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The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori PDF Download

 The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori PDF Download

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The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori PDF Download

Details of The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes book 

  • Book Name:  The Sweetest Oblivion
  • Authors: Danielle Lori
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Publish Date:  7 September 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori in the entire maid series is a mafia romance in all honesty i'm pretty sure that this is the first true mafia romance i've read i've read a lot of books 

that have mafia-esque sort of themes to it but never that were straight up mafia besides duplicity on wattpad that's a whole nother story though but this story takes place in new york 

it follows a girl named Elena Gabelli her family her father especially is very big in this whole mafia sphere I don't know a ton about the mafia i'm not super educated on it 

so I don't know I assume that this is not based on real things that's like the dumbest thing I've ever said but they're part of this group called like the cosinostra or something like that it's mentioned very often that might be real 

i don't know but her family is very involved there are a couple of like key players it seems in this whole world and her dad is a very big one so the book starts out straight up introducing a theme that is very common amongst the mafia romance genre which is arranged marriage Elena's sister has been promised to this man Nicholas Russo he goes by Nico 

he is like the youngest dawn in new york he's 29 and he is notorious he goes by ace it's a nickname he got from a very interesting way that he dealt with someone in the past and he is just notorious for being like nobody messes with him 

he is top dog he's terrifying but of course he's also stunningly attractive right elena even though she is the oldest daughter and should technically be the one that was promised to nico for this whole business arrangement between the two families for reasons 

we don't find out until later in the book um elena has been proclaimed by her father to be not fit for marriage something happened something scandalous in the community and she had kind of has a reputation of her own 

she is known as the sweet belly that's what everybody calls her because she's very sweet and she wears pink and she comes off as very like daddy's girl like does everything right but she did something very out of character like six months 

before the story takes place and it kind of rocked the world and everything but yeah basically elena couldn't be promised for marriage so now her sister is being promised to nikko elena and nico do not get off 

on the best foot she knows of his reputation she knows that he's a womanizer she knows that he's done horrible things and she really has no interest in getting to know him 

she pretty much right off the bat just glares at him disrespects him very scandalous things to do in this community you don't do that the women are all very they listen to the men they are subservient and she's testing the waters by not basically praising him 

it's very much like an enemies situation they rub each other the wrong way they bicker right off the bat lots of banter lots of tension lots of angst 

elena's sister is not at all thrilled about having to marry Nico she actually has a boyfriend of her own but this is how things go in the mafia um marriages are business transactions and she has to keep up her end of the deal for her family that's what happens 

so essentially we have found ourselves in quite the predicament here Elena can't stand Nico he also can't stand her because like who does she think she is acting this way around me talking to me this way 

but of course they also can't get each other out of their heads because they test each other they're different you know they're mysterious and you know he's obviously promised to her sister 

it's just a very like slow burn tense spicy moment i really can't say too much else about this book without giving away spoilers because in all honesty there's not like much of a plot to this book 

I'm not saying that to like throw shade I don't mind if a story is more character-driven than it is plot-driven i did like this story I mean there were some moments where I was like on the edge of my seat some things were very tense 

but really the whole story is just kind of like a bunch of interactions a bunch of nice and Elena running into each other going to a family dinner together going to a family lunch together going to church whatever just like 

they are constantly running into each other and it's just a bunch of like tense angsty interactions for like a majority of the book and I just feel like with this being my first true mafia romance

I think i just expected a like i think there was so much more potential for the mafia aspect of it like i think a lot more could have been done with that and i'm thinking that maybe that will happen more later in the series 

but something happens very early on in this book like the first chapter or two that I was thinking was like setting the tone for the rest of the book and when it happened 

I was like okay I'm buckling up i'm ready to go this is going to be a wild ride and then that was like by far the craziest thing that happened the whole book i also feel like the slow burn the tension was very good 

but i think when it came to the actual spice and things happening i have to say i was like a little bit let down and maybe it was just because the slow burn was so drawn out and so tense 

but the spice just like didn't quite do it for me in the way that other books have and the last kind of like complaint i have to mention about this book it's kind of a two-parter first of all elena's internal monologue this book does give dual perspective we do see nico his side of things in it 

but a majority of the book is elena i'd say like 80 is her perspective homegirl had like one of the most exhausting internal monologues to read that i've ever read 

starting out it was it was very good but i just found it to be very repetitive and she just there was too much of it like literally she'd be having a conversation with nico and let me try to like improv here be like hi my eyes flick to his heat rushes my cheeks 

i feel something twist in my stomach and i don't know why i feel this way hello nico what are you doing oh my cheeks redden and my stomach turns and fluttering hits me and

i don't like it that was absurd and not at all what it's like but it just there was too much like descriptive oh this is tense oh i'm attracted to you oh like why do i feel this way like 

i think that there was just i and i love that stuff i love when that stuff is in books i just think it was like a little too repetitive and a little too much and it just it didn't need to be in between like every line that was exchanged like

i just found myself kind of like halfway through the book i was skimming a lot because she just thinks a lot and nico didn't really do that so i don't know why elena's internal monologue was just so long and drawn out when it when it wasn't needed um also just in general the writing and grammar of this book 

is not fantastic um there are a lot it took me a minute to get used to once i got used to it it was fine but there's a lot of like run-on sentences comma usage 

we don't know her um i don't want to be like snobby about that and i love to give like indie authors the benefit of the doubt i totally know like mistakes happen no t no shade 

it's just it's something you gotta point out you know when you're reviewing books if the grammar is not there it's it's kind of you know it takes it down a little bit of a notch all of this being said this was a four-star read for me 

it wasn't like the greatest book i've ever read but it certainly entertained me it was a very easy book to read in the sense that you just like it kept you on your toes you wanted to know what happened you were sucked in it was very tense nico was moi but 

i just think the plot was a little bit lacking i think there could have been more there were some cute moments and like in the end i was kind of like oh you know you know 

how it is you know how you're like when you're like three-quarters of the way through and you're like i don't know i'm a little disappointed but then some stuff happens at the end and things wrap up and you're like oh my god okay i really like this book 

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