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Second Chance book review

Second Chance book review

Second Chance book review 


Second chance by Kavita Bhatnagar is a story of 26-year-old Ragini Mathur who is a development assistant in a bank in Lucknow.

so the timeline of this story is 2005. Ragini gets married to Kadam but things do not work out and they get divorced after two years.

So Ragini is obviously quite depressed as she feels rejected and she starts looking for someone else basically she wants to give herself a second chance 

So in order to find a suitable match for herself, she starts registering on different matrimonial websites and through this she meets different people so that is basically the premise of the story, so will Ragini get a second chance or not this is the story of this book.

So Ragini is beautiful intelligent successful she's an achiever and she comes from an educated middle-class family in Varanasi 

So apart from Ragini there are other characters as well there is mia gokle who is Ragini's best friend so mia is confident she is straightforward and she's attractive and also she is very protective towards Ragini, so basically you can say that Ragini and mia are friendship goals 

Then there is Kamini who is Ragini's elder sister and she is also a mother figure to Ragini Kamini is very supportive and she loves Ragini a lot both sisters are very close 

So these are the main characters in this book but apart from that, we get to read about a lot of different characters who are basically suitors that Ragini meets throughout the story so in terms of that this book has quite a variety of people that we get to read about there's quite a range.


So once you enter your 20s and especially if you start earning this thought of wanting to get married or just the thought of marriage enters your head that's for sure and there is this thought of wanting to settle down 

So from that viewpoint, this book is very very relatable the kind of topic that it talks about also another thing is that Ragini is a 26-year-old woman who goes through a divorce so reading her story along with the challenges that she faces really makes you feel for her as a reader

So what I like about this story is that it normalizes the concept and the idea of moving on after a divorce I like how Ragini's character is all set to begin a new phase of her life and how she's not somebody who has lost all hope 

Even though Ragini has negative thoughts every now and then but the overall vibe of the story is that she wants to start afresh and I think that's great 

But having said that I also want to mention that there are times in this book where Ragini's search for a suitor makes her character seem somewhat desperate and even though her behaviour and her thoughts have been explained in the story I still feel that Ragini's approach to moving on is something that certain readers might not really agree with 

Here I feel it all boils down to your own personal preferences and your own thoughts on the institution of marriage personally I feel that Ragini's character could have taken it a little bit easy 

The good thing about this book is that despite Ragini's a bit too enthusiastic search for a probable groom the story is undeniably engaging, 

Every encounter that Ragini has and the emotions that she feels have been portrayed very effectively her emotions and especially her ups and downs seem so very real it does not seem like the story is fiction on the other hand it seems like that this is a story of a very real girl and that is just good writing 

You know the writing in this book is such that it just flows and it's so simple and whatever the story wants to convey the writing in this book conveys it effortlessly and successfully 

If you are a beginner then you can definitely go for this book because it's quite easy to read I had a good time with this book on the whole because this book is a quick read it's also gripping 

The only thing that I felt was that Ragini's character could have been a bit chill about her search but still, I would say I had a nice experience with this book and yes I would recommend it.