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Whatever It Takes by Krista & Becca Ritchie PDF Download

The last gift by abdulrazak gurnah pdf download


The last gift by abdulrazak gurnah pdf download

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The last gift by Abdulrazak Gurnah pdf download 

Details of The last gift by Abdul Razak gurnah Pdf 

  • Book Name: The mountain is you
  • Authors: Brianna Wiest
  • Pages: 248 
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: May 29, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The last gift by Abdul Razak gurna is the winner of the 2021 Nobel prize in literature 

So this was a book i listened to with a lot of anticipation and i listened to this one on a long road trip where the travelers were around eight to nine hours to and fro so this audiobook is nine hours long over nine hours long 

So my preferred speed of listening to an audiobook is 1.25 so that's what i selected for this one as well so the duration of this audio book came down to something around seven hours or so 

So it was perfect for me during the road trip this audiobook was my constant companion during that road trip the last gift is a story that deals with multiple themes so these themes are the immigrant experience racism 

The rootlessness that the characters face because their identities are based on flimsy foundations it's a story that deals with family secrets and also about dark memories that the characters find difficult to face 

So this is a story of four people abbas maryam jamal and hannah abbas and maryam are married to each other and jamal and hannah are their children

 So as i told you that i listened to this audiobook on a long road trip so i downloaded this audiobook on the story tell app and i listened to this in the offline mode on the storytel app which made sure that i wasn't dependent on the internet to listen to this audiobook as i could listen to it offline 

So the story begins with abbas having a stroke so he is in his 60s and he is married to maryam of course so mariam and abbas had met in exeter when she was 17 and he was 34 even though he had told her that he was 28 anyway they had fallen in love and eloped with each other so at that time abbas was a sailor and maryam had been living with her foster family 

So while listening to any audiobook on the storytelling app you can actually share it on your social media especially your instagram stories all you have to do is select the three vertical dots on the right and then share two instagram stories and that's it

Both abbas and maryam have secrets from their past that they have concealed from their children hannah and jamal whenever abbas's family asks him 

About where he came from he never gives them a direct answer he tells them that he came from east africa and eventually he does reveal the name of the country but that happens later in the story 

Also maryam doesn't even know her own parents she seems to be someone of mixed race but then again she's not sure so both hannah and jamal have flimsy foundations when it comes to their identities 

So well in case of storytell app you have the bookmark feature which you can use when you are listening to an audiobook where you find certain portions that you would like to revisit 

Storytell also gives you the option to add notes to your bookmark in my case while i was listening to this audiobook i found that i wanted to revisit the parts where the story talked about hannah's life in particular 

Both hannah and jamal are adults and they're making their way through their lives but the fact that they're not sure of their heritage and legacy 

That they don't have any defining roots causes challenges and struggles in their lives as well and they do have this feeling of rootlessness from time to time 

So jamal is a university student and hannah is a teacher and she has a boyfriend named nick who is white in my opinion 

I found jamal to be a much more sorted character as compared to hannah because she is a more complex character and honestly she is not somebody that you see in a positive light while listening to this audiobook 

But on a certain level i did kind of understand her as well i did empathize with her character in fact i was more interested in her character than any other character in this entire audiobook 

So storytell also has the sleep timer feature which you can use so what you can do is that you can either select a duration or you can choose a custom duration and the audio book stops playing after that duration is over automatically 

So the narration of this audiobook was very clear and easy to understand although i do believe that you should listen to this audiobook at a speed that is faster than the default speed like i did that will be a better experience also i was already interested in listening to this audiobook because firstly

It's the winner of the 2021 nobel prize in literature and secondly the themes that this audiobook explores are the themes that i am usually interested in and well this was my first title by abdul raza gurna and i discovered his work through storytell to be honest so that's great 

So storytell has this emoji review feature where you can review the audiobook that you finished listening to using the different emojis that are available 

So i use the sad and the thought-provoking emoji to review this particular audiobook and in addition to that you can also leave a star rating and a written review as well 

So overall i liked listening to this audiobook because this was an engaging story for me and in terms of the pace of this audiobook i won't call it a slow story 

But at the same time, there were parts here and there in the audiobook where the story slowed down a bit but that was fine they came once in a while and most of these parts were either related to jamal or some parts in abbas story as well 

But i really like listening to the parts where hannah's story was being talked about because each one of the four characters gets proper space in the story so that was something that i liked about it also the story dives deep into exploring complex human emotions 

So what i found fascinating about the story was that maryam's character goes through a difficult time in her life and yet she as a character is quite easy-going her personality is not complex at all and in comparison to her hannah didn't go through as many hardships 

Yet her character is more complex so i found that to be interesting apart from that yes i liked listening to this audiobook 

But i have to admit that i didn't particularly form a connection with any of the four characters it was like i was listening to this audiobook taking in the story and investing myself in it 

Yet i had this detachment when it came to the characters i don't know even the vibe and the narration of the stories such that there is an air of detachment in the story it's like you are just observing it from afar even though you are a keen observer 

So this story is gloomy for the most part and from time to time it definitely made me sad overall this story does have that grip on the listener right from the beginning but i definitely like the second half of the story more than the first half. 

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