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365 Tales from Indian Mythology PDF Free Download

365 Tales from Indian Mythology

365 Tales from Indian Mythology PDF Free Download

Details of 365 Tales from Indian Mythology 

  • Book Name: 365 Tales from Indian Mythology 
  • Authors:  Om Kidz
  • Pages: 232
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2006
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Story Book, Hindu Mythology 

Book Review 

365 tales stopping their quiet solitude really like to the concept of the book like it when a read one story and so on the book is divided into twelve parts one month for each in fact at the start of each month there's one dog stole the perfect way the whole book will be in 365 days

I read even 3.6 Fridays I was too excited 65 years look some lot priestess naughty shenanigans to crumbs adventures in the forests this book sit all interesting so that the reader is hooked short lines perfect for a bit and story beautiful stories of your drama Shakuntala don't touch Buddha and many more are scattered throughout the book.

Shakuntala was a beautiful maiden who was the adopted daughter of sage kava she lived with him and her pet deer in his Hermitage in the forest one day do Shanta the king of Hastinapur came hunting in the forest he saw the beautiful deer and shot an arrow at it Shakuntala found her deer whimpering in pain and tried to comfort it 

Shakuntala loved the animals of the forest and her affection for this animal touched do Shanta's heart and he asked her to forgive him for his cruelty she forgave him but asked him to stay in the forest for a few days to tend to this wounded deer 

they then soon fell in love and king Dasaratha married Shakuntala and gave her a wedding ring with his name on it the king then left for his kingdom after promising were to return soon and take Shakuntala back with him 

one day sage Durvasa came to the Shakuntala store he repeatedly asked for water but Shakuntala was lost in her thoughts of do Shanta and paid no attention to him 

the sage was insulted and got very angry known for his temper he cursed Shakuntala saying that the person that she was thinking about would forget her Shakuntala heard the curse and she was frightened she begged the sage to forgive her 

the sage said that he could not take back the curse but he could change it the person who she was thinking about would be able to recognize her if she showed him something that he had given her 

due to this curse does Shanta forgot Shakuntala after days of waiting for him to return Shakuntala decided to go to the capital to meet him on the way there Shakuntala was crossing a river her wedding ring was thrown into the water a fish then swallowed the ring when Shakuntala arrived at the palace the king did not recognize her 

he asked her to prove her identity but Shakuntala did not have the ring to show him as it was lost she wept and wept and told the King about the times that he had spent with her in the forest but he couldn't remember a thing feeling sad she left the palace 

too ashamed to return to her father's home she started living alone in different parts of the forest where she gave birth to her son she called him Bharat 

Bharat was a brave boy he grew up among animals and he would often play with white wild animals in the forest one day at the king's palace the fisherman brought him a ring he told the king that he had found this ring in the stomach of a fish that he had caught 

when he found the King's name on it he had brought it straight to him as soon as the King saw the ring the curse was broken and the King remembered Shakuntala he was immensely upset and hurried to her home in the forest to look for her 

but he couldn't find her in his despair he returned back to his palace a few years passed the king again went hunting in the forest there 

he was surprised to find a boy playing with a lion cub the boy fearlessly held opened the mouth of the club and said O king of the jungle open your mouth 

so wide I can count your teeth the king went up to the boy and asked him about his parents the little boy replied that he was the son of King do Shanta and Shakuntala do shy anta was very happy to have found Shakuntala and asked the boy to take him to his mother the family was then united under Shanta Shakuntala and Bharat along with him to Asti Bharat grew up to become a great King like his father.

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