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End of All Crimes at Eastwest Island Book Review

End of All Crimes at Eastwest Island Book Review

End of All Crimes at Eastwest Island Book Review 

Details of End of All Crimes at Eastwest Island 

  • Book Name: End of All Crimes at Eastwest Island
  • Authors: Maneesh Dhauni,
  • Pages: 355
  • Genre: Novel
  • Publish Date:  2017
  • Language: English

End of all crimes at east-west Island by Maneesh Dhauni, the story is taking place in a country called East-West Island and it opens with the prime minister of East-West Island announcing the advent of a rather radical new law 

Under which every citizen of East-West Island shall have the birthright to exercise license for life imprisonment against any other person once in their lifetime 

So should a citizen decide to use this law against another citizen the other citizen shall be jailed instantly without any further investigation by 

The Prime Minister of the country whose name is Mr. Calo and who is a lawyer by profession goes on to specify that the law shall become applicable after 90 days of his announcement 

Obviously, the extreme nature of his law leads to a lot of doubts in questions with regards to the possible misuse of the law or the possible loopholes that the law might have in the challenges that might crop up 

But he is very confident in his lawmaking abilities and he goes on to assure people that this law is going to be for the best of the citizens of East-West Island 

So what follows in the story is basically that time period of 90 days where we get to meet different characters who have different perspectives on this law and depending on which side they are on 

Some characters are rejoicing because they can finally use this law against the one person that they really hated and they really wanted to see justice served - and this law will enable them to do it some of them are clearly obviously not very happy about it because they will be the ones who will be getting impacted negatively because of this law, so that is what this book is about 

Since this is a really short ebook it is also a super quick read it basically talks about the impact of this new law on various aspects in the east-west island country and it is also very fast-paced and it is well to the point as well

It is not uncommon for the people in power to use their position to their own advantages where they inflict sufferings on those weaker than them to forward it further their own arterial and selfish motives and often they do not face any consequences for their abuse of power and the common man is often left helpless without any justice 

So basically the premise of this book is kind of like now the tables have turned in the paper of the common man because of the new law 

It is always a sweet imagination that we have of a society where the guilty does not go unpunished where justice actually is served and you read about that also feels good so in that sense yes the intention of the novel or the ebook was definitely admirable 

But at the same time, I would like to say that a book is not made good solely by good intentions there are other factors involved as well and here comes my issue with this book 

When a book is written it is supported by the story as well as the way it has been written the story in this book was not bad but I would like to say that the way it was executed was definitely full of flaws it seemed like this is a book that was not really a book but a first draft that was made into a book 

It's not uncommon for a reader to come across editing errors in books even in books that have been published by a big publishing house but those editing errors are like here and there a few but in the case of this book that was unfortunately not the case

In this book there were so many spelling errors wrong sentences incorrect sentence formation I would have liked to comment on the writing style in this book but that situation did not arise at all because of the basic editing and there were so many mistakes in this book 

That I was not able to get to the writing style I am just going to take a guess here if the editing was preferred in this book the writing style might have been engaging 

But that obviously did not happen so on the whole your reading experience ends up getting mad if you keep coming across all sorts of mistakes every now and then and I would like to say that authors should not undermine the value and importance of a good editor and they should hire a good at that 

Because good editing can make a world of difference in how your book turns out to be aren't I and it makes the book readable that is the most important thing about does not have to be extremely embellished in terms of its language of who does not need to have a little car in a poetic language 

But it needs to have correct language whichever language it is that the book is written in that even though I would say that the story is good I cannot really go on to recommend a book that has so many mistakes because the story alone does not work in a book everything does 

So that was my review for the end of all primes at East-West Island if you want to check this book out I'll leave the link for that in the description box I hope you found this review useful.