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Physics Galaxy 19 Years Pdf Download Free


Physics Galaxy 19 Years Pdf Download Free

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Physics Galaxy 19 Years Pdf Download Free

The Physics Galaxy by Ashish Arora is the result of deep stress and sincere efforts of the mind of eminent academician Ashish Arora to ensure fundamental understanding and advanced applications of concepts in physics. 

The series consists of four books that cover the entire syllabus of classes XI and XII. In these books, many pictures have been included under each topic for a better understanding of the concept. 

Also, a systematic step-by-step approach is adopted in easy and simple explanation for each solved example, to help you understand the correct method of solving the questions. 

Comprehensive time-bound tests are given after each subject to strengthen the objective and broad abilities of the students. You can also get access to the world's largest encyclopedia of online video lectures for high school physics at www.Physicsgalaxy.Com

These special lectures have been prepared by Ashish Arora. The daily views of these lectures are 30000+ and so far more than 24 million lectures have been viewed by students from 180+ countries.

Physics Galaxy is undoubtedly one of the best Physics Textbooks for Class XI and Class XII. Some of the highlights of the book include a. 

Step-by-step approach systematically for easy-to-understand b. Timed test after each subject c. As per the latest syllabus.

Book review:

Physics Galaxy is an absolutely excellent initiative by Ashish Arora Sir; The videos, content is completely free and accessible in the form of videos via YouTube, the app or High Books :: I also found what they called booster classes on the net; Mostly they are hidden but if you have the will you can find them (for interest in Olympiads)


  • Completely free yet complete content
  • Advanced illustration in addition to common problems
  • The lecture tempo is not very fast and they are quite explanatory
  • Also provides analysis and solutions of previous year papers


  • Lectures Can Be Slow So You Know What To Do When It's On YouTube 
  • Sometimes some unnecessary topics may be involved 
  • Some chapters have very handy advanced illustrations
  • You might get bored with his voice it's my personal opinion


I've bought it and the book is not for a beginner but for someone who has git a grip on concepts start with Arihant books then as u get better in physics after 6 months u can try Ashish Arora.



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