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I Came Upon A Lighthouse Pdf Download


I came upon a lighthouse pdf download

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I came upon a lighthouse pdf download

Details of I came upon a lighthouse 

  • Book Name: I came upon a lighthouse 
  • Authors: Shantanu Naidu 
  • Pages:232
  • Publish Date: 11-01-2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Memoir, Autobiography 

Book review:-  

I came upon a lighthouse a short memoir of life with rattan tata by Shantanu Naidu, 

The tagline a short memo of life with ratan tata introduced me and I picked this audiobook as my next read the book is an honest account of an unlikely friendship between a millennial and a renowned industrialist.

It all started when Shantanu founded a startup metopes to prevent stray dogs from getting run over by speeding cars 

He rises to Mr ratan tata knowing that he is also an animal lover to his surprise he gets a response from Mr tata's office 

Shantanu's innovative startup got Mr tata's attention and he became the primary investor in the venture 

This sparks an uncommon bond between the two a simple letter written by the author leads to a remarkable lifelong friendship 

Through Shantanu's warm narration we see how Mr ratan tata became a mentor and a guide to Shantanu 

We follow Shantanu's journey as he moves abroad for higher studies returns back to Mumbai and starts working for Mr tata's office

Throughout his journey, the bond between Mr ratan tata and Shantanu grew and evolved stronger and deeper 

In this short memoir, the author has written about how his life changed when as a college student he met Mr ratan tata 

The book portrays the unlikely friendship between the author and the legend this is simple light and definitely a very interesting book 

Even though I have read a lot of amazing things about Mr ratan tata but this book showed me a completely different side of the legend 

How he has sustained a huge business empire and further built it is an inspirational tale in itself and most the people know about it 

But I never knew that Mr ratan tata is an ardent animal lover too this book uncovers various other attributes of Mr ratan tata which will make you respect this great man all the more 

This book is so inspiring and heartwarming it is full of happiness and delightful surprises 

At the same time, we get to learn the values of kindness compassion discipline simplicity and humility from the inspiring life of Mr Rathan Tata

The author Shantanu Naidu is a really fortunate fifth-generation tata employee he got really lucky when he got the opportunity to work with Mr Ratan tata directly as his personal assistant 

He gives us an inside view of Mr Tata's approach to running a business while keeping his values intact 

The words like trust values and social responsibility are often associated with the Tatas 

Shantanu tries his best to explain why this is so and how it trickles down from the top management itself 

I am also truly inspired by the wonderful initiative moto pause developed by the author which prevents the stray dogs from being run over during the nights 

During the lockdown the author took to the streets to feed these trees being an avid dog lover myself I found the author's concern and compassion for the animals truly inspiring 

The book is very real and honest it is filled with a roller coaster of emotions and experiences offer something, college student, with a lighthouse guiding him along the way 

In this beautiful memoir, the author Shantanu Naidu recounts his tales of friendship love success failures career business school life new ventures and mentorship 

Shantanu's experiences range from lessons and management to simple joys in life to navigating personal and professional life 

Being in tune with our true self not only brings us satisfaction and contentment but also helps us in discovering our true potential and this helps us in making our small deeds count as our gifts to the world 

This is evident from Shantanu's life he could easily have taken up a lucrative job abroad but he decides to follow his heart he comes back to India and takes up the work that matters to him the most

The title of the book is quite apt the language is simple and easy to follow 

I like how the author has meticulously arranged everything in the book the chapters are thoughtfully named and are very crisp 

Every page excludes a warm feeling that will definitely uplift your mood I listen to the audiobook which is very well narrated 

There are many books that readers pick up with high expectations only to be disappointed 

But I am happy to say that this book was absolutely unputdownable for me overall a very inspiring book and I would recommend it to everyone 

So this was my review of I came upon a lighthouse by Shantanu Naidu have you read this book if yes then do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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