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A Cynic's Shadow by Yash SInghania Book Review


A Cynic's Shadow

A Cynic's Shadow Book Review

Details of  A Cynic's Shadow

  • Book Name:  A Cynic's Shadow
  • Authors: Yash Singhania
  • Pages: 75
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publish Date:  17 October 2018
  • Language: English


A Cynic's Shadow by Yash Singhania is basically an anthology it is a collection of around 70 coins pen down by Yash Singhania and his poem captured the sad and depressing truths of life these poems are basically pondering of a man who is melancholic because he has seen the world as it is he knows the truth of this world and yet he goes on living despite all the flaws that he has noticed in the world because one can not really give up on life no matter how hard it gets. 

A Cynic's Shadow is a fitting title for this book based on the contents because the poems in this book do have a cynical vibe for the most part this word has a lot of unpleasant realities that prevail and we as human beings have no choice but to accept those realities sooner or later 

There are people who try to see the positive side of everything they try to see the silver lining of everything but the points in this book have been written from the perspective of the man who decides that he is going to go on living life but he refuses to put on rose-tinted glasses

Another thing that you need to know about this book is that it actually has quite a few illustrations that accompany the points the purpose of these illustrations is to basically help the readers understand the meanings of the poems even better because most of these poems are metaphorical we as readers are able to link these pictures with the poem 

Now the presentation of this book is something that I really liked for sure the cover is really pretty and so are the illustrations that this book contains and I can see the hard work that went into making this book visually appealing and I really appreciate it 

So while reading this book I came across different kinds of poems some of them were really hard-hitting and they were very contemplative and I was able to connect to those points instantly and needless to say I loved those poems 

Then there were some other points that I was able to totally understand and they conveyed them pretty easily but they did not especially sandal for me I did not love them I did not hate them they were just there in the book 

The third kind of bones that I came across in this book that I actually struggled with for the ones that I was not able to connect to because I was not able to understand what they were trying to symbolize 

I was not able to understand the message that those poems were trying to convey to me as a reader even though all the poems in this book are written in a fairly simple and accessible language 

But at the same time, certain metaphors in certain poems completely escaped now I had a similar kind of experience with the illustrations in this book 

These are some very pretty illustrations but some of them very very successfully managed to contribute and add value to the meaning and impact of the poem 

But there were some other illustrations that accompany the point but I know did not understand the connection between the two may be that was because I missed the metaphors of some poems and as a result of that the illustrations kind of did not make sense to me 

As to why they were paired up with that particular poem I don't, actually like to read one short poem from  A Cynic's Shadow that I feel captures the essence of this book and also I like it and it's called yesterday's tomorrow and it goes  

"All my today is wasted for tomorrow's at the intersection I don't know which road to follow I endure all the pain for no guaranteed gain tomorrow is here yet I work for another tomorrow, tomorrow that never arrives"

Now I love this poem because it captures a very unpleasant reality of the world that we live in we have to keep working hard and we still have no guarantee as to whether our dreams are going to come true or not if we stop working hard we will definitely fail but if you keep working hard we still don't have any guarantee 

We might get some outcome but it might not be the kind of outcome that gave are working hard for and whatever result we end up getting we have to accept it 

So that is an unpleasant truth that this poem I feel talked about very effectively I'm somebody who enjoys dark humour and so I enjoyed out poetry too it doesn't depress me it is something that appeals to me as a reader for the next hour while you're seeing her turned out to be kind of a mixed bag for me 

In terms of my reading experience, there were some points that I absolutely loved because they were so well written and they were amazing I was able to connect with them and I was able to relate with them much to my delight but at the same time there were some other points that left me asking for more.

So I say that if you are fond of dark and modern poetry you can consider giving us an extra hour I will definitely come across some of the points in the book that are very well written, so that was my review of  A Cynic's Shadow by Yash Singhania I hope you found it useful.

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