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Whatever It Takes by Krista & Becca Ritchie PDF Download

Cracking the coding interview pdf

  Click here to download the pdf  Also read:  SL Arora Physics Class 12 Pdf, 11 Pdf Download Cracking the coding interview pdf Book Summary: Cracking the Coding Interview is a great book for interview preparation. It has a detailed explanation of all the questions. But this is not a book for beginners. This is for those who want to brush up on their data structure and algorithmic skills for upcoming technical interviews. As a beginner, you will find Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS more fascinating and useful. It starts from scratch. You will learn about the complexity of time and space as well as the need for complex data structures.  You will see the math behind each data structure and algorithm. You will read about the use cases for each data structure. You will learn data structures and algorithms sequentially as opposed to Cracking the Coding Interview. Cracking the Coding Interview (Fifth Edition) is entirely in Java, with the addition of a chapter on C++. Java was chosen

PMBOK 7th Edition PDF free Download

  Click here to download the pdf Also read:  SL Arora Physics Class 12 Pdf, 11 Pdf Download PMBOK 7th Edition PDF free Download  PMBOK 7th Edition guide 7th edition in this video i am sharing my opinion related to this bimbo guide 7th edition to start with i want to share 3 things  which at a summary level got my attention the first thing is the seventh edition has moved from process paid standard to a principle-based standards  so it's like this many of the frameworks you might have studied start talking about what is the fundamental principle that guides  that framework whereas our ex  The old pinball guide says sixth edition and before starts from talking about knowledge areas and processes and ultimately tells us this is a process this takes some input it generates some outputs  It gets to the doing very fast and it's it's more about that this is how we get things done  Now it sometime also looks very prescriptive people interpret it that these thing has to be don

Gaurav Jain Economics Book Pdf

  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF  Also read:  SL Arora Physics Class 12 Pdf, 11 Pdf Download Gaurav Jain Economics Book Pdf Details of  Economics On Your Tips- Macroeconomics  Book Name:   Economics On Your Tips- Macroeconomics Authors:   Gaurav Jain Pages:  120 Genre:   Economic's study Publish Date:   1 January 2019 Language:  English Book Summary  The book is compact so is the content. It is very limited and basic. It does not even cover the first chapter of the introduction to Macroeconomics. The binding of the book is of very poor quality. Even this concise book is not enough for last-minute revision. This is for those PPLs who need to score passing marks in Macroeconomics. And 350 is not a price you should go for....waste of money.  1. The paper quality is really bad 2. The binding is the worst (the book started peeling off as soon as I opened the package) {see pictures} 3. Chapter 1 Introduction is missing. 4. Most of the diagrams are not depicted properly. {see in pic

Deep Work PDF Book by Cal Newport pdf download

Click here to download the pdf  Deep Work PDF Book by Cal Newport pdf download Details of  Deep work  Book Name:  Deep work  Authors:   Cal Newport Pages:  300 Publish Date:   5 January 2016 Language:  English Genre : self-Help Book Summary: Deep work proposes that we have lost our ability to focus deeply and immerse ourselves in a complex task showing you how to cultivate this skill again and focus more than ever before with four simple rules. I'm still digesting all the valuable lessons from so good they can't ignore you but I couldn't help taking a peek at what cows up to now. He's been talking about the idea of deep work for quite some time on his blog as a way for him to test potential book topics. Given that we now suffer from an 8 second less than goldfish attention span cal's call to focus is more than appropriate. Digging deeper into deliberate practice a concept he described in his last book deep work suggests that being able to completely immerse yo

IKIGAI book pdf download

  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF IKIGAI book pdf download Details of  IKIGAI book Book Name:  IKIGAI Authors:   Francesc Miralles , Hector Garcia Pages:  208 Genre:   Self-help book Publish Date:  2016 Language:   English IKIGAI by Francesc Miralles , Hector Garcia ,  I just finished reading this book I just love this book so much that I just couldn't wait to talk about it. Most often when this book is talked about it is marketed as it is a book that talks about passion or it helps you live a purposeful life, of course, It has that in this but it is way more than that because this book talks about so many topics so many aspects mostly related to health and living a long life and purposeful life. I also learned so many things like I learned about Japanese culture, Chinese culture, so the main premise of this book is that there the authors of the book went to a town in Japan that is known for people who are above 90 years of age and they're all living happily healthily. The