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Hindi to English Translation Practice Book Pdf Download


Hindi to English Translation Practice Book

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Hindi to English Translation Practice Book Pdf Download 

Details of Hindi to English Translation Practice Book

  • Book Name: S.C. Gupta
  • Authors: Spectrum
  • Pages: 488
  • Genre: Education 
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2012
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

The book provides a simple yet effective way to learn English as well as translate from Hindi to English. 

It contains many common Hindi sentences which have been translated into English which allows a learner to easily understand the day-to-day words and use them in sentences while writing or speaking in English.

By learning how common Hindi sentences, when translated into English, can be used in everyday life, one can improve their understanding of how to use both languages.

Apart from the author, a good bi-linguist has also elaborated on the grammatical aspects of each topic given in the book, offering problems of self-improvement with easy solutions for them.

Various sections have been created to improve the basic grammar of the reader, including nouns, pronouns, tenses, sentence constructions, etc.

Each section comes with a different practice set that lets readers test the English reading, writing, and speaking skills as well as translation ability that one is capable of learning.

There is also a separate vocabulary section to help readers learn more new words and use them effectively when communicating. With step-by-step guidelines, you can certainly bring fluency in your use of the English language in a few months.

About the author: 

S.C. Gupta is a bi-linguist with proficiency in both English and Hindi. After working for many years to help students improve their language skills, the author has published several books about General English to help students and learners gain confidence as well as successfully crack competitive entrance exams. to be able to compete.

Book Review 

Many people have already mentioned several techniques for learning new words. I will tell you here what I did and let me tell you that it has worked very well for me. 

I studied in a Hindi medium school till class 10th and my vocabulary was very limited before entering college. After I joined college, I began to feel the need to work on improving my vocabulary and this was honestly one of the first things I did during my four years of engineering. 

I had the privilege of studying under one of the best English teachers ever - Professor PJ Phillips. He advised each of us to make a small investment and buy a copy of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. 

In my college days, I used to refer to it so often that by the time I left college, I had almost destroyed this dictionary. I used to read it in my spare time and make notes in my diary. 

My experience has been that a hard diary is always better than a soft (electronic). I will write the word in the diary, its pronunciation, a sentence or two of correct usage and any other related information from the dictionary.

As is the case with many people, I, too, started with Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. It is a very good book and it took me about a month to finish and revise it. 

After completing this I also read All About Words by Maxwell Nuremberg and Morris Rosenblum. These books not only significantly improved my vocabulary but also instilled in me a love and curiosity for new words. 

Almost every day, I would read a newspaper and note down all the new words in my diary. From time to time, I would revise all the words noted in the diary and try to use these words in my daily conversations/writing.

The next step in this direction was to learn word lists from Barron's GRE. The book proved to be quite difficult as there was hardly anything in the book that could make learning fun. But it posed a challenge to me. 

Around this time I started using flashcards and I must say that I have benefited immensely from these flashcards. I kept doing all these things till the last year of my graduation. 

And when I sat for the campus placement exam, I cracked the written test (really top) mainly because of the newly acquired word power.

Vocabulary formation is a continuous process. You have to develop a love and interest for new words. Merely knowing the meaning of a word is not enough. Once you know the meaning of a word, the most important step is to use it in your sentences. 

Someone has rightly said that to make a word your own, you must write and speak three sentences. A good vocabulary helps you a lot but if you want to feel the power of words, you must have a large active vocabulary and this is possible only when you immerse yourself in the world of words. 

Read, speak, listen to English as much as you can. Develop the habit of reading. You will not only get words but ideas for life.

Lastly, I have always believed that persistence and hard work are the two greatest virtues. If you can follow the ideas outlined in my answer, you will see a marked improvement in your vocabulary. Good luck, learner!!!