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Gaurav Jain Economics Book Pdf


Gaurav Jain Economics Book Pdf


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Gaurav Jain Economics Book Pdf

Details of Economics On Your Tips- Macroeconomics 

  • Book Name: Economics On Your Tips- Macroeconomics
  • Authors: Gaurav Jain
  • Pages: 120
  • Genre: Economic's study
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2019
  • Language: English

Book Summary 

The book is compact so is the content. It is very limited and basic. It does not even cover the first chapter of the introduction to Macroeconomics. The binding of the book is of very poor quality. Even this concise book is not enough for last-minute revision. This is for those PPLs who need to score passing marks in Macroeconomics. And 350 is not a price you should go for....waste of money. 

1. The paper quality is really bad
2. The binding is the worst (the book started peeling off as soon as I opened the package) {see pictures}
3. Chapter 1 Introduction is missing.
4. Most of the diagrams are not depicted properly. {see in pictures}
5. Additional subjects which have now been taken out of the syllabus still exist. (eg household income = public sector + private sector formula)
6. There are some missing topics (like working out the investment multiplier {6 marks short question})
7. The book is highly valuable as the size of the book is less than that of A-4 size paper which makes it an effective 60-65 pages book and paying ₹350 for a book with poor quality pages is highly unreasonable. , at worst compulsive and inappropriate content.
8. If you have read Sandeep Garg, you will clearly see that it is a selective cut, copy and paste.
9. Practical questions are not correct and very few in number which are not sufficient.
10. This is only a summary book and you cannot totally depend on it.

Before I decide on my review, I must inform you that

I have completed about 85% of my Macroeconomics and bought it because I have been very impressed by your youtube videos.
I have bought the book and am reviewing it unlike others now

You said that teachers use this book for teaching but I don't find it suitable for students either. I would recommend Sandeep Garg to buy it for ₹300 and create your own summary by spending ₹50 on a small copy and a pen.


  1. Thanks for the review! I was thinking about purchasing it as I like to read from different sources but after your review I think I'll just stick to Sandeep Garg. I'll also recommended Saraswati Macroeconomics book by Dr. Deepashree. Its totally worth it. Written in simple and lucid language.

    1. They don't care about the study material they are providing like extra books. They just want you to be attractive towards them through their YouTube videos they just want to make views on YouTube channel no doubt he teaches very well .. No one can find it boring while studying through the channel but should take care about what is being provide to us. That's it^_^

  2. Thank you so much for your valuable comment

  3. Ye download nhi ho rhi hai


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