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400 days by chetan bhagat pdf free download

400 days by chetan bhagat pdf free download

Click here to download the pdf 

400 days by Chetan bhagat pdf free download

Details of 400 days

  • Book Name: 400 days
  • Authors:  Chetan bhagat
  • Pages: 344
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date: 17th September 2021
  • Language: English


400 days by Chetan bhagat, so this is the third book with the duo of Keshav and Saurabh so the first one was the girl in room 105 and the second one was one arranged murder

So 400 days is a completely new suspense thriller that can be read on its own in order to understand the story you do not have to read the previous two books because this book can be read as a standalone book 

So Keshav is an IIT graduate and he is currently preparing for his civil services exams he also runs a detective agency along with his best friend Saurabh who stays with Keshav and his parents and their detective agency is called z detectives 

So Keshav is contacted by Aliya Arora who lives in the same residential complex as him so Alia wants Keshav's help in finding sia her 13-year-old daughter who was kidnapped nine months ago 

So alia informs Keshav that her missing daughter's case had already been investigated by the police in the past but without any success, with sia still missing so she comes to Kesha with a renewed sense of hope 

Keshav agrees to help Alia in finding her daughter and this is the main plot of the story 

so in addition to the mystery or the suspense element in this story, there are certain subplots as well that are completely unrelated to the mystery 

so this story also talks about the complicated relationship dynamics between Alia and her husband and it talks about the troubled relationship between aliyah and her mother-in-law 

so now on to my experience of reading 400 days by Chetan bhagat so I read this as an e-book on my kindle and it has 344 pages 

So the pace of this book is somewhat slow in the first 20, 25 pages it's not one of those books that pick up speed right from the start you have to wait a bit 

Overall to the pace of this book is average it's not one of those books that move at a very slow pace but it doesn't move at a nail-bitingly fast pace either so that's why I said average so one of the recurring themes in Chatan bhagat books is how he talks about Punjabi families how he describes their behaviour in detail how he comments on the nuances of their conduct 

Basically, his entire commentary on how Punjabi families are is something that is often a part of his stories and books and they are quite detailed and often quite interesting to read so that's the case with this book as well 

This story tries to touch upon the negative impact on the psyche of teenagers when their parents have a volatile relationship this isn't something that has been described in detail through another thing is that this book kind of tries to address the issue of the danger that the internet poses for kids if their online activities are left unsupervised 

So Saurav and Keshav's partnership in how they work together and how they complement each other in solving this case is definitely good to read about now as I mentioned before that the pace of the story is average one reason is that there are some parts in the story 

Where it has been stretched for sure the pace of the story could have been faster had it not been dragged in some portions the thing is there are certain aspects of the story that form a part of the story as a whole but they don't necessarily add anything positive to the impact that the story has on the reader 

So now if I talk about the writing style and the language of this book then it's very simple and also quite informal this story has been narrated by Kesha for the most part and the style of narration is quite conversational if you are already familiar with Caitanya's writing style then you know what I'm talking about in terms of how this book has been written it's the usual Chaitan bhagat style 

So if you are somebody who thinks about picking up a book while also considering the level of difficulty of language and if you like to read books that are very easy to read that won't send you running for a dictionary then this is a book that you can definitely go for because this book is super easy to follow in terms of its language 

So now talking about the suspense or the thrill element in this book so if you are already very familiar with the suspense slash thriller genre like if you consume a lot of content from this genre in the form of books or tv shows or movies whatever then you will be able to predict a lot of events in this story and the overall suspense will not exactly be mind-blowing for you now 

If you are picking this book up as your first foray into the suspense thriller genre then perhaps this book might turn out to be an above-average reading experience for you but otherwise, it won't stand out to sum it up if you are a very big fan of Chetan bhagat's books and if you feel that he never disappoints then yes surely go for this book also 

If you like to read books that are written in a very easy language then also you can pick this one up however if you are a reader who expects a lot from a suspense thriller and you expect a suspense thriller to be absolutely mind-blowing and mind-boggling then you can steer clear of this book. 

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