavelli was an italian politician spy court person and he really wanted to get also a job with the medici 

So he wrote this book kind of to get get them like it was kind of his cv to the medici so he brought all the information that he knows from his experience how to run a country and how to be a boss how to be a leader in renaissance italy 

But this book has been kind of the favorite book of many many big leaders in history like it was the book that mussolini and hitler brought their dissertations on so they it impressed them immensely and then 

It was also a book followed by politicians like tony blair some really really big margaret thatcher really loved the book so it's very important read as well 

So I think these two go together very very well and of course if you like graham Greene Robert Greene you can look into his other books the laws of war the laws of mastery and the book 

He wrote with 50 cent which is about them basically the rap industry which is also a big battle and a lot of laws of power a lot of politics is involved in order for someone to become a successful rapper.