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The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit Book Pdf Download

The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit Book Pdf Download

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The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit Book Pdf Download

Details of The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit

  • Book Name: The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit
  • Authors:  Abhaidev
  • Pages: 327
  • Publish Date: 23 June 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genrefiction


The Influencer Speed Must Have a Limit by Abhaidev, so the genre of this book is a thriller the influencer is a story of a man named Aditya Gupta who is an influencer in a true sense so when you hear the word influencer you immediately think of the social media influencers but that is not what the story talks about 

Aditya genuinely has the power to influence people with his mind to make them agree to what he wants them to agree to and also to make them servile 

so he's a part of a secret society called WIS or world influencers society and basically all the influencers who are a part of this society work for police forces or intelligence agencies or leaders to help them get what they want to help them negotiate deals to help them do their bidding all of that 

So on the surface, Aditi is a normal government employee but in reality, he works for the prime minister of the country to help him do his bidding and to also help him negotiate deals with different world leaders that are his true job 

So everything is going fine for him until one day his wife Shreya stumbles upon a series of videos where after watching them she learns about Aditya's true identity as an influencer 

Now after this happens Aditya gets in big danger because a very big rule of the wise is that the influencers are supposed to keep their identity a secret, so after Shreya learns about Aditya's identity this rule is broken and now they want others they're dead 

So the danger is looming large now the story is about whether Aditya will be able to dodge it or not 

Now talking about my experience of reading the influencer by Abhaidev 

so I read this as an e-book on my kindle and this book has 320 pages and I read this book in three sittings now this was one of those books that hooked me right from the start 

I mean there are certain books that take time for you to get into this was not one of those books I was intrigued from the very beginning so for me this book had a very promising start also 

I feel that the pace of this story is fairly fast so every single time that i would sit down to read this book I would read a hundred pages or so and those hundred pages would get over super quickly 

So I really love that about this book and the mark of a good thriller is that you should want to read it till the very end and also it should be a page-turner so this book checked both those boxes. 

Now one of the biggest trends of this book was the uniqueness of its plot as a reader I have never come across a story like this and that really stood out for me in the case of this book because the plot was so unique i literally did not know what to expect 

of course, there were other factors as well but the primary success of this book lies in its uniqueness 

so one of the biggest reasons for a story to be not that interesting is when it gets predictable so that is not the case with this story at all so that is something that works very well for this book it's very different 

so there are other things as well obviously that are good about this book as i already said that this is a fast-paced book so that's great 

another thing is how it has been written the writing is very easy to follow and it's very simple and also the writing has a very effortless flow and it goes well with the story 

so the first half especially in this book addresses some rather different topics that are aside from the fact that this is a thriller it talks about certain things like people's greed for money 

I mean those are the topics that I have been thinking about quite a lot these days so that definitely resonated with me a lot while reading this book 

I think that was just a coincidence that I happen to be thinking along the same lines while reading this book and it also addressed those topics but yeah that was an additional thing that I liked about this book 

So if I talk about the characters in the story and if I talk about Aditya in particular because he's the protagonist of the story his character has been explored pretty well in the story and he is a well fleshed out character 

there are certainly other characters as well that caught my interest this story is taking place in a world different from mars it's taking place in a country called Seneca or Seneca I'm not sure about the pronunciation some other countries were also mentioned in the story but even their names were completely different 

so definitely some amount of world-building has gone into this story also it talks about influencers people who can influence others with their mind so that definitely lends a fantasy-like element to the story as well although primarily this is a thriller 

so overall my experience of reading this book was a good one and if you want to check out a thriller with a very unique and very different story that will keep you hooked till the end then this is a book that you can definitely consider picking up.

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