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A pleasant escape Book Review

A pleasant escape Book Review

A pleasant escape Book Review 


A pleasant escape by Piyush Rohanker has been told in the first person by a UPSC aspirant named Alok Shirkey so even though this book is fiction but it is definitely inspired by reality because Alok Shirkey talks about the challenges of being an IAS aspirant.

A pleasant escape has drama, romance and even suspense Alok is an engineer and he also has a management degree there are other students as well who are preparing for UPSC and some are preparing for other exams or degrees as well 

So this story is taking place in old Rajinder Nagar which is a locality in Delhi that is majorly bustling with students dreaming to crack the UPSC exams 

So apart from Alok, there are other characters as well there is Gaurav, Ankit, Sakshi, Mustafa, Manish, Sara, and many other characters so all these characters have their own compelling backstories as well 

so all these characters along with Alok try to navigate through life as they prepare for the toughest exam of India as they also try to live their lives by balancing different aspects like romance personal goals and family pressures 

so whether or not all these people are able to clear their UPSC exams amid their personal struggles is the story of a pleasant escape

For the most part, this is a breezy read because it has an appeal of relatability UPSC aspirant or not people are usually aware of the trials of preparing for a competitive exam 

So basically it's like mind-numbingly tight schedules sleepless nights spent studying waiting for results anxiously attending coaching classes building friendships going through hard breaks all these experiences are unfamiliar to no one.

Character development:

The characters in the story are regular people with their respective backstories so these are the kind of people that you also come across in your life generally so different characters with their different circumstances definitely add a variety to this story 

So this is that story that has one main theme but it also has quite a few subplots so all of that keeps the story quite engaging

So Alok Shirkey is the protagonist of the story and he is a likeable character, for the most part, the only thing that I found was a bit extreme about his character was that he was ever ready to fall in love I mean I thought that he was a little too eager to fall in love so I told you before that the story has been written in the first person 

So it definitely reads like a memoir also add to it the fact that the story is heavily inspired by reality so the vibe of the story seeming like a memoir even though its fiction is very very strong also the story tries and attempts to give you a wholesome reading experience because it talks about quite a few things it talks about social issues like religion and caste in addition to the issue of exam pressures as well 

So I have to mention that once or twice in the book the story definitely drops in terms of engagement because it gets slow but at the same time it picks up eventually another thing that 

I want to talk about is that as delight it was a delight to read this book because this book talks about quite a few places in Delhi and also quite a few events that took place in Delhi 

so I was able to relate to that on a very personal level because i know about all these things so that was very interesting for me 


The story also has an element of suspense now talking about that the suspense in the story is definitely unexpected and the reader does not see it coming so that's a great thing but at the same time the nature of suspense in the story is a bit unusual like don't get me wrong the story does explain the suspense 

But at the same time, the explanation is not exactly what you can call a concrete explanation there is definitely room to come up with your own explanation as a reader it takes you a little bit of time to come to terms with the suspense when it unfolds 

The writing in this book is easy yet impressive the language is accessible so anybody can read this book and enjoy the story I really like the fact that we are not bombarded with fancy words I mean a balance has been maintained in terms of adorning and decorating the language 

So if you are a UPSC aspirant or if you are preparing for any competitive exam for that matter then you can surely go for this book because the story will be very close to home you also this story is definitely going to motivate you because it's about UPSC aspirants and the struggles and problems they face and how they do not give up 

So from that perspective, the story is quite inspiring also if you are thinking about preparing for UPSC then do not miss out on this book because it can prove to be a very useful and informative reading experience for you even though it's fiction 

additionally, I want to mention that this book has quite a few poems as well that is a part of the story so if you are a poetry lover especially if you love romantic poetry then that's another reason for you to pick this book up 


A pleasant escape by Piyush Rohankar was a good reading experience for me there were a few hiccups here and there but overall everything considered this is a good book and I liked reading it for sure.