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Normal People by Sally Rooney Pdf Download


Normal People by Sally Rooney

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Normal People by Sally Rooney Pdf Download

Details about Normal People by Sally Rooney PDF  

  • Book Name: Normal People 
  • Authors: Sally Rooney
  • Pages: 266
  • Genre: Novel, Fiction, Romance novel, Bildungsroman
  • Publish Date: 28 August 2018
  • Language: English


Normal People by Sally Rooney i have things to say and you know i'm only 16 pages in but i think initial thoughts are quite important for vlogs i need to address the elephant in the room and it's the fact that this book has no quotation marks 

so because there are no quotation marks every time that connell the main character and marianne the other main character have a conversation it sounds like this hey marianne did you did you get your marks back on your english exam no no i didn't get my marks back and at some points there aren't even like he says or she says or marianne says or connell 

says and there was a moment in time unlike page four i texted mel and i'm like i'm having the best time guessing who the heck is talking right now i mean yes you can just you can decipher who's speaking but i shouldn't have to figure it out that's like a little bit frustrating it's making the experience of reading between the two characters not a good time 

i mean granted they're not talking about anything important anyway but i do feel as though this is giving me middle school language arts writing class where you aren't really sure of how to construct dialogue and conversation amongst characters yet because you're learning how to write for the first time like an in-depth story 

so that's a little disappointing considering this book has had such high praise on booktube so what i've gotten so far from this story we have connell and marianne connell's popular i don't see it yet but sure then you have marianne who is a loner but i am a little bit concerned with the way she was described in the very beginning of the book 

i don't know how to take how it's written by the way if you haven't realized this already it's going to be a very spoiler reading vlog like i can't even hold in any of this so i'm going to let it all out it's the way that colin describes mary ann that just rubbed me kind of a weird way it felt very strange because 

she talks about her and he says that everyone at school hates her because she's weird that her father died that they think that she has a mental illness but they're not sure and it's just the way that it's spoken of so nonchalantly that kind of bothers me because everything that was said is serious i don't i don't find the way that it was written to be taken seriously 

so i'm a little bit bothered by that because i'm not sure what the purpose of it was but there was no explanation after that like maybe why she acts the way she does and maybe that'll come later in the story i could be just prematurely speaking on this but it was a weird feeling that i got when

i read that um and then just the way that this story is so choppy so far because we start off with the scene and opening scene of them at um marion's house lorraine which is carmel's mom is a cleaner she cleans for marianne's family um and so we see connell and marianne in this house together and they don't really have much interaction

it's very minimal and we move from that scene to a scene of marianne going to a soccer game where she sees connell i guess at this point i was three weeks later something's happened in these past three weeks for them to become a little bit more friendly so they keep referencing 

this conversation that happened in the kitchen at marianne's house so this point in the kitchen marianne tells connell that she likes him as more than a friend and he was like oh i don't know how to feel about that but you know i'm unsure of my feelings for you here's 

what's the word i'm looking for this book is making me forget words here's the dilemma and why i'm confused this conversation is the turning point for them being acquaintances to them being people 

who are like okay with kissing each other so a lot happened in three weeks since conversation i guess is what kind of jump started that whole thing but we don't ever get the conversation like we're told that it happens we're never told what is said as a reader we are not privy to this conversation 

which i feel like we should be in order to at least understand where this newfound relationship is coming from i'm going back to reading let's hope my goal is to finish tonight like i'm on page 16 yes but it looks like a pretty fast read so i'm going to go back to reading fingers crossed 

it gets better i can't let me sit up because this is getting serious now okay i'm so confused so i'm literally on page 22. i just spoke to y'all like five minutes ago we mind you when the book first opens up it's like what month is it it's january by page nine we're three weeks into like the book 

so now it's february i'm on page 22 y'all and it's already been a month that's passed by since this part of the book what the freak happened from page 1 to page 22 literally nothing we actually do get to witness a scene where they kiss for the first time but out of nowhere we jump to 

