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Suheldev amish pdf download free


Suheldev amish pdf free download english

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Suheldev amish pdf free download 

Details of Legend of suheldev Book

  • Book Name: Legend of suheldev
  • Authors: Amish  Tripathi and an immortal writer
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: historical fiction
  • Publish Date: 20-06-2020
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

Amish Tripathi needs no introduction his latest book "Suheldev the king who saved India" has been released, I finished the book yesterday and Here I am to share my review of the book. 

First, let me tell you that this book is not entirely an Amish's work this is the first book written under the immortal writers centre 

A team of writers who helped a mesh in conducting research and preparing the first draft 

However, the concept comes from a mesh and he clears the manuscript here is what Amish about the immortal writer centre in this book 

I work with the team of writers to whom I relate the complete story and the research material to be read they then write the first draft which I then work upon so the genesis of the story and the final writing is done by me while a team drives the first draft 

we have tried our best to ensure that the book from the writers centre read like any other book of mine 

But we wanted to honestly state upfront that these books are a result of team effort and not just my sole work 

Now coming to the book narrates the tale of an 11th century forgotten hero who unites Indians against the foreign invaders set in 11th century India legend of Suheldev begins with the invasion of Mahmood of Ghazni and his Turkic army as they destroyed the Somnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva 

They not only destroyed the temple plundered it but also broke the revered Shiva Linga, the Barbary Turks continuously raised in looted Indian cities men boys and infants were mercilessly killed while women were brutally raped and sold as slaves

The book praises the journey of the warrior Sohail thief who United Indians across religious caste and regions under his leadership the bending prince and his followers put up a fierce resistance against the Turks 

Suheldev is crowned the king of Travis when his father King Miguel, dies soon they face another invasion when Salar Masood the nephew of Mahmud of Ghazni returns to India with a massive army and this time the Turks are here to stay as they intend to conquer and rule 

All of this culminates in the Magnificent Battle of marriage we are kings so here they've destroyed the Turkic army down to its last man 

What I liked about the book is that a mesh links to us the inspiring legend of the great Patriot so he'll they've who very few of us knew about I had never heard of so he'll day before I read this book 

I really admired amidst efforts to bring to the forefront the life and times of the brave King whose courage leadership and foresight freed India of the savage Turks

The book celebrates India's unity in diversity and cultural tolerance it questions the caste system prevalent in Hinduism for ages and highlights how it has barely affected our nation 

It also talks about Hindu Muslim conflict and the shortcomings of both religions the book had every ingredient to make it a good historical fiction but something went amiss 

The setting and the first chapter of the book which narrates the attack on the solar temple was so intriguing that I was hooked but after that everything went downhill so what exactly went wrong let us see 

although the premise had great promise the plot was lost big time the book starts off in style but soon I felt like I was reading a Bollywood script every Bollywood blockbuster ingredient was their tragedy a certain romance patriotism revenge and this kind of killed the narrative

The main character is loosely inspired by Robin Hood and his band of followers if you have read Robin Hood then you will find the subtle similarity but what baffled me was the sudden transformation of the lead character of Suheldev 

An ordinary prince who didn't want his elder brother to go and fight the Turks suddenly decides to leave the luxuries of the palace and go to the forest in order to engage in guerrilla warfare with the Turks

It is just so abrupt is a big flaw in the book none of the characters including the lead character had any depth there are a bunch of underdeveloped characters like the Shani of the Govardhan Aslam ash wash etc

who are somehow tormented by the Turks and joined the crusade against them, another thing which put me off was the love angle between Sohail Dave and Toshi ani 

Toscani was a brilliant Archer and a formidable warrior but she is reduced to a mere love interest in the book 

Now coming to the presentation of the book the author has tried hard to add an element of suspense but in vain the main twist of the book was so poorly written and is almost unbelievable

There is very little of a Miss philosophically touch which you expect from Amish books, The book, on the whole, is quite average Amish magic which was so evident in Shiva Trilogy is clearly missing in this book but then the book is not entirely written by omission however this is no excuse 

When the name of Amish is associated with the book the radius have certain expectations I will this book 3.5 stars out of 5. 

In spite of his shortcomings, I'll still urge all of you to read the legend of soo healthy because this great warrior and his sacrifices need to be remembered.