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The Billionaire's Baby by Nadia Lee Pdf Download


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The Billionaire's Baby by Nadia Lee Pdf Download

Details of The Billionaire's Baby by Nadia Lee Book

  • Book Name: The Billionaire's Baby
  • Authors: Nadia Lee
  • Pages: 225
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: Dec 26, 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The Billionaire's Baby by Nadia Lee we meet Sierra fully love and she's getting her yearly and she says that she's gone like three weeks she thinks without having a cycle but the doctor is like are you sure and she says well maybe it's been like six weeks 

I don't know I'm a regular so the doctor says you know what let me order a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side and she's like for what you're the one that told me 

I couldn't get pregnant and she said no I didn't tell you that I told you you were partially blocked which means that it would be more difficult for you to get pregnant but not that it was impossible so she apparently was married to a guy named Todd and that was a part of the reason as to why they are now divorced because she couldn't have children 

so I guess that was a problem for him so long and behold we do the pregnancy test and they do a vaginal ultrasound and old girl is pregnant but not just pregnant with one she's having triplets and she is 10 weeks and three days we then go back 10 weeks and three days so we can see how this whole thing started 

So Sierra's divorced she's divorced from Todd Todd is a English professor at Wollstonecraft College which I think it's in lovedale California is where this is all happening and Sierra is the CEO of an adult company called silicone dreams 

so she inherited the company from her grandmother and so she's CEO of that company um Todd is embarrassed of it but he sure liked the money

So he's at her job he's at her company and he's trying to force her to talk to him keep in mind they're already divorced it's not like they're going through the divorce the divorce has already happened he's at her job screaming saying that you know I'm not going to let you go all this type of stuff and he's afraid more 

So that because she has ties with that college her grandmother used to donate a lot of money to that to that college he feels like because she has like that pool she's gonna ruin his career at that college well 

She has no intention of doing that but I think more so it's he wants that lifestyle he had back because he didn't get anything in the divorce she had a prenup he didn't get anything and I think he wanted to get like 10 million dollars from her but he didn't get it 

So I think it's more so yeah I'm trying to keep my job but also I'm trying to get back to where the money was I never understand why people if you need the money so bad if the money means so much to you why is it 

So hard for you to treat the person right I just don't understand it like it makes no sense to me not that I feel like you should use people um you know no but I'm just saying if that's what you really want why would you be mean to that person that just doesn't make any sense to me 

So she has two pet hamsters one name's bullet the other's G-spot um he of course hates him she loves her hamsters they're her pets so she's bringing them to work with her she has a red Ferrari um and one of her friends is going to watch them wow I think Heather her assistant is going to watch him while she's out of town so she's going to New Orleans for an event 

So then we meet Griffin Lasker yes it goes back and forth between the different point of views and you know I love that so we meet Griffin Lasker he's really smart he's a college professor as well um he's got all kind of different Awards he's and uh what is he teaches economy he's an economist 

So he's really great with numbers so he apparently has tenure at this University and I think he's like 30 4-ish so he's doing pretty good so he's working on this research and he's being pulled away because his mother she's a former supermodel and his dad is a famous Hollywood producer whose name is Tad Lasker his mother's name is Rachel Griffin 

So his mother wants him to take her to a masquerade ball because her date basically stood her up they they're in this fight and she dates really she likes to date dudes like 20 years younger than her so she needs a date to this masquerade ball in New Orleans and she wants him to come and he kind of has to do it because if he doesn't she'll spaz out she's very dramatic um and he just doesn't want to deal with it 

So he's like fine I'll just go um he has some brothers as well because the dad had got a vasectomy but it didn't take and so over the course of like four months he got like seven women pregnant so he has a bunch of Brothers 

They're all close but they all don't have the greatest relationship with the father because the father's pretty much trash and I'm not saying his mother is the best either because she's very vain she's very concerned about staying youthful and everything has to be about her 

If you're having a conversation she's going to turn in and make it about her so he goes to the party with his mother it's a masquerade party so you know they have these masks on it's an incredible Mansion his mother only likes to go to exclusive events 

So a guy comes up that she's been wanting to see he's younger and they of course start talking hitting it off and he's like great I can you know get away from her now because now she's found a new person 

So we do find out a little bit about Griffin his last girlfriend uh only wanted to be close to him because of who his dad was and he just kind of tries not to do the whole relationship thing just because 

It's normally someone trying to get close to him to meet his dad or his mom that's sad that sucks but that's how people are so he gets a text message from his dad saying that for his birthday this year he wants grandkids and he's like 

I don't know what you know he's I don't know why they're sending it to me because he hasn't been doing anything with anyone for a while so of course Sierra's at this masquerade party um but she's there because she's promoting a product it's like a chocolate Lube it tastes like actual chocolate that they have a display set up there 

So she gets invited to like all these high-end you know exclusive shindigs all the time and so she's had a couple martinis Ella Ellie is her um she works at the company but she's also like her best friend she was supposed to come with her as well but she's stuck in St Louis an issue with the airline so her display wasn't quite right she had to fix it she took pictures.