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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Book Review

Little Women by Louisa

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Book Review 

Details of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 

  • Book Name: Little Women 
  • Authors: Louisa May Alcott 
  • Pages: 759
  • Genre: Novel
  • Publish Date:  1869
  • Language: English



Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is one of those books that everybody knows about whether you are a reader or an aunt reader in fact in my own case when I was in third or fourth standard I had a question in my GK which was that who is the author of the book Little Women 

So I mean that's how famous this book is so it took me quite a long time my life to finally pick it up so the story in ritual women is taking place during the time of the American Civil War and the central focus point of the story is the March family more specifically the four mark sisters 

Meg, Joo, Beth, and Amy meg is the older sister and she is somebody who's really pretty and she's very fond of luxuries Jo is the second sister who is extremely fond of reading books and she is what you can call a tomboy 

Then we have Beth who has a very gentle sweet kind of nature she is always willing to take care of other people and finally we have Amy who's the youngest sister she loves to draw and she's very pampered and spoiled 

So Little Women is a story about how the March family has fallen on hard times and how the four sisters often wish for a better life but their mother keeps them grounded and she teaches them to be grateful for what they have and they hold their mother in a really high regard 

So they often listen to her it's a very happy family altogether and also we read about their neighbor a boy called Theodore who likes to be referred to as Laurie 

So this is a story that talks about all these characters and what have in their lives so a little woman is one of those books that are surrounded by a lot of hype I wanted to find out whether the book is worth the hype or not and I'm very happy to say that this is a very very enjoyable read

This is one of those light breezy books that you pick up to drive your stress away I mean this book has that effect and all in all this book made me smile a lot 

Little women are the kind of story that imparts a lot of valuable life lessons so sometimes it adopts a very preachy sort of tone but at the same time when you read about the four sisters and the other characters in the story also maintains a very very human quality so that is a balance that little women maintain and I greatly appreciated that about this book.

Character development:

If I talk about the characters the obvious choice for the favorite character is Joe March obviously because Joe exhibits a lot of qualities that you admire as the reader she's brave she loves to read books and she is not scared to experiment 

I mean these are the qualities that you want to have in your personality these are the qualities that you love to read about but at the same time

I will say that the other three sisters mag, Amy and Beth also display their sense of characters through the story and I feel all the four sisters are admirable in their own way 

Particularly really liked reading about their mother the kind of insight that the story gives into her character as a person whenever the girls miss their father who's awared the world those parts in the book are really really emotional and they brought tears to my eyes many times

Apart from that is the neighbor's character that is Mr. Lawrence who's the old man and Laurie who is his grandson who becomes friends with the four sisters these two characters are a very valuable addition to the story I believe.


Little Women quite a few times talks about what it means to be a good proper lady something that might have been a little annoying for me had it not been for Joe's character because on one hand, we had this good proper lady narrative but on the other hand, we had Joe who was actively opposing that narrative 

So I felt that was again a balance on the surface it seems like Little Women doesn't have grey areas but that is only present on the surface as you read the story as you unravel you realize there are a lot of gray areas in between the story 

which I feel is the biggest reason as to why little women is still a book that so many people love reading which is why I love treating it as somebody who belongs to this time 

so there is a factor of relative ility even in today's time which is what keeps this book relevant Little Women is a sweet story of family sisterhood together this being grateful for what you have on the whole story brought a smile to my face and this was totally a stress buster and I am glad that I spent my time reading this book 

As it turns out visual women also has three more books that follow it for the time being for the foreseeable future I don't think I'll be picking them up although I won't say that I will never pick them up because you should never say never 

As of now, Little Women for me a story that is wonderful and complete in itself, and I do not want to change that for a long time so I'm very happy that I finally read this book that had been on my TBR for so many years that was it that was my review of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.



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