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Surrounded by idiots pdf download

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Surrounded by idiots pdf download 

Details of Surrounded by idiots

  • Book Name: Surrounded by idiots
  • Authors:   Thomas Erikson
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date:  2014
  • Language: English
  • Genre: self-Help Book


Surrounded by idiots, the word idiot is defined by the Merriam-webster dictionary as a foolish or stupid 

as far as thomas erickson cares however an idiot is simply someone who features a different behavior profile and consequently sort of communication than the one dubbing him one 

of course this is often not something eriksen believed when he was young when he two pigeonholed people into two groups good and sensible people and everyone the remainder the people that didn't seem to know anything at all 

well when he was 25 he was alleged to interview a 60-year-old ceo by the name of stewart who told him that he was surrounded by idiots the more thomas considered this sentence the less he was ready to know it

 but who heard of these idiots he eventually asked stewart fully aware that it could are only him and no one else 

of course at now stuart wanted to fetch a shotgun and shoot thomas his words but thomas wanted to form a reasonably important point 

namely even stuart didn't honestly believe that he was surrounded by idiots, he was just incapable of communicating with them properly 

we've already shared the rationale with you stuart didn't know that folks have different behavior profiles which you can't communicate with everyone within the same manner 

this is often what erickson surrounded by idiots is all about the world's most generally used method to explain the differences in human communication 

the method is named the disa or disk system acronyms that represent dominance inducement submission and analytic slash compliance ability

 these four terms are the first behavior types that describe how people see themselves in relationship to their environment and every of those behavior types is related to a color red yellow green and blue 

but before we get to the system itself and its applications it might be an honest idea to require a quick history tour 

people have always been like this even though the categorization of individuals in accordance with some theoretical behavior profile could seem sort of a modern invention 

the reality is that altogether cultures there has always been a requirement to categorize people and curiously enough many of those categorizations are often considered precursors to the disa system

 ericsson compares it to the two most familiar the classical world humorist 

for centuries bc hippocrates the daddy of drugs devised a theory that each person's temperament is that the product of the dis balance between the four humors i.e the four bodily fluids that flow inside him blood collar melancholy and phlegm

 the system further developed by the roman physician galen is now called the humeral system and it suggests that there are four fundamental personality types 

sanguine whose temperament is controlled by the surplus of blood latin sanguis in his body 

these people are happy-go-lucky optimists who spread positive vibes around them choleric whose temperament is controlled by his yellow bile or his liver greek 

chloe choleric people are fiery and temperamental and sometimes frighten those around them melancholic whose temperament is that the results of a more than black bile supposedly found within the spleen melania chloe means black bile in greek 

melancholy people are gloomy pessimists phlegmatic whose temperament is influenced by his brain from where the greeks believed mucus greek phlegma comes from phlegmatic people a bit like mucus are viscous i.e slow and sluggish 

as you'll see during a moment these four personality types correspond to those theorized by the disa system sanguine people are yellow choleric or red melancholic or blue and phlegmatic are black

 the aztecs and therefore the elements many centuries after hippocrates on the opposite side of the atlantic the aztecs developed an identical proto-psychological theory supported something they knew quite well

 the four elements fire people were warriors and leaders explosive and hot-headed 

air people were far more easy going but quite captivating and determined 

earth people were workers stable and secure 

water people were wallflowers quiet and secure but observing and smart also 

once again this technique corresponds to the disa behaviour types fire people are red air people are yellow earth people are green and water people are blue 

Walter molten Marston and therefore the disa system you probably don't know this but the guy who laid the foundations for the disa slash disc model was also the guy who invented the polygraph and get this created the character of wonder woman

 At least at this moment, we will consider nobody as ludicrously versatile as Walter Moulton Marston 

Erickson and most of the people nowadays use stability rather than submission and analytic ability rather than compliance because these two relationships between a private and other people slash his environment seen to raise to explain people's behavior types and further describe these traits thus

 dominance relates to how an individual approaches problems and deals with challenges it's all about acting 

inspiration is about having the ability to influence and convince others to try to do something inspiration is about interacting stability is about an individual's receptiveness to vary their in a robust need for 

stability means an individual is immune to change the good old days guy and a lower need for stability means a more adventurous person 

stability is all about connection analytic ability is about following rules and regulations 

analytical people can't accept that things may fail or happen randomly analytic ability is all about organization

in ericsson system dominant people are red people inspiring people are yellow people stable people are green people analytical people are blue people or to use a graph which mirrors the one above and makes all things very clear

 surrounded by idiots in the world only 5% of individuals have just one color that dominates their behavior and over eighty percent have a mixture of two colors along whose spectrum their behaviors are often described 

 the rest 15 percent are dominated by three colors throughout the book eriksen focuses on the only colors individually because they're the elemental components of a person's behavior it's sort of a recipe he writes we got to understand all the ingredients before 

we bake the cake before we move to the colors some interesting things to possess in mind and come to once you finish the opposite section the foremost common behavior among people is green together with another color or even entirely green behavior 

the smallest amount common is entirely red behavior or red behavior together with one other color blues and reds also as greens and yellows are complementary types grouping people like that creates invincible teams as well as long-lasting friendships and marriages because within the world most of the people are dominated by two colors 

here is that the best combination within the spectrum blue slash green and red slash yellow in most cases reds and greens fail to figure as a team and thanks to mutual disliking are more happy grouped otherwise finally yellow and blue is that the worst combination among all you don't want them within the same room

whether as workers friends or lovers now on to the colors behavior types descriptions perceptions and communication red behavior the way to recognize a true alpha and avoid getting into his way core behavior pattern in the words of the author reds are quick and quite happy to require command 

if needed they create things happen however once they get going they become control freaks and may be hopeless to affect and that they repeatedly trample on people's toes in a few traits quick reaction maximum effort to regulate minimal interest for caution in relationships protest tendency to avoid involvement adjectives that describe reds aggressive ambitious strong-willed goal-oriented pushing problem-solver pioneer decisive innovator impatient controlling convincing performance oriented powerful results oriented initiator speed timekeeper 

