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A Silent Takeover book Review | Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah


A Silent Takeover book Review

A Silent Takeover Book Review 

Details of A Silent Takeover

  • Book Name: A Silent Takeover
  • Authors: Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah
  • Pages: 300
  • Genre: Mystery or thriller
  • Publish Date:  14 July 2020
  • Language: English


A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah, mystery or thriller Rajkumar muthari is a superstar and he is also known to be a playboy because he has had a string of girlfriends and he never seems to settle down or even want to settle down.

So on his 50th birthday media gathers outside his house and one of the reporters asks him about his plans of settling down this makes Rajkumar angry and he decides that he needs a vacation away from all the chaos and all the media attention and he decides to go to Chikmagalur. 

This causes a considerable amount of buzz and the chief editor of a very successful and famous tabloid decides that it would be a good opportunity for his newspaper, If they are able to get an exclusive interview with Rajkumar on his vacation, so they decide to send a very promising intern named Suhasini to secure this exclusive interview 

So while doing her research about Rajkumar Suhasini discovers that Rajkumar dated eight women officially and she notices a rather unusual pattern here 

He notices that out of these eight women that he dated officially some are dead and the ones that are alive are mentally unstable so Suhasini finds this highly unusual and she decides to dig deeper into this mystery and she's accompanied by Suhasini, So whether she's able to solve this mystery or not and what are the dangers that she faces is what asylum takeover is all about.


So this book has around 300 pages 296 pages to be exact and my pace of reading this book was not uniform because for the first hundred pages my face was pretty good 

Actually the first hundred pages I was able to read in a single sitting so that was great but the next 150 pages were a bit difficult for me because I felt that the next 150 pages became a bit stretched and the story dragged somewhat and there were some unnecessary details and it became a bit muddled up, to be honest in the next 150 pages,

Then the last 45 to 50 pages were quite good I feel because the story picked up once again also one thing that I have to say is that I don't want to spoil the ending and I'm not going to but the ending of this book was truly unexpected 

I did not anticipate that the ending was going to be like that which is a good thing as for the characters personally, superstar Rajkumar's character did not have any impact on me as a reader 

I feel that he is a forgettable sort of a character because even though the story begins with him and even though Suhasini tries to uncover his past relationships and all 

but he was a pretty quintessential arrogant playboy superstar character so I don't know he did not really stand out for me to Suhasini character was pretty good 

I mean Suhasini is that one character who never gives up and who's not scared and who's quite brave also there is Suhasini's mother who's always worrying about Suhasini getting married 

that was something very very Indian about the book and I also thought Suhasini was a good character 

The writing in itself in this book is quite decent I have no major complaints with the writing in this book but as I just said I do have some issues with those 150 pages that according to me could have been crisper and more pacey.

You see the synopsis of this book is very very promising and somehow the story doesn't do justice to the synopsis, you pick this book up expecting a lot of thrill but you get only some of it 

this is a complex story and a lot is going on in it and there are quite a few characters in this story as well so this book is not just story-driven or just character-driven this is that book where the story, as well as the characters, have equal importance, so that was my review of this book.

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