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Origin by Dan Brown Book Review

Origin by Dan Brown Book Review

 Origin by Dan Brown Book Review

Details of Origin by Dan Brown Book Review 

  • Book Name: Origin
  • Authors: Dan Brown
  • Pages: 564
  • Genre: Novel, Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date:  3 October 2017
  • Language: English



Origin by Dan Brown, Robert Langdon is in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and he is here to attend an event there is a presentation by his former student and a billionaire computer scientist Edmund Kirsch

Now Edmund Kirsch is an outspoken atheist and he refused the existence of God completely without any fear so he is a controversial figure of world-renowned

Now Edmund has apparently found the answers to the two most fundamental questions of human existence that where do we come from and where are we going and he is going to unveil his discovery in this presentation and apparently the implications are going to be great for the religions around the world 

But before Edmund Kirsh is able to announce his discovery something terrible happens at the event which shocks everybody and Langdon find himself caught up in an adventure along with the museum director Ambra Vidal

They both have to find out a particular password that can help them unlock the discovery of Edmund so that they can show it to the world 

So this is a trailer where Robert Langdon & Ambra Vidal tried to best an enemy who is there at every step trying to make their past very very difficult.

Character Development:

Talking about the characters in the story there is Robert Langdon Harvard professor of symbology and religion I cannot a he's somebody who has a great mind and he's very intelligent he knows a lot about symbols and that has helped him save himself from a lot of problems 

Ambra Vidal  is the director of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao she is stunningly beautiful and she's an intelligent woman and she is her own person 

Then there is Edmund kirsh who is a billionaire computer scientist and he is an outspoken atheist which makes him very infamous among the people who are devout followers of the religion 

Then there are other characters in the story as well there is Spanish royalty there are religious leaders and even an extraordinary supercomputer.

My Review 

So as somebody who added all the Robert Langdon and a wrong book so far I can tell you that his books follow a particular pattern and this book was no different in that regard a lot of description goes into a Dan Brown book I think that is his speciality so I was expecting the book to be descriptive 

A lot of pages are just dedicated to the descriptions of the church's Cathedral and the museum that these people visit and a lot of pages are again dedicated to the scientific discovery of Edmund Kirsch so that takes up a big part of the story and I felt that sometimes these descriptions overshadowed the story in itself

This book took me the most time and Dan Rahn book has ever taken me to finish I thought that I will be able to finish this book may be in two or three days but it took me five-six days instead

It wasn't like that I went into reading some but I was kind of close to it although the story was interesting enough that it pulled me back right in time sometimes it took a little more time to get back on track one thing about Dan Brown's writing is that 

Despite all the details that he gives in his books he never really lets the reader get bored he always puts the reader back what happened in this book too but I would just like to say that because of all these descriptions this book became too lengthy and a bit tiresome to read 

A a lot of things were taking place in the book so because of that my all over the place all through the story Robert London's character is as endearing as it ever was Ambra Vidal  character is not bad to

But again Robert Langdon mostly overshadows everybody in the story that's my opinion he is my favourite character and it's because of his character that I primarily liked reading Dan Brown's books 

I personally felt that the story was not as lazy as you would expect a thriller to be because of all the description again it kind of slowed the speed of the story down 

As for the mystery factor of the story, I am kind of sad to say that I sort of predicted what was going to happen and I was more or less right so that spoiled the thrill for me but despite that, I felt that the book wasn't written badly 

If you are a Dan Brown's fan and if you are a damn drawn loyalist you are definitely going to love this book because this book has every damn drawn element in it just that it is a bit too lengthy and as for the suspense or the thrill factor it did not really bow me or blow me away that much 

But it was still written nicely overall I would like to say that this is not a boring book this is interesting and it does manage to capture your interest but this is not a spectacular book.