Intense opinionated straightforward independent how they perceive themselves driven decisive prompt persuasive resolute competitive determined strong-willed ambitious independent time-conscious results oriented body language they keep their distance from others have powerful handshakes lean forward aggressively use direct eye contact and controlling gestures how to ask them with reds you've got to be sincere direct and argumentative 

they hate beating around the bush and are less receptive if you employ euphemisms however they're going to use any weakness in your argument against you so stay strong and firm with them what annoys them reds hate unchallenging and mundane tasks quite they hate death itself 

so if you would like them on your team give them something difficult to try to do and also a team to command famous reds steve jobs venus williams thatcher fdr barack obama theresa yellow behavior the way to recognize someone whose head is within the clouds and obtain him back to reality again core behavior in the words of the author yellows are often amusing creative and elevate 

the mood no matter who they're with however once they are given unlimited space they're going to consume all the oxygen within the room they won't allow anyone into a conversation and their stories will reflect reality less and fewer in a few traits rapid reaction maximum effort to involve minimal interest in routine future time frame 

impulsive action tendency to reject isolation adjectives that describe yellows talkative enthusiastic persuasive creative optimistic social spontaneous expressive charming filled with vitality self-centered sensitive adaptable inspiring needs attention encouraging communicative flexible open sociable imaginative easy going 

how they perceive themselves enthusiastic inspiring open convincing charming optimistic creative easy going outgoing flexible spontaneous communicative body language they're tactile relaxed and jocular show friendly eye contact use expressive gestures and sometimes compared to the one they ask 

how to ask them yellows are most receptive once you are open and amiable to them which suggests attempt to tease their jokes and insert one or two yourself also since yellows are disorganized it's better to supply them with an in-depth list of their responsibilities after the oral a part of your discussion is over what annoys them yellows don't want to be isolated 

so don't put them in solitary offices they also don't want to be surrounded by negative energy so don't put them around blues finally once they ask you to arrange subsequent team building event don't hesitate to mention yes famous yellows oprah winfrey robin williams ellen degeneres pippen from lotr and han solo from star wars green behavior why change is so difficult and the way to urge around it 

core behavior pattern in the words of the author the friendly greens are easy to hold out with because they're so pleasant and genuinely look after others unfortunately they will be too wishy-washy and unclear anyone who never takes a stand eventually becomes difficult to handle 

you don't know where they really stand and indecision kills the energy in people in a few traits calm reaction maximum effort for connection minimal interest in change current time frame supportive action tendency to reject conflict adjectives that describe greens patient relaxed self-controlled reliable composed loyal modest understanding lengthy stable prudent discreet supportive good listeners helpful producer persistent reluctant thoughtful concealed feelings considerate kind 

how they perceive themselves friendly considerate predictable discreet calm pleasant stable thoughtful reliable patient teen player good listener body language they're relaxed and are available close act methodically tend to lean backward use very friendly eye contact and like small scale gestures 

how to ask them greens don't want to be within the spotlight so only one-on-one meetings with them should work even once you want to praise their work on the opposite hand once you criticize them attempt to confirm they know that nothing is personal because they need fragile egos what annoys them unlike yellows greens like privacy and don't need a sudden change in plans 

so don't make them redo the work they've already done and don't ever reassign them to new projects within the middle of an ongoing one famous greens mr rogers gandhi michelle obama carter jesus blue behavior in pursuit of perfection core behavior pattern in the words of the author 

the analytical blues are calm level-headed and think before they speak their ability to stay a cool head is undoubtedly an enviable quality for all who aren't capable of doing that however blue's critical thinking can easily address suspicion in questioning 

those around them everything can become suspect and sinister in a few traits slow reaction maximum effort to arrange minimal interest in relationships historical time frame cautious action tendency to avoid involvement adjectives that describe blues conscientious systematic distant correct conventional seems insecure objective structured analytical perfectionist needs time reflecting methodical seeks facts quality oriented scrutinizing rule following logical questioning 

meticulous reflecting reserved how they perceive themselves accurate detail-oriented orderly systematic cautious logical quality oriented thorough correct methodical reflective unassuming body language 

they need closed visual communication and like to stay others at a distance they either stand or sit use direct eye contact and speak without gestures how to ask them once you talk with the blue have your facts and arguments prepared beforehand because unless you recognize the answers to all or any of their questions they're going to not take your idea seriously 

so compute everything in advance minutiae included what annoys them blues unlike everybody else crave for bureaucratic organization and need well thought out plans however they also want enough time and space to execute them properly 

so tight deadlines would never add their case famous blues gates einstein sandra day o'connor condoleezza rice mr spock from star trek key lessons from surrounded by idiots one why are we the way we are two ever since past people categorized people three there are four behavior types and you're probably a mixture of two of them 

why are we the way we are it is difficult to answer this question but as we've told you before it's mostly a mixture of heredity and environment or to be more precise jeans forty percent family did you like this.

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