a month ahead and they've already had sex i don't even know how they're friends i'm not understanding the connection here like what i'm what it's feeling like is totally fraught like it feels fraudulent it feels very fake nothing about this relationship or friendship if you even want to 

call it that that's even a stretch in my opinion like i don't think that they're friends because to be quite frank with you connell treats her like dirt he can kids are outside of school but but like he won't speak to her in school yeah it's just it's it's pretty bad like the book is is not good there's just 

no depth i don't understand this book so i'm on page 46 right not this girl saying her life began the minute connell told her he loved her in my mind they're still strangers i just don't know what to do with this story and then i'm also realizing too just like the underlying tones that

i'm seeing in this book like every female up into page 46. connell finally does tell marianne like that he thinks she's beautiful right but before that he would explain how people at school thought she was ugly but not only that he talked about how people went up to this particular college that 

he would meet girls sleep with them and pretty much that they'd be weird looking and end up being bisexual it's like it was a really weird line in that same conversation with marianne he says to her like if we go to the same school you probably ignore me like you wouldn't 

if you would act like you don't know who i am and then i'm like hold on a second so she can't pretend like she doesn't know who you are but you can go all throughout your last year of high school pretending like you don't know who she is you're embarrassed by her and this is 

my thing this is my issue with this book it's like i'm sure there are some underlying insecurities going on with connell but my issue again is that this book is so filled with a lot of kind of just disturbing moments towards females and it's uncomfortable to read i just i don't know 

i don't know what to do the bottom line is i'm struggling connecting with the story i do feel like it's a bit deceiving based on what i'm reading um because it talks about like they suck up a conversation that's awkward but electrifying i felt no current i felt no shock i've seen no electricity 

in this book good morning let me just hold on because you know i can't see okay so much better good morning um it's tuesday and i'm so tired but i'm about to get up and brush my teeth like i just woke up like 30 minutes ago i did just like kind of scroll aimlessly on social media for a bit check my email did all the things but i'm about to get up brush my teeth pick up normal people so i can really honestly just get done with it like i'm i'm just ready

 to finish it at this point i'm really just finishing it for the sake of this video okay i'm gonna go and uh brush my teeth now so i will see y'all in like literally a few seconds okay bye [Music] we're still here we're still reading we're still not thriving i'm on page 87. this morning i said i'm gonna get up and i'm gonna brush my teeth and i'm gonna go ahead and get 

this book over with and it's a way that i haven't gotten this book over with yet when i tell you ain't no personality in this book zero personality and marianne and connell the mom she has some she has some personality i guess i mean she doesn't like her son rightfully so i agree i also don't like her son he is so degrading of women the thoughts toward women are just not good let's talk about marianne for a second because like i'm equally as

for her as i am just mad between her thinking that connell is so sweet and so kind like the bar said very low for everyone in this book marianne's mother is like not even there i don't she's not even there like she her name's brought up but she never never any interaction except for when her trash of a brother does something rude to mary 

it was like don't tell mom this little boy taunts her and makes fun of her from having friends calls her ugly just treats her like trash and thinks that it's comical nothing is funny about that her father also beat her mother and her mom just feels like aggression like menstrual aggression is just how they express themselves towards women 

it's an unfortunate situation sally rooney is not doing a good job of explaining these subjects and touching on them in a way that has both depth and in a way that's appropriate i'm going to read it now and um okay i'm on page 108 of normal people uh and if you ask me if it's good i'm going to tell you 

i don't know it's on my third day out here but no seriously this is my third day trying to figure out how i'm gonna finish this book i mean although i'm getting like the halfway point i'm gonna really just dedicate myself to reading this straight through from this point forward i need to come on here though really fast and talk just about connell and marianne because now 

i have a bit more dare i say information don't want to say detail because that's too strong of a word i just wrote a scene where connell's talking about how he low-key wants to hit marianne he feels disgusted that he felt that that he had that thought he's like where did that come from i don't even know and she would let him do it based on the kind of personality that she has and all that kind of stuff so as of right now i do not understand the point in this story 

