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Inner engineering book summary PDF Download

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The white tiger by Aravind Adiga book review | PDF Download

  The white tiger by Aravind Adiga book review Details of  The white tiger Book Book Name:   The white tiger Authors:    Aravind Adiga Pages:   318 Publish Date:  2008 Language:  English Genre :  Picaresque novel Summary : The white tiger by Aravind Adiga,  the white tiger is the story of Balram Halwai a man who has managed to climb the social ladder in India and went from being a chauffeur to a very successful businessman in Bangalore The novel is written in the first person and in the form of a letter addressed to a visiting Chinese official named premier wen Jiabao who wants to visit the city of Bangalore and know the truth behind the city which is a hotbed of startups  Now Balram is someone who has experienced and seen all kinds of harsh realities in his lifetime he belongs to a poor family in the village of lakshmangar  where his life along with many others is dictated by four cruel landlords  In school, he was labelled the white tiger because his intelligence and his street smart

Think again by adam grant book review Pdf Download

  Think again by Adam Grant book review  Pdf Download  Details of  Think again Book: The power of knowing what you don't know Book Name:  Think again: The power of knowing what you don't know Authors:       Adam Grant  Pages:   320 Publish Date: 02/02/2021 Language:  English Genre : Self-Help Book Book Review: Think Again by Adam Grant, it is very well written, it flows smoothly from part one which is individual rethinking to part two interpersonal rethinking to part three collective rethinking.  In the book, adam writes "when I write a book I like to enlist my own challenge network I recruit a group of people who are my most thoughtful critics and that I ask them to tear each chapter apart". it is evident that adam did that with this book.  the acknowledgement section shows that many people were consulted to improve the book. this book is a labour of love for sure. this book is for anyone who wants to rethink on an individual level or at a collective level or help ot

A radical awakening book review | PDF Download

A radical awakening book review Details of  A radical awakening book Book Name:  A radical awakening Authors:    Dr. Shefali Tsabary Pages:   268 Publish Date:  18/05/2021 Language:  English Genre : Self-Help Book Book review  A Radical Awakening by Dr Shefali,  First off, who is this book for? It is for women who are beginning to feel a sense of discontent or disagreement with the ways of the patriarchy, the ways of society and culture and their expectations of women.  My guess is that such women will be in their 30s or 40s but they could be older too. I myself can identify strongly with such feelings of discontent towards what our culture and traditions do to young girls and women especially the Indian culture that I come from, which is heavily patriarchal. For many of us, we have been so conditioned by our parents, our society and our culture that we lose our true selves. this book will help you awaken that true self.  It will help you gain alignment between your inner self and your

Set boundaries find peace book Review Pdf download

  Set boundaries find peace book Review Details of  Set boundaries find peace Book Name:  Set boundaries find peace Authors:    Nedra Glover Pages:   304 Publish Date: 16/03/2021 Language:  English Genre : Self-Help Book Summary: I'm going to share my top takeaways from the book Set Boundaries Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab. First of all, what are boundaries? Boundaries are expectations and needs that help you feel safe and comfortable in your relationships and help you stay mentally and emotionally well.  They are a safeguard to overextending yourself. they are a self-care practice. they define roles in relationships. they communicate acceptable and unacceptable behaviours in relationships.  They are parameters for knowing what to expect in relationships. they are a way to communicate your needs to others. they are a way to create healthy relationships t hey are a way to create clarity.  Next, what are some signs that you need boundaries?  you feel overwhelmed. you feel resentf

Stories that stick kindra hall book review | PDF Download

Stories that stick kindra hall book review Details of  Stories that stick  Book Name:  Sories that stick Authors:    Kindra hall  Pages:   219 Publish Date: 24/09/2019 Language:  English Genre : Self-Help Book Summary: I am 100% convinced about the power of story. Storytelling is a skill that I want to learn. That's why I picked up this book called Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall.  Although I have read two other books on storytelling - Storyworthy and Long Story Short - this book is different because it focuses on storytelling from a business point of view.  This book will help you to use storytelling to captivate your customers, get a competitive advantage in your sales and marketing efforts, and also to influence your audience, whether they are your employees or potential donors or a potential employer and you are in a job interview. In the business world, most people are inundated with sales pitches, facts and figures, lists and graphs. so when someone starts their presentatio

The sixteenth night by aswin p chandran book review

The sixteenth night by Aswin P Chandran book review  Details of  The sixteenth-night book Book Name:  The sixteenth night  Authors:   Ashwin p Chandran Pages:   44 Publish Date: 26/06/2021 Language:   English Summary The sixteenth night by Ashwin p Chandran is a semi-fiction novel based on the Mahabharata this is a super quick read because it has only 44 pages and it is available as an e-book  So the 16th night consists of 16 conversations that take place on the 16th night of the Kurukshetra war and the concept of this book is that the 17th day of the Kurukshetra war was going to be extremely important because there was going to be a battle between Karn and Arjun and whoever would win would end up deciding who had the upper hand in the war whether the Kaurava or the Pandava. So the 16th night was extremely heavy with anticipation and apprehension as to what might happen on the 17th day  So this book has tried to represent different mindsets and emotions that everybody concerned is g