i do not understand the point of any of these words on paper so we're going through years of their lives them having an on-again off-again relationship situation i wouldn't even call this a relationship it's just a bunch of weird events nothing really being strung together appropriately 

in like this linear timeline it's all just kind of up and down i i think that we're being robbed of the opportunity to really get to know these characters connolly marion there's so much going on with them there's so much going on and it's unfortunate that the creator of these characters just decided 

not to go in depth about who they are i don't understand anyone's motivation in this book i don't understand why she's so connected to connor like what about connor is so great that you feel like 

he's the only person in the world that you could love that could love you um what about marianne is so enticing to connor that makes him want to just treat her badly but then also think in your mind somehow that you're treating her great all right i'm gonna dedicate the next three hours to reading this book straight through let's see if i can do it we're gonna start right now child accepted 

so i've officially reached like pretty much the halfway point and it's just so interesting to me like the emotional connection that people have with this story i'm here to give you the truth about this story 

i'm here to tell you the cold hard facts about marianne about connell about lorraine they're not developed well and it's the fact that you know throughout this book so far there's a disconnect with the writing so what we get is a bunch of rash decision making on their parts without anybody telling us why they're making the toys they're making with this being 

kind of like a romance and an epic love story between two people who have just always found their way back to each other you know off and on for years it's interesting to me that within these years we never get a foundation for them what i do understand is that there's no reason 

these two should be together and i guess my thing too is just like sally bernie has reduced this relationship down to sex miscommunication and unfortunate events really i feel like this is the most monotone book i've ever read in my entire life i have read one of the greatest love stories i've ever read in my life just a few months ago 

it's very similar to this story people we meet on vacation follows two friends we're following their off again on again kind of relationship sort of like more like feelings and we get to see why in the beginning they were so close this book we don't get that and so that's a great comparison because that book did it amazing emily henry chef's kiss it's trying to accomplish what people we meet on vacation accomplished

mel tell the people oh there's bugs listen listen these flies sat on me no it did it sat right here on mel why like stop it and i have my little i have my little zapper here exactly but they're so fast i can't even get them okay but i have an idea how about we stab connell and barry in a way you know what i like that idea let me make this fast cause 

i don't know if you can tell but i'm perspiring quite a bit i came outside because i was like you know what i'm gonna read some more outside i was reading a line to mel and i was telling her how this writing is just that's like the biggest problem they have a lot that they've dealt with in their life 

i know this because sally told us and yet we never actually discovered what's what happened so i think for me it's just the bottom line nothing is is really being explained and everything that does happen that is converse between both marion and connell is so surface level i think that's why 

i can't grasp and hold on to their relationship and their romance and their so-called love because to me doesn't exist flies to me it doesn't exist because how did y'all form this love that you you so-called have that is so strong you keep coming back to it every couple of months 

so i'm just confused as to what connection they really have outside of a physical connection even like their sex life just sounds very dull i feel nothing so it's just disappointing and i'm honestly at this point i'm skimming through i would totally just read all the dialogue but i don't know where it starts and where 

it ends because there's no quotation marks so i can't even really do that now i'm just guessing i'm on page 171 so i've got about 100 pages left and i'm just going to fly through them and just speed read because i don't really care anymore about them about the story okay here we go mel oh five minutes later wow okay okay i'm skipping on this part don't care oh 

i'm nervous that was about to happen to connell and allen allen's crying that's the end wait what i'm confused wait that's the end no i'm on the inver i was asking that too uh the part where he gets into the mfa program okay well okay so as you all just saw i just finished the book it's done i finished it but i'm gonna give it one star i genuinely i don't know what else to say to y'all like 

i've been struggling so you know this book just didn't have anything to give to me as a reader because you all know me i can find the smallest thing to kind of like discuss and to investigate but with this book i just couldn't investigate anything because sally gave me nothing to investigate 

we just went through this stream of consciousness basically these different events and their lives and happenings with no real explanation and never diving deeper into these characters characters are written in a way that just gave us nothing so in a nutshell i'm actually very happy that i can move on to something else